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YouTube is planning to delete all accounts that aren’t "commercially viable" starting December 10

(Natural News) Content creators everywhere are starting to panic about an upcoming policy change over at YouTube that threatens to eliminate all accounts and channels on the Google-owned video platform that are deemed to no longer be “commercially viable.” In the “Account Suspension & Termination” section of YouTube’s “Terminations by YouTube for […]

British Airways shuts down its ‘not commercially viable’ London-Tehran service

BA announced on Thursday that its last outbound flight from London to Tehran will be on September 22 and its last inbound flight on September 23. “We are suspending our London to Tehran service as the operation is currently not commercially viable,” a spokesman told RT. Air France announced in June that it would end […]

Commercially available exoskeletons should be used with caution by workers doing heavy lifting

(Natural News) An exoskeleton may sound cool, but too much use can give you a painful back. This is what researchers found in a study by the Ohio State University published in the journal Applied Ergonomics. The study followed 12 volunteers who were made to use two pneumatic tools: A torque wrench […]

Whalers in Japan kill 177 whales to ‘study’ if commercially hunting them is sustainable

     Japan is a signatory to an international moratorium on hunting whales, but it exploits a loophole that allows whales to be killed for scientific purposes. Japan said on Tuesday said it killed 177 whales off its northeast coast, in an annual hunt that has been repeatedly condemned by animal rights activists and several governments, […]

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