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UK’s GCHQ Director Confirms Obama Spied on ‘Trump and Campaign’ Using British Intel Assets Organized as Project Fulsome (See Top Secret Letter)

    UK Letter Stating President Obama Asked UK to Spy on Trump Organization and Trump Campaign SOTN Editor’s Note: Dear State of the Nation readership: the following “Project Fulsome” letter is as big as it gets. In all of our years of investigative reporting, we have often come across smoking guns. However, what you […]

Tehran confirms Iranian tanker hit by 2 projectiles, says attack resulted in oil spill

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Friday said that the tanker was “struck twice in half an hour from the eastern side of the Red Sea,” but did not elaborate on the type of missile or munition used in the attack. The incident reportedly occurred 60 miles from the Saudi port of Jeddah. Also on Explosions […]

Report confirms delay to Saudi Aramco listing after attacks

A report shows Saudi authorities have effectively delayed plans for floating state-run Aramco oil company on the stock market after attacks on oil installations east of the kingdom earlier this month. The Reuters news agency cited sources with direct knowledge of Aramco’s future plans as saying on Tuesday that initial public offering (IPO) of […]

US Navy Confirms UFOs Are Real Using Two Videos of Mysterious Objects

The Facts: The US Navy has acknowledged footage showing multiple UFOs that was released a couple of years ago by the To The Stars Academy. They’ve recently confirmed that the videos are indeed real. Reflect On: Why is all of this mainstream UFO disclosure happening when we’ve had years of secrecy? Is the mainstream establishment […]

Confirmation bias: People will accept anything as true if it confirms their beliefs

   Lots of people — including Congress — are worried about fake videos and imagery distorting the truth, purporting to show people saying and doing things they never said or did. I’m part of a larger U.S. government project that is working on developing ways to detect images and videos that have been manipulated. My […]

Saudi Energy Minister Confirms Plan To Enrich Uranium 

Among the most underreported but explosive stories of the past six months has been growing signs of Saudi Arabia’s nuclear ambitions. But now there are new questions over whether the kingdom’s future planned two nuclear power reactors will be limited to purely energy-related and peaceful purposes.  On Monday the kingdom’s nuclear energy […]

Big Pharma’s BIG LIE: Most new drugs have zero new benefits, research confirms

(Natural News) No matter what ails you – real or imagined – there’s a drug for that. These days, stopping at the pharmacy on the way home from the doctor’s office has practically become a given. While you might think that medicine has simply evolved so much that we can now fix […]

Official confirms explosion at Iranian launch pad

Tasnim – The Iranian administration’s spokesman confirmed on Monday that an explosion has occurred at a satellite launch pad in the country’s province of Semnan, saying the incident did not cause any casualties. In comments on Monday, Ali Rabiee said technical reasons were behind the explosion at the launch pad of a satellite carrier at […]

Netanyahu Confirms Israeli Attacks In Iraq

Tips: General: Legal: Advertising: Abuse/Complaints: Source Article from Related Posts Bennett accuses judiciary of seeking to ‘topple’ Netanyahu, intimidate the right New Right party leader Naftali Bennett on Saturday night published a detailed public defense of Meet Yossi Cohen, the Israeli spy chief seen as the heir to Netanyahu […]

DOE Confirms Major Crude Draw, Oil Algos Confused As Production Hits Record High

Oil prices have extended yesterday’s gains, following last night’s surprisingly huge crude draw (reported by API) and OPEC+ saying they expect a “significant” decrease in global crude stockpiles in the second half of this year after they trimmed output more than planned. “Oil markets are broadly balanced at the moment, benefiting from the typical seasonal acceleration in […]

Philip Morris Confirms Merger Talks With Altria

In a somewhat shocking move, two giant tobacco-related companies have announced their intent to seek an all-stock “merger of equals,” despite the notable differences in market caps. As a reminder, the companies had been one until 2008, when they divided their operations. Full Statement: Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM) today announced that it is […]

Science confirms: Women athletes have DIFFERENT nutritional needs than men; transgenderism is a delusion

(Natural News) Likely without intending to do so, a collaborative study by researchers from New Zealand’s Universities of Otago and Waikato has reinforced the fact that, contrary to popular belief, gender is not transferable between men and women and cannot be put on and taken off at will. The study, which was […]

Iran’s ambassador to UK confirms Grace 1 release

The Iranian ambassador tweeted that following a decision by the Gibraltar’s officials, illegal detention of an oil tanker carrying Iran’s oil was lifted moments earlier. Over the past 40 days, Iranian officials held regular dialogues at the legal, political and technical levels with the British side in a bid to remove the illegal seizure on the […]

Deputy foreign minister confirms Israel will bar US lawmakers Omar, Tlaib

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely confirmed on Thursday reports that Israel has decided to deny entry to two US congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, over their support for boycotting the Jewish state. “Israel has decided — we won’t enable the members of Congress to enter the country,” Hotovelly told the Kan public broadcaster. “We […]

After Trump Tweet, Israel Confirms Will Not Allow Reps Omar, Tlaib To Visit

Update (1045ET): Just minutes after Trump tweeted to pressure Israel to disallow entry for two US congresswomen, Kan reports that Israel has decided to bar entry to Reps Omar and Tlaib. The Israeli government has barred US congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from entering occupied Palestinian territories this weekend, according to Reuters, citing a statement by […]

AG Barr Confirms IG Investigation into Epstein’s ‘Suicide’

Attorney General William Barr has confirmed that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is investigating the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death on Saturday. The investigation is in addition to the FBI inquiry already underway. “I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody,” […]

Google Whistleblower Confirms They Use Algorithms To CENSOR: “Algorithms Don’t Write Themselves”

July 25, 2019 By Mac Slavo EDITOR’S UPDATE: Project Veritas has learned that Greg Coppola has been placed on administrative leave by Google. Senior Google software engineer, Greg Coppola, has dismissed the idea that Big Tech is “politically neutral” and called out his company as “very biased,” joining Project Veritas’ growing stable of whistleblowers.  Coppola […]

Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Can Reduce Or Eliminate Epileptic Seizures In Kids

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge Waking Times A small study conducted by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan adds to the growing body of evidence that cannabis can be used to successfully treat seizures in children, according to the CBC. A study funded by Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital Foundation monitored seven children suffering from severe pediatric epilepsy, in […]

Amazon CEO Confirms They Automatically Store Alexa Recordings Indefinitely

By Mayukh Saha Delaware senator Chris Coons had sent a questionnaire to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in May. He had inquired how Amazon utilizes and retains data from the voice assistant device Alexa. Bezos has now confirmed that the recordings on the device and their transcripts never expire automatically. CNET first reported Amazon’s reply to […]

Putin Confirms Deadly Fire Was Aboard "Secretive" Nuclear-Powered Submarine

When the story first broke yesterday that fourteen seaman aboard a Russian submarine died when a fire broke out while in Russian territorial waters in the Arctic region, there were conflicting accounts over the nature of the underwater vessel, specifically, whether it was a deep-sea research submersible or whether it was a nuclear powered submarine. Speculation […]

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