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EU Commission: The first Europeans could be vaccinated by the end of the year

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday that the first European citizens might be vaccinated before the end of December. In an address to the European Parliament, she said there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and that EU member states should start preparing to distribute vaccines. “What counts is […]

Michigan County Commission Backs Gretchen Whitmer Impeachment Effort

A northern Michigan county commission has thrown its support behind an effort to impeach Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D). Kalkaska County commissioners voted 4-2 on Friday to back a push by several Republican legislators to launch an investigation of Whitmer’s conduct during the coronavirus pandemic. “Unconstitutional executive orders, let me make that very clear, the executive […]

Rob Reiner Calls for Commission to Investigate Trump for Crimes After He Leaves Office

The Russia collusion narrative failed. The impeachment failed. But Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner is still holding out hope that President Donald Trump will one day be led away in handcuffs. The Princess Bride director is demanding the creation of a “non-partisan commission” to investigate President Trump after he leaves the White House, saying that it […]

A commission to probe Israel’s submarine affair is nigh, and Netanyahu has cause for concern

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Federal Election Commission Chairman Drops Bombshell: ‘This Election Is Illegitimate’

The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission went on record with a bombshell announcement, stating that from what he’s seen in Pennsylvania, and reports he’s been getting from elsewhere in the country, this election is illegitimate. It really is explosive news. The top boss of all the election officials, Trey Trainor, has confirmed that in his professional opinion, “there has […]

POTUS Creates 1776 Commission to Stop ‘RADICAL’ Brainwashing of Our Children

President Trump has created a 1776 Commission to help “stop the radical indoctrination of our students.” This will really trigger American-hating liberals. Trump’s announcement follows his criticism of the left’s “Critical Race Theory” claims, and it comes amid the far-left’s attempts to promote the New York Time‘s “1619 Project” – which represents a complete rewrite of […]

Netanyahu, set up a commission of inquiry for the submarine case

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The Last Smash And Grab At The Federal Communications Commission

NOTE: Popular Resistance views internet access as a public good, something that everyone needs like electricity and water. This is best achieved through publicly-provided universal high speed internet.  – MF AT&T and Verizon secured arguably one of the biggest regulatory benefits from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with the agency ending the last remnants of […]

Debate Commission Considering BANNING Biden Foreign Corruption Discussion

The far-left debate commission is considering banning all questions related to the Biden foreign corruption and money laundering scandal, according to Trump advisor Jason Miller. ‘Hearing @debates considering yet another new unilateral rules change: banning any questions to Sleepy Joe Biden about foreign corruption and how much money is being set aside for “the big […]

Debate Commission Will Silence Trump’s Mic In Last Minute Rule Change

The Washington Post, which endorsed Joe Biden for president, has investigated his alleged foreign lobbying scandal and concluded that Biden did nothing wrong. Well, that’s that then. Yesterday, the New York Post revealed details of emails recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop that showed Biden had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top […]

European Commission authorises GMO soybeans for food and feed in huge new Biodiversity attack.

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Commission on Presidential Debates Cancels Oct. 15 Debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates on Friday canceled the October 15th debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. “On October 8, CPD announced that for the health and safety of all involved, the second presidential debate, scheduled for October 15 in Miami, would be conducted virtually,” the Commission on Presidential Debates said […]

Trump Says Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Commission Is To ‘Replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris’

Just as House speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a commission that would allow Congress to remove a mentally unfit president, Donald Trump claimed that her real motive was to replace Democratic candidate Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. Pelosi herself assured the legislation wasn’t about Trump quickly sparking the theory that such a commission would be used […]

US Lawmakers to Introduce Legislation on Commission to Evaluate Trump’s Mental Capacity

October 9, 2020 US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] and Maryland Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin announced on Thursday they would be introducing legislation to establish a commission charged with evaluating US President Donald Trump’s mental and physical capacity to hold office. Pelosi and Raskin said they would hold a press conference on Friday announcing introduction […]

Pilots Dispute 9/11 Commission Report as Fraud Perpetuated at Highest Level of Gov’t (Bush-Zionist-Mafia-Fraud)-Media Enemy of Truth!

by Admin · September 24, 2020 [embedded content] Comment: This ZIONIST Mafia owns our media and via the media have had control of the American Mind. Rupert Murdoch is definitely a part of this Mafia and he owns approximately 94%-96% of our media. The Media is one Voice of One Mafia. “Journalists” read lines like […]

Watch Live: President Trump Launches “1776 Commission” to Fight Democratic Communist Takeover

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Prosecutor Quits Trump’s Law Enforcement Commission

Above photo: Minnesota prosecutor John Choi, right, told Attorney General William Barr in a letter that he was quitting the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice. Getty/AP. Says “the fix’ is in. John Choi is worried the group is intent on “providing cover” for a predetermined law-and-order agenda that “will only widen […]

Landmark Case Filed Against U.S. Federal Communications Commission On 5G & Wireless Health Concerns

The Facts: The Environmental Health Trust is has filed a case against the U.S. Federal Communications Commission regarding 5G and wireless radiation, citing health and environmental concerns. Reflect On: How are federal health regulatory agencies able to approve this technology without any appropriate safety testing? Is there an Industry influence? Why are health concerns raised […]

EMP Commission warned in 2017 report: “Millions” of Americans would die following “blackout” of power, food, water that could last more than a year

(Natural News) A chilling report from 2017 by a congressional commission established, in part, to study the effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident in the United States paints a grim picture. Portions of the U.S. — perhaps very large regions — would be devoid of electric power, potable water, food, and […]

Iran’s FM: Next JCPOA joint commission meeting to exclude US

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said an upcoming session of the joint commission of the parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will exclude the US, which has walked away from the nuclear deal. Speaking to reporters on the way to Tehran after high-profile meetings in Brussels, Zarif said the […]

EMP Commission Warns Of Year-Long Blackout And A Massive Death Toll

A federal EMP commission report warns that even the smallest EMP attack on our grid system would down it for about a year, if not longer.  A year-long blackout would certainly be coupled with a massive death toll that would devastate entire populations. The so-called EMP Commission report said that this threat is […]

International Human Rights Commission Drops the Ball in Medical Kidnap Pleas

By Joan Dark Allegations of bribery and corruption are now being levied against the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) following the Commission’s failure to take protective action in two cases of elder kidnap which were separately presented to the Commission. The IACHR is the human rights arm of the Organization of American […]

Russian Central Election Commission comes under cyberattack

“We are registering what is in fact a cyberattack on our information center,” the commission’s secretary, Maya Grishina, said. The Civic Chamber’s website observing the election was down after a DDoS attack, RIA reported, adding the problem is now over. Russians vote in presidential election across 11 time zones The commission’s website was also attacked […]

European Commission adopts proposals for a European Labour Authority and access to social protection

nsnbc : The European Commission on Tuesday announced that it is taking more concrete new initiatives to further deliver on the European Pillar of […]

Commission takes note of United States’ restrictions on steel and aluminum affecting the EU

nsnbc : The European Commission reports that it takes note of the announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump of the imposition of restrictions in […]

Head of Russia’s Central Election Commission blasts Kremlin spokesman for unfair promotion of Putin

nsnbc : Ella Pamfilova, chief Central Elections Commission official of the Russian Federation, blasted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov over remarks she perceived as unfair […]

Trump dissolves voter fraud commission

     President Donald Trump has signed an order to collapse his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The Trump administration had faced opposition or limited cooperation from most states, when the commission controversially requested voter information, such as Social Security numbers and addresses. In a statement, the White House said, “Despite substantial evidence of voter […]

European Commission Declares War On Poland, Strips Away Its Sovereignty

The European Commission has triggered Article 7 of the EU Treaty against Poland, effectively stripping the country of its sovereignty and ability to govern itself.  The unprecedented move is designed to thwart Democratic changes to Poland’s judicial system by the country’s ruling conservatives. The Article 7 procedure was designed to stop member states from advancing […]

Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’

Brussels has said that Europeans must accept mass migration from the third world as the “new norm”, warning that neither walls nor policies will allow any part of the EU to remain “homogenous and migration-free”. “It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration,” writes EU Commissioner for […]

European Commission renewed approval of glyphosate for 5 years, promises more transparency

nsnbc : The European Commission, on Tuesday, replied to the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Ban glyphosate and protect people and the environment from toxic […]

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