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Oxford PhD Holder: “There Has Been No Completely ‘Natural Weather for Decades.”

It’s raining again where I’m located, and I decided to move today’s original blog to the honorable mention category, and do another blog about weather modification, which has been much on my mind lately.  And it’s not just because the weather has been so freakish. On my trips outside, I’ve been watching watching cloud formations, […]

“There has been no completely “natural” weather for decades.” — Oxford PhD-holder

    A COUPLE OF WEATHER MODIFICATION CORPORATIONS… AND IMPLICATIONS Joseph P. Farrell, Ph.D. It’s raining again where I’m located, and I decided to move today’s original blog to the honorable mention category, and do another blog about weather modification, which has been much on my mind lately. And it’s not just because the weather […]

This is how Mueller completely destroyed the FBI when he was director for 12 disastrous years (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts After 3 years, accusations against Gaza World Vision head remain unproven Mohammed Halabi, arrested in 2016 by Israel on accusations of diverting charity funds to Hamas, is ‘Sea Rescues Have Been Criminalized’ As German Boat Captain Faces 20 Years In Prison For Saving Refugees A German boat captain […]

Trump is all in with 5G, completely ignores dire heath consequences

    Trump, FCC unveil plan to accelerate 5G rollout Brian Heater TC In a press conference today in the White House’s Roosevelt Room, the president laid out a number of initiatives focused on helping accelerate the U.S. role in the 5G race. “This is, to me, the future,” Trump said, opening the press conference […]

700,000 years old Skull discovered in Greek cave completely shatters the Out of Africa theory

700,000 years old Skull discovered in Greek cave, completely shatters the Out of Africa theory 700,000 years old Skull discovered in Greek cave, completely shatters the Out of Africa theory December 28, 2018 The “Petralona man”, or “Archanthropus of Petralona”, is a 700,000-year-old human skulldiscovered in 1959. Since then, scientists have been trying to trace this skull’s origin, a […]

The Left has completely hijacked logical fallacy inquiry

By Timothy Fitzpatrick Feb. 21, 2019 Research logical fallacies and you will find a plethora of lists and descriptions that all seem to share a similar narrative. You will find long and short lists of common and uncommon fallacies (illogical arguments) as well as examples of contemporary and past uses of these fallacies. But whether […]

It was a HOAX! Jussie Smollett hate crime "attack" was completely staged… actual police work unmasked flimsy plot to stoke racial hatred across America

(Natural News) The Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax is now unraveling in spectacular fashion. The entire thing was apparently staged, just as we predicted would finally come out. Naturally, the entire Trump-hating left-wing media went along with the ploy without a scintilla of fact checking. Just the claim alone — that MAGA-hat […]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Completely Ignores Serious 5G Health Hazards

The Facts: A huge mountainous ridge measuring up to 20 kilometres tall, twice the size of Everest, and approximately 200 kilometres thick can be seen running exactly along the equator of Ipateaus for well over three-quarters of the moon’s entire circumference. Reflect On: Why do so many employees from space programs and researchers believe that […]

An Opinion About Gun Control In America That Mainstream Media Completely Ignores

The Facts: Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is vitally important to maintaining homeostasis throughout our bodies and minds. An imbalanced ECS may contribute toward conditions such as depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, IBS, and obesity. Reflect On: What can you do to take greater care of your endocannabinoid system? Where is there imbalance in your life that […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma Completely Owns Congress

The Facts: This article was written by Lyn Redwood, R.N, M.S.N., President of Children’s Health Defense. Posted here with permission. Reflect On: Why is this type of information virtually ignored by mainstream media and medicine? What’s going on here? Why is gardasil marketed as completely safe and necessary when clearly, that doesn’t seem to be […]

Hungary: Soros Completely Controls European Union

The Hungarian government believes that billionaire globalist George Soros has complete control of the European Union. According to Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch, George Soros is “pulling the strings of the European Commission’s leading politicians.” reports: Deutsch noted that daily Magyar Idok learned that U.S. billionaire Soros had met for talks with the EU leaders on at […]

Shamkhani: Extensive, internal corruption to destroy Israel completely

MNA – Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani said that internal and extensive corruption will annihilate the Zionist regime completely. He made the above remark in his meeting with Mahmoud al-Zahar, an outstanding Palestinian leader of Hamas , this morning in Tehran. The two sides conferred on the latest developments […]

North Korea says US must ‘completely eliminate’ its nuclear arsenal first as peace talks reach new low

North Korea has said it will not give up its nuclear weapons until the US first “completely eliminates” its own arsenal in the region, a bombshell demand that threatens to derail peace talks. In a statement issued by the official KCNA news agency, North Korea set out clearly for the first time what […]

Czech politicians want to ban Islam completely as it ‘colonises society’

Czech politicians want to ban Islam completely as it ‘colonises society’ Voice Of Europe December 13, 2018 Political leaders in Czech Republic have previously condemned Islam in strong terms. Now, politicians in the Czech Parliament are discussing the complete ban of the religion. If someone calls for the killing of infidels and Jews, then it […]

NATO is ‘completely vulnerable’ to Russian electronic warfare

     NATO experts acknowledged the vulnerability of their communications and digital infrastructure to Russian electronic warfare systems and therefore plan to develop a concept of protection against such systems by 2019. “The recent exercises on the eastern border of NATO, the presence in the Baltic States and the war in Ukraine have demonstrated the success […]

Earth, Water, Air & Fire: Why Is The Fifth Element (Aether) Completely Ignored?

The Facts: A new physics theory posits that creation comes from the void, which is characterized by non-physical properties. This has been categorized as “ether” by scientists in the past, but today we can actually detect it. Reflect On: Our two explanations of human creation might be completely false, they could also be true to […]

Lawyers slam DOJ for keeping Assange case completely sealed

     Attorneys seeking details about the U.S. government‘s investigation into WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange argued Monday that the Department of Justice lacks justification for continuing to keep its case completely sealed. Lawyers for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, a nonprofit organization representing journalists’ interests, raised the claim throughout a 12-page memorandum filed […]

Stormy Daniels: Politics and Donald Trump have ‘completely destroyed’ my career

     The Donald Trump sex scandal has “completely destroyed” Stormy Daniels’ writing and directing career, the adult film actress told members of the Oxford Union debating society Thursday evening. The political “shitshow” of the last ten months left her with no capacity to write movies – her favorite part of working in porn – she […]

Ukraine apologists pinning Kiev’s dispute with Hungary on Russia is completely ludicrous

SOCHI – Here we go again. Kiev and Budapest are at each other’s throats. The latest escalation came after Ukraine expelled Hungary’s consul in the border town of Berehove, accusing him of illegally offering citizenship to ethnic Hungarians living there. READ MORE: Ukraine, Hungary expel consuls in escalating double citizenship row The bitter row between the two neighbors is, […]

Leftists Dems go completely unhinged after Kavanaugh swear-in, threaten to behead GOP senator’s wife

(Natural News) On Saturday, Americans received a legal blessing that a large plurality of the country does not appreciate and likely never will: Judge Brett Kavanaugh became Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he was sworn in as the nation’s 114th member of the U.S. Supreme Court. A young 53, Kavanaugh can potentially serve for […]

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