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Orthodox Jews Coached To Fill Out 2020 Census Forms So Jewish Communities Can Receive Even More Welfare Benefits

The normally suspicious and insular Jewish Orthodox communities in the New York metropolitan area are being encouraged to overcome their distrust of outsiders to fill out the 2020 Federal Census forms so that these welfare-dependent communities can receive even more benefits: Every ten years, local municipalities and states must be counted in order to proportion […]

How US Orthodox communities are preparing for a pandemic High Holiday season

JTA – Less than two miles away from the Center for Disease Control’s campus in Atlanta, where doctors and researchers prepare guidance for the nation’s coronavirus response, an Orthodox rabbi is preparing a different set of plans. Rabbi Adam Starr’s task: how to accommodate hundreds of people for in-person services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom […]

Fossil Fuel Industry Pollutes Black And Brown Communities

Fossil Fuel Industry Pollutes Black And Brown Communities Above: Creative Commons Photos: Shell Gas Station (Mike Mozart); Chase (longislandwins); Chevron (Roo Reynolds); Wells Fargo (Mike Mozart); BlackRock (Thomas Hawk). While Propping Up Racist Policing. As movements for racial and environmental justice escalate across the US, these struggles – which, as groups like the National Black Environmental […]

Ruining Communities: It’s Good for the jews

According to the jews, any White people in Africa, Mesoamerica, or Asia are evil imperialists. Any residue of White civilization or tradition in Africa, Mesoamerica, or Asia is “cultural imperialism” and is likewise evil. On the other hand, there aren’t nearly enough Africans, Mestizos, and Asians in White countries, and there never will be until […]

Palestinian Christians and Muslims call on faith communities to help end the occupation

Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice. (Isaiah 59:15b) As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it. (Luke 19:41) We the undersigned, a group of Palestinian-American Christians from several church traditions, call on all faith communities to: Denounce the Trump administration’s decision to recognize […]

Stopping Chain Stores From Dominating Communities

But as Osborne and I walk around, she points out what isn’t there: no Starbucks, no CVS, no Chase Bank. Instead, on the ground floor of Osborne’s building, there’s an independent coffee shop called Beechwood Cafe, a hair salon, a public school and Downtown Pharmacy ― where Osborne picks up a packet of jalapeño-flavored Mary’s Gone […]

Recovering ecosystems: How no-till farming is catching on in small farming communities across the plains

(Natural News) According to an article From Civil Eats, no-till farming can help revive struggling ecosystems. Jimmy Emmons, a seasoned farmer from Oklahoma, talked to other farmers at the 22nd annual No-till on the Plains conference about the no-till farming method and how it can rebuild an ecosystem. In a separate talk, “controversial grazing guru” Allan Savory […]

More Than 750 Communities Have Created Internet Networks

More Than 750 Communities Have Created Internet Networks Above Photo: Sean MacEntee/ Flickr A new map from Community Networks shows that more communities than ever are building their own broadband networks to end big telecom’s monopoly. Communities invest in telecommunications networks for a variety of reasons – economic development, improving access to education and health care, […]

Israel fast-tracks expulsions of Palestinian communities

Tamara Nassar Rights and Accountability 9 January 2018 Children playing in rubble after Israeli forces demolished four homes in Khan al-Ahmar, April 2016.  Hamza Shalash APA images Israel forcibly displaced more than 650 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in 2017 by demolishing their homes. In total, occupation forces destroyed 400 structures in the West […]

Military’s Goal Is School Ownership; Communities Push Back

Military’s Goal Is School Ownership; Communities Push Back Above Photo: From Throughout the country military recruiters are increasingly allowed to casually share lunch in high school cafeterias and interact freely with high school youth in hallways and classrooms. Military recruiters are on campus so frequently in many schools that they get to know kids on […]

Welfare Fraud Is Big Problem In Orthodox Jewish Communities

White collar crime is still a crime. Stealing money is not nice, but defrauding your fellow citizens and taxpayers is even more despicable. Recently in Lakewood, New Jersey, 26 Orthodox Jews were arrested for stealing around $2 million in welfare. Among this crowd are several rabbis, including Zalmen Sorotzkin, the Rabbi of Congregation Lutzk in […]

Canada Engaged in Widespread Surveillance of Its Indigenous Communities

Researchers and journalists have begun to reveal the extent to which Indigenous activists and organisations in Canada are subject to surveillance by police, military, national security intelligence agencies and other government bodies. While security agencies have long looked beyond ‘traditional’ national security threats and set their sights on activists – even in the absence of […]

3 Characteristics Of Small Thriving Communities That Work For Everyone

December 3, 2017 By Paul A. Philips The transitional period we’re currently in calls for us to re-educate ourselves in ways that many have not even considered. For our protection, preparedness, survival and stability, to help each other out during these uncertain times, there needs to be a number of solutions in place. […]

Digital Denied: Systemic Discrimination Keeps Communities Offline

Above Photo: by Flickr user WOCinTech Chat Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Internet access is a necessity for engaging in our communities, searching for employment and seeking out educational opportunities — but too many people […]

Housing Mobility Is Destabilizing Baltimore’s Black Communities

Above Photo: From Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us breakthrough. A recently announced fair housing agreement by the State of Maryland with HUD is a great victory for fair housing. It recalls two of the great fair housing consent […]

U.S. Based Charity Is Robbing Mexico’s Indigenous Communities of Water

October 4, 2017 By Derrick Broze A religious charity based in the United States claims to be helping the poor, but in reality, Living Water is contributing to a shrinking water supply for Mexico’s indigenous communities. A report from Open Democracy details a disturbing system of corporate and state privilege and theft […]

Jewish Communities Say Russia Is Virtually Free Of Anti-Semitism

“As far as Russia is concerned, here we have mainly day-to-day anti-Semitism and even this is on a minimal level,” Aleksandr Boroda said in an interview with Interfax. He added that radical groups with extremist views existed everywhere in the world, including the United States, and that the current situation in European countries had prompted […]

Culturally Responsive Teaching: connecting education to communities of color begins with Truth they are ongoing targets of illegal US .01% rogue state empire

Culturally Responsive Teaching: connecting education to communities of color begins with Truth they are ongoing targets of illegal US .01% rogue state empire By Carl One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in […]

Crumbling Pipes, Tainted Water Plague Black Communities

Above Photo: Troy Lowe, 4, sleeps under the arm of his father, Tory Lowe, in Milwaukee. Troy tested positive for lead poisoning after ingesting the tap water in their home. (Michael M. Santiago/News21) CAMPTI, La. – Deep in the winding mass of crumbling back streets in Campti, Leroy Hayes sets a glass of water from his […]

Tacoma Residents And Indigenous Communities Unite To Oppose LNG Plant

Above Photo: Activists marching down the streets of Tacoma, Washington on August 8. (WNV / RedLine Tacoma Community Forum) Around 250 people, mostly women, carried banners and sang with drummers while marching through the streets of Tacoma, Washington, on Tuesday. Led by Cheryl Angel, an indigenous activist present at Standing Rock last year, the demonstrators headed […]

Outraged By FERC “Abuses,” Communities Demand Senators Block Trump Nominees

Above Photo: Activists serve potluck dinner at former FERC Chairman Norman Bay’s house, June 2016./Photo by John Zangas Opponents to the GOP healthcare plan weren’t the only ones paying visits to U.S. Senators on Capitol Hill today. Fracking and gas pipelines are also proving to be contentious issues leading up to a key vote on confirmations […]

California Communities Facing Rising Sea Level Sue Big Oil For Damage Done

Surfers on a beach near the NRG El Segundo power plant in El Segundo, Calif. One study predicts that with limited human intervention, 31 percent to 67 percent of Southern California beaches could completely erode back to coastal infrastructure or sea cliffs by the year 2100, with sea-level rises of 3.3 feet to 6.5 feet. […]

Clinton lost because war-ravaged communities in PA, WI, and MI saw her as pro-war, study says

Last fall I winced whenever Hillary Clinton or her surrogates promised regime change in Syria. Don’t these people get it? Americans don’t want to be waging more wars in the Middle East. Now an important new study has come out showing that Clinton paid for this arrogance: professors argue that Clinton lost the battleground states […]

Police Should Answer To The Communities They Serve

Above Photo: After the death of Michael Brown in 2014, and ensuing demonstrations and police response in Ferguson, Missouri, the Obama Administration created the Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which issued a report including 150 recommendations for law enforcement agencies in the U.S. By Scott Lum / Flickr. Note: We agree with Glen Ford of […]

Grenfell Analysis: Disaster Result of ‘Regeneration’ Corruption & UK Govt ‘New Deal for Communities’

Grenfell Tower: how did it happen? Who is responsible?  The public-private corruption is both systematic and far-reaching. After reviewing the evidence, a number of disturbing items have emerged indicating poor practice in the installation of flammable cosmetic panels on the exterior of Grenfell Tower in West London. Looking further into the matter, it’s also clear […]

Co-Ops Lead By Putting Communities In Charge Of New Housing Projects

Co-operatives, community land trusts and other housing models are coming together to help communities design their own homes and neighbourhoods. The new concept – known as a platform for social production of habitat (SPH) – means locals are involved in projects, so they meet their own specifications rather than those set by the private market. Based in Switzerland, […]

Back-To-Back Oil & Gas Explosions Rattle Colorado Communities

Above Photo: Mountain View Fire Rescue. An Anadarko oil tank battery went up in flames on Thursday, killing one worker and injuring three. An Anadarko oil tank battery exploded in flames on Thursday afternoon, killing one worker and injuring three more, just 3.5 miles from the site of a deadly home explosion in Firestone, Colo., that killed two last month. […]

Veterans Are Training To “Re-Deploy” To Own Communities To Defend Against Trump’s Attacks

Above Photo: By Ellen Davidson Veterans from all over the country are converging in Tennessee for the “About-Face Action Camp,” preparing to use their military skills to support communities under attack: by Big Oil, by ICE, by emboldened white supremacist groups, and by Trump himself. It’s a whole new kind of “deployment.” Veterans from all […]

Protester Manages To Disrupt Donald Trump’s RNC Speech (VIDEO)

Print Friendly Above Photo: AP Photo / Evan Vucci It just wouldn’t be a Donald Trump speech without a protester interrupting the real estate mogul and being escorted out by security. A protester, identified by reporters on scene as Medea Benjamin, cofounder of the anti-war group, Code Pink, could be seen drawing the crowd’s attention up […]

A civil servant missing most of his brain challenges our most basic theories of consciousness

Not much is definitively proven about consciousness, the awareness of one’s existence and surroundings, other than that it’s somehow linked to the brain. But theories as to how, exactly, grey matter generates consciousness are challenged when a fully-conscious man is found to be missing most of his brain. Several years ago, a 44-year-old Frenchman went […]

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