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Colombia’s National Strike

Colombia’s National Strike Above photo: Anti-government protest in Medellin. Jorge Calle. The beginning of the end of Ivan Duque. A year after Colombia’s biggest anti-government protests in four decades, President Ivan Duque has gone from being an unpopular fraud to being accused of terrorism. Duque and his Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo may not know it yet, but the protests […]

Colombia: ‘The Number One Demand On The Streets Is For Justice’

Colombia: ‘The Number One Demand On The Streets Is For Justice’ Above photo: “Who protects me from those who are supposed to protect me” Javier Jiménez, Colombia Informa. Massive protests have broken out in Colombia following the torture and murder of Javier Ordóñez by the police. Nicolás Arias of Colombia Informa talks about what led to […]

Hungry, sick and increasingly desperate, thousands of Venezuelans are pouring into Colombia

Despite turning away Venezuelans with cancer or chronic diseases, the hospital treated 1,200 migrant emergency patients last month, up from the handful of patients, mostly traffic collision victims, in March 2015, before the Venezuelan exodus started gathering steam. Source Article from 00

How It Happens–Colombia Turning Israelis Away After criminal behavior of Israeli Tourists

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Urgent Action To Protect Human Rights Defenders In Colombia

Urgent Action To Protect Human Rights Defenders In Colombia Above photo: Sara Quiñonez (left) and Tulia Maris Valencia. Photo credit: Afro Colombian Solidarity Network. From Black Alliance for Peace. Human-rights and social-justice organizations in Colombia as well as the international community demand all charges be dropped and the state immediately release Afro-Colombian activists imprisoned on frivolous “terrorism” […]

Ecuador’s Drastic Pro-US Rightward Swing Continues with Disavowal of ELN-Colombia Peace Talks

QUITO, ECUADOR (Analysis) — Ecuador’s government has pulled the plug on its support for peace talks between the Colombian government and the leftist National Liberation Army (ELN), noting that it would not condone such talks as long as the ELN continues to wage its armed struggle against the state. The guerilla group remains the largest […]

Colombia’s Murder Rate Is At An All-Time Low But Its Activists Keep Getting Killed

By Fabio Andres Diaz, International Institute of Social Studies and Magda Jiménez, Universidad Externado de Colombia A 2016 peace agreement between the Colombian government and the guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, was supposed to bring peace to this South American country after a 52-year civil war that killed 220,000 people. […]

On Brink of a Stable Peace, Colombia Faces Familiar US-Backed Right-Wing Elements Seeking to Subvert It

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — With Colombia’s March 11 legislative elections ending in a near tie between right- and left-wing coalitions, the future of an already precarious peace process most likely hinges on the May 27 presidential vote. When far-right uribista Ivan Duque of Centro Democratico (Democratic Center) squares off against left-leaning former Bogota mayor Gustavo Petro, […]

EU Commissioner Stylianides in Colombia: over €31 million in humanitarian aid announced for Latin America and the Caribbean


Colombia’s election observers cry foul over failure to investigate fraud allegations

nsnbc : Alejandra Barrios, director of Colombia’s electoral observer, said the government has failed to install electoral tribunals to investigate hundreds of fraud claims […]

Trump to visit Colombia after Summit of the Americas in mid-April

nsnbc : U.S. President Donald Trump will visit Colombia in April at the end of the Summit of the Americas on April 13 -14, confirmed […]

ELN announces unilateral ceasefire for Colombia’s congressional elections

nsnbc : Colombia’s leftist National Liberation Army (ELN), on Monday, announced a unilateral ceasefire in March to allow peaceful congressional elections. ELN PR photo […]

One year of peace and Colombia has seen 27% increase in attacks on civilians: OCHA

nsnbc : 14 months after the signing of the peace accord between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) and the […]

Colombia and Ecuador to hold bi-national Cabinet meeting

nsnbc : Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his Ecuadorian counterpart President Lenin Moreno will chair the 6th Bi-national Cabinet tomorrow in Pereira, capital city […]

Colombia to seek arrest of ELN leaders: Prosecutor General

nsnbc : Colombia’s Prosecutor General Nestor Humberto Martinez decided to prosecute the leadership of the National Liberation Army (ELN) over bomb attacks in January, […]

Colombia’s police intervenes to stop lying election candidates, ELN benefits from initiative

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : For better or for worse, the National Police of Colombia has actively begun countering false claims made by candidates in […]

Colombia’s FARC suspends 1st election campaign since its demobilization last year

nsnbc : Colombia’s FARC on Friday, said the party will suspend its campaign for the first elections since the demobilization and disarmament of the […]

Colombia’s labor and minority group leaders join church in effort aimed to resume ceasefire between State and ELN

nsnbc : Leaders from Colombia’s labor unions and minority groups said Thursday this week they have joined the Catholic Church in actively mediating an […]

Colombia keeps assisting in extermination of community leaders: Carrillo

nsnbc : Fernando Carrillo, Inspector general of the office of the Ombudsman, urged the Colombian government to prioritize the protection of community leaders. Claiming […]

Colombia’s chief negotiator sent back to Ecuador to negotiate new ceasefire with ELN

nsnbc : Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has ordered a new ceasefire with the leftist National Liberation Army (ELN) and ordered the government’s chief […]

Two FARC members killed during election campaign in northern Colombia

nsnbc : Two FARC members were killed during an election campaign event in Peque, Antioqua, in northwest Colombia. The two former guerrillas were murdered while […]

Colombia’s war crimes tribunal sworn in by President Santos

nsnbc : Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, on Monday, swore in 30 judges for the war crimes tribunal under the country’s special jurisdiction for […]

The world’s insatiable demand for chocolate has Colombia gearing up production – but heavy metals remain a huge concern for importers

(Natural News) The accumulation of heavy metals such as cadmium in food is a major issue in scientific communities and international food organizations, due to the high toxicological risks to consumers, and because there is no detailed record of such contaminants’ actual content. This is why researchers at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia felt […]

Colombia’s ELN to become a primary military target if ceasefire isn’t extended: General Alberto Mejia

nsnbc : Colombia’s leftist National Liberation Army (ELN) will become a primary military target if the current ceasefire isn’t extended, said General Alberto Mejia. […]

Court orders Colombia’s Congress to ratify temporary seats for victims of civil war but …

nsnbc : A court in the Colombian capital Bogota, on Monday, ordered Colombia’s Congress to ratify 16 temporary seats in the House of Representatives […]

After one year, half of Colombia’s peace agreement is still stuck in Congress

nsnbc : The UN Security Council praised the peace process in Colombia and encouraged all parties to continue implementing the peace agreement. One year […]

Security Council hails achievements one year after signing of Colombia’s peace accord

nsnbc : In a press statement, the UN Security Council circulated a document containing the Agreement for Ending the Conflict and building a lasting peace […]

FARC leader Rodrigo Londono a.k.a. Timochenko to run in Colombia’s 2018 presidential elections

nsnbc : The FARC launched its political party in 2017 using the acronym FARC for Revolutionary Alternative Forces of Colombia. The party was founded […]

CIA document from 1955 discusses Adolf Hitler in Colombia

nsnbc : A recently declassified CIA document from 1955 discusses the presence of the allegedly deceased German leader Adolf Hitler among German expatriates with National […]

Uribe and Democratic Center could shoot down Colombia’s peace with the FARC

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : After Colombia’s Democratic Center party and ex-president Alvaro Uribe earlier this month called for e referendum to end the peace […]

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