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In rare formal visit, Israeli official attends anti-Iran conference in Bahrain

A senior Israeli official took part in a security conference in Bahrain on Monday, in a fresh sign of warming ties between Israel and some Arab states. Dana Benvenisti-Gabay, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s regional security and counter-terrorism department, represented Israel at the conference in Manama, known as the Working Group on Maritime and […]

President Rouhani in a press conference with Pakistani PM: Any goodwill to be responded with goodwil – Speaking in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, President stressed that Tehran and Islamabad both share the view that regional issues must be resolved through political ways and dialogue.  At the joint press conference with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Sunday at Sa’dabad Historical-Cultural Complex, President Hassan […]

Report On NoWar2019 Pathways To Peace Conference, Limerick, Ireland

Report On NoWar2019 Pathways To Peace Conference, Limerick, Ireland Above Photo: From An anti-war conference called ‘NoWar2019 Pathways to Peace’ took place last weekend at Limerick’s South Court Hotel, organised by WorldBeyondWar. Irish and international concerned parties met to consider the extent of militarism in Ireland and elsewhere, and to work towards preventing the war response […]

The Africa-Palestine conference: why South Africa must lead the way 

On September 16, I visited South Africa, a country where many Palestinians have always felt welcomed, if not overwhelmed, by the degree of genuine and meaningful solidarity. While having the honor to address many audiences in six major cities, I have also learned a great deal. An important and sobering lesson is that while apartheid […]

UK Labour’s Annual Conference Reveals an Ongoing Struggle for the Party’s Soul

BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM — Once again this lovely city sitting on the English Channel hosted the UK Labour Party Conference, and once again I had the good fortune to be there. Both heroes and villains were to be found in the saga that today makes up the UK Labour Party, and if there were an […]

Scorned Paul Davies reaches out to PM ahead of conference

Related Posts As Dollar Reaches Record High, Trump Slams "Clueless, Pathetic" Fed On the heels of dismal manufacturing data, and soaring dollar strength vs global fiat currencies, British-flagged tanker reaches Dubai port following release from Iran   The British-flagged oil tanker that was seized by Iran in July has arrived at Dubai’s EuroVolley: Slovenia sinks Poland, […]

On the Road to Damascus: International Conference in Syria on Sanctions and Its Blowback

Welcome to your second country, that was the greeting our Syrian hosts gave us when we arrived for the International Trade Union Forum for “solidarity with the workers and people of Syria against the economic blockade, imperialist interventions, and terrorism.” Throughout my short one-week stay, Syrians, on seeing I was a foreigner, would muster their […]

UK Labour Party derided as anti-Semitism conference scheduled for Shabbat

The British Labour Party’s latest attempt to shake long-standing allegations of anti-Jewish bias drew harsh criticism this week after it emerged that a planned meeting to discuss the issue was scheduled to be held on a Saturday, the Jewish day of rest. On Tuesday, the Jewish Labour Movement issued a harsh statement condemning the party […]

Gharibabadi appointed as VP of IAEA General Conference

MNA – Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA Kazem Gharibabadi has been appointed as the Vice President of the General Conference of the international body. Gharibabadi is to serve as the Middle East and South Asia (Mesa) group’s VP of the conference. The 63rd annual regular session of the General Conference of IAEA kicked off on […]

SJWs vs. reality: Tech conference didn’t fit progressives’ gender fantasy – so they destroyed it

PHP Central Europe would have gathered hundreds of users of PHP, a popular programing language, together in Dresden in October, if not for one seemingly innocuous tweet that sowed the seed of destruction coated in a shell of positive verbiage. “This year’s PHP CE conference seems to have gone with the ‘White Males Only’ conference […]

Friday, Armed Forces Spokesman Press Conference will Reveal Details on Aden, Dammam’s Operations

2019-08-02 News – Yemen The spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier Yehia Saree, said, Thursday evening, that “at a news conference on Friday the latest developments on the battlefield with important details about the operations of Aden and Dammam will be revealed.” Brigadier saree pointed out that the details of the new missile, which was […]

London’s ‘media freedom’ conference smacks of irony: Critics barred, no mention of jailed Assange

Irony that governments which support terrorists in Syria and whitewash Israeli murders of Palestinian journalists have the gall to hold a conference feigning concern for journalists’ rights and media freedom. Irony that journalists actually suffering persecution and unjust imprisonment –like Kirill Vyshinsky and Julian Assange – were not the focus of the conference, with Assange […]

In first, Israeli scientist speaks at Cuba environment conference

An Israeli scientist from the Jewish National Fund presented at an international conference in Cuba, in what the organization called a first for an Israeli scientist. Doron Markel, who serves as the Jewish National Fund’s chief scientist, participated last week in Cubambiente, a conference held July 1-5 in Havana, run by the Latin American nation’s […]

RT’s ban from media freedom conference shows British irony is alive and well

A spokeswoman told British media: “We have not accredited RT or Sputnik because of their active role in spreading disinformation.”   The accusation of ‘disinformation’ is the exclusive view of the Foreign Office, because it’s worth remembering that while RT has been censured by OFCOM (like every other broadcaster in Britain), it still operates freely under […]

PA arrests Hebron businessman who attended Bahrain conference

The Palestinian Authority arrested a Palestinian businessman who attended the US-led economic conference in Bahrain this past week where the Trump administration unveiled the economic aspects of its proposed peace plan, a senior PA official said on Saturday. Saleh Abu Mayala was arrested in Hebron by Palestinian intelligence forces in an area under Palestinian Authority […]

The Bahrain conference: what did, and didn’t, happen

After two days of panels, speeches, and meetings, the US-led “Peace to Prosperity” conference in Manama, Bahrain, wound down on Wednesday evening.  The widely-anticipated and hotly-contested “economic workshop” for Israeli-Palestinian peace featured the first unveiling of Jared Kushner’s plans for Palestinians. His proposal? Investing upwards of $50 billion in the Palestinian territories and neighboring Arab […]

US-led conference in Bahrain detached from reality, has no future: Palestinian PM

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has censured the recent US-led conference in Bahrain in support of President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the Israeli regime and Palestinians, saying the summit was detached from realities on the ground and has no future. Shtayyeh said on Friday that the so-called “Peace to Prosperity” workshop on June 25 and […]

Bahrain conference is a stab in the back to every Palestinian

Everybody is talking about the two-day Bahrain Conference held in Manama entitled “Peace to Prosperity Workshop” to discuss “prosperous” economic development proposals in Palestine. This conference is said to come as the first stage of the so called the “Deal of the Century.” But this is not true. The deal already started when the U.S. moved […]

Cop tackles man to the ground during Queensland press conference (VIDEO)

Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards was in the middle of speaking to reporters outside a Queensland police station on Wednesday, when he heard another man angrily yelling “you better run!” The quick-thinking cop stopped mid-sentence, turned to see the supposed perpetrator running toward him and dove for the man’s ankles, taking him to the ground. […]

Join IONS In Creating Humanity’s Future NOW At The Possibility Accelerator Conference

The Facts: Tulsi Gabbard’s speech at the California Democrats Convention this year shows us exactly why the establishment media is not giving her much attention. Hint: her ideas are in the right direction. Reflect On: Does our system and the infrastructures that support it truly give humanity a choice? Does it show us what is […]

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