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2020 Dem Kamala Harris now colluding with Big Tech to silence all dissenters… just like Communist China

(Natural News) Tens of millions of Americans, most of them supporters of President Donald Trump, are well aware that the big tech social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been censoring and banning conservatives and pro-liberty, pro-America users. For nearly two years, anyone who posts something the Left-wing speech Nazis […]

Communist China just doubled its number of military troops… is an invasion of America the next chapter in global domination?

(Natural News) Americans take it for granted that foreign troops aren’t pillaging their country, vying for military control over U.S. cities, and forcing compliance to a communist government. Neither China nor Russia has attempted such a bold invasion, but their core communist belief systems continue to drive them toward global domination. Taking […]

NBA exposed as a communist China propaganda machine that implicitly supports organ harvesting, slavery and the torture of political prisoners… it’s time to BOYCOTT THE NBA

(Natural News) Political correctness is now infecting the NBA, which is doubling down in its support of communist China even after it was revealed that as many as three million innocent people are being enslaved as political prisoners in concentration camps located near an NBA training facility in Xinjiang. As we’ve been […]

‘Impeachment’ is nothing less than a full-scale Communist coup attempt by treasonous Democrats who long ago sold out America and the American people for Globalism

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

Climate communist shut down D.C.

Climate change people block roads Source Article from Related Posts 2020 Dem Kamala Harris now colluding with Big Tech to silence all dissenters… just like Communist China (Natural News) Tens of millions of Americans, most of them supporters of Communist China just doubled its number of military troops… is an invasion […]

Nigel Farage causes chaos by slamming von der Leyen’s ‘communist’ vision

Source Article from Related Posts Why Does The Federal Reserve Keep Slamming The Panic Button Over And Over If Everything Is Okay? By Michael Snyder What in the world is the Federal Reserve doing?  For months the Zarif : Iran 1st nation slamming 9/11 IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister in a message recalled Iran’s […]

Study: The Only Place On Earth More Surveilled Than London Is Communist China

There is no correlation between safety and surveillance A new study by research website Comparitech has found that London is the 6th most surveilled city on the planet, with the top five cities all being in Communist China. The study looked at 120 cities globally, and found that the top ten […]

AOC’s “Green New Deal” posters resemble Nazi and Communist propaganda in some very creepy ways

(Natural News) Do you want a warped world run by warped people who want everyone begging the government for food, clean water and medicine? The “Green New Deal” is really a “Dark Old Scheme” folks and it’s nothing pretty. It’s not Utopia, it’s “Commie-Topia” for morons and NeverTrumpers, who are too emotionally […]

America is becoming very communist. Americans Have Shifted Dramatically on What Values Matter Most

Americans Have Shifted Dramatically on What Values Matter Most Source Article from Related Posts Political Correctness Is A Threat To American Values Says Tulsi Gabbard Tulsi Gabbard’s latest campaign ad is targeting the issue of political correctness. The Democratic presidential Are Abortion & Gay Rights American Values? By Patrick J. Buchanan “What are these […]

The US Went Communist Long Ago

For most of the twentieth century, the United States tolerated a party openly dedicated to the violent overthrow of the government and the enslavement of its people. This party, the CPUSA was funded and directed by a hostile foreign government. It engaged in industrial and military espionage, trained guerrilla units on American soil, forcibly took […]

High taxation and preparation for the Communist world state

The Builders’ Journal (April, 1939) quotes the following pas­ sage from Arthur Kitson’s writings: “Our National Debt on March 31st, 1919, was £7,434,949,429. From 1920 to 1933 inclu­ sive there has been paid towards the redemption of the National Debt £4,104,843,063. During the same period there has been paid in interest charges on the debt […]

Henry H. Klein – Jewish Martyr Exposed Communist Control of the US

He also wrote “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians” (New York, 1939). He was also the author of several hundred sacred and patriotic songs including “Uncle Sam We Are Standing by You.” He was hardly the dangerous seditionist that the prosecution and the sympathetic press painted him to be. “This alleged indictment,” […]

Putin: Communist or Christian?

It is clear we have reached this stage! September 2018 ‘Russia has launched what it has called its largest ever military drills, with hundreds of thousands of troops joining Chinese soldiers. Taking part in the drills are around 300,000 Russian soldiers, 36,000 military vehicles, 80 ships and 1,000 aircraft, helicopters and drones, as well as […]

Communist China Was A New World Order Entity Stealthily Forged By The Usual Suspects

    Red China is a Creation of Globalists If one is blind to the truthful account of history, understanding of current events will never break the mind controlled barrier of sanitized awareness. The globalists or whatever synonym name you choose personifies the forces behind the screens that shape the political, economic and cultural […]

Communist China was created by Jewish infiltrators working for the International Banking Cartel

    Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests. Communist China was created by Rothschilds and their agents. October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild […]

The Communist Plot to Take Over America Proceeds Unimpeded Even Under Trump

    The Greatest Psyop of the 2oth Century Enters the Final and Perilous Phase in the Third Millennium State of the Nation There’s an old adage that’s been oft-repeated throughout the East over the millennia. “You become like that which you dwell upon.” In other words, if you focus on warmongers and waging war, […]

Harry Hay – The Communist Roots of Gay Pride

(left, Harry Hay, the father of Gay Rights, 1912-2002)  A plank of the Communist Manifesto (1848) called for the formation of a Rothschild central bank, not bad for a “proletarian” movement.  Like a snake shedding its skin, every country with a Rothschild bank is being inducted into a Cabalist Jewish satanic cult. (This may be […]

Following in the footsteps of communist China, CANADA begins harvesting organs from euthanized humans

(Natural News) Twenty years ago, I remember telling a physician friend of mine that China was harvesting organs from political prisoners. The doctor — a wine-drinking liberal academic — scoffed at the idea and claimed that if something like that were going on, he would have heard about it by now. (This […]

OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy USA

  Take note of all the ‘combat-ready’ young men in this illegal alien caravan that already crashed the U.S.-Mexican border.   Deep State Traitors Infesting the U.S. Federal Government Must Be Exposed The Millennium Report May 31, 2019 The whole world has watched Merkel, Macron and May destroy Europe by stealthily implementing the globalist scheme […]

The Deep State is Communist — Whittaker Chambers

  May 7, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Whittaker Chambers Exposed Communist Deep State   March 21, 2018 Source Article from GOP lawmakers went on a delegation to ‘Judea and Samaria’ and now oppose the two-state solution For decades now, the Beltway consensus on Israel/Palestine has been a two-state solution. This preferred […]

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