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Feeling the consequences of Trump’s rotten presidency, first hand

My wife and I have been warned that we may need to evacuate because of fires ravaging the Bay Area. The climate crisis is to blame for these fires, which are growing in number and intensity every year. It’s also to blame for the increasing number and virulence of hurricanes now hitting the Gulf and […]

Deepfakes – Real Consequences | How They Create Fake Videos Of People

Dylan Eleven Many are wondering if we are actually seeing people such as Obama on TV, when they are supposed to have been executed.  Many are questioning the Q movements statements that many of these satanist pedophile scum have been arrested or executed, and then we see them on TV.   Or do we?  This […]

Hamas: Israel will ‘bear consequences’ after 2 kids said lightly hurt in strikes

Hamas warned Israel on Saturday that a red line was crossed in a “dangerous escalation” after two children were reportedly lightly injured in airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in response to a recent spate of attacks that sent balloon-borne arson and explosive devices into Israel. The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that combat […]

The Consequences Of Inequality Can Be Fatal

Above photo: People wait in line to get food distributed by the National Guard in Chelsea, Mass., on April 16. Harvard researchers found areas with more poverty, people of color and crowded housing had higher mortality rates for the coronavirus. Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images. The effects of Covid are much greater for the poor […]

Poland offers $2bn for permanent US base, Moscow warns of ‘dangerous’ consequences

The document dubbed ‘Proposal for a US Permanent Presence in Poland’ by the country’s Defense Ministry was leaked online by local media and Politico Europe group at the weekend. The 39-page document discusses how “extraordinarily strong” Poland-US relations throughout history have been: how Polish people were “remarkably pro-Western” during the Cold war, how they fought […]

Kremlin: Putin trying to reduce US withdrawal consequences

IRNA – Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov announced that President Vladimir Putin together with European partners are trying to decrease the negative impacts of US walkaway from JCOPA and North Korea Leader visit cancellation. Peskov made the remarks in an interview held on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum in […]

Police Warn Reporters Not to Report News Until Cops Give Them Permission—Or Face Consequences

By Rachel Blevins Pikeville, Kentucky – Local media outlets are speaking out after they received emails from a state police spokesperson demanding that they wait for a press release from the police department before publishing stories about ongoing investigations, which implies that the outlets are prohibited from using a narrative that is different […]

Antedote Radio: The Consequences of Ignoring the Real “Russiagate” Scandal

Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe Kushel discuss an article by Australian blogger Caitlin Johnstone in which she tries to prove that “Russiagate” is a media and government created myth. While Caitlin speaks important truths about why no one should believe the US government based on its long history of lies and deceptions, Caitlin appears to […]

The Lorde Saga – The Consequences of Boycotting Israel

Opinion– The Lorde saga has now reached new riveting heights. Just a few months ago on December 21st, 2017 two young female fans from Aotearoa, New Zealand wrote an open letter urging Lorde to cancel her Tel Aviv concert, scheduled for June of this year. A few days later Lorde a 21-year-old singer and songwriter […]

How They Do It–The Dark Consequences of Poland’s New Holocaust Law

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The Vaccine Program’s Unintended Consequences: The Tale of Two Hepatitis B Studies

Next Story For more information, please visit The World Mercury Project.  Here’s a link to their Facebook page. In 1991, US public health authorities began recommending that all infants get the hepatitis B (HepB) vaccine, stipulating that they receive three doses within the first six months of life, starting at birth. The World Health Organization (WHO) […]

The Consequences Of Chase & Scatter In The Wilderness

On the night of March 6, 2015, José Cesario Aguilar Esparza and his two nephews were crossing through the US–Mexico borderlands in the desert southeast of Ajo, Arizona when US Border Patrol agents detected their group and began chasing them. During the chase the three men became separated; Border Patrol agents arrested two of them, […]

When Zionism is the essence of life, a break has huge consequences

In Israel, the Jewish-Israeli society is by and large Zionist – in degrees varying from the so-called ‘liberal-Zionist’ to the fundamentalist Zionist. There is not really, necessarily, much of a difference when one speaks of this breaking experience in one faction or the other. The thing with Zionism is, that its adherents basically see it […]

The Unpredictable Consequences Of The Republican Tax Plan

Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress had no such fears. The heat they felt came from newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, the powerful media magnate who had emerged as the national sales tax notion’s most fervent advocate. Hearst had no particular philosophical affection for taxing sales. Neither did any of his fellow wealthy Americans. They […]

The Spiritual Consequences of Alcohol Consumption

By  Zahrah Sita Although it is mass produced, mass promoted, legal, and ingested by a multitude of people all over the world, most people don’t ever consider or understand the spiritual consequences of drinking alcohol. Let’s begin by taking a look at the etymology of the Word alcohol. Etymology means the root of the […]

The Consequences of the Symbolic Recognition of Palestine

Seeking recognition of Palestine has been one of the Palestinian Authority’s diplomatic strategies which lose significance when juxtaposed against Mahmoud Abbas’s collaboration with the Israeli occupation. Behind statements of recognition lies silence and the tacit acceptance of Israel’s colonization of Palestinian land and forced displacement of the indigenous people. Other than the obsolete two-state paradigm, […]

If "sitting is the new smoking," who is responsible for the health consequences of desk jobs?

(Natural News) A new study that is set to be published in the forthcoming Lewis and Clark Law Review shows that sitting for prolonged periods of time can often lead to a number of health issues, which include increased body fat and cholesterol, high blood sugar, and increased high blood pressure. According to Natalie Pedersen, […]

Former Afghan intelligence chief warned against consequences of Iran’s recruitment of Afghan youth for Syria

nsnbc : Rahmatullah Nabil, Afghanistan’s former intelligence chief, has warned against the domestic and regional consequences of Iran’s recruitment of Afghan youth for the war in […]

‘Balfour’s Legacy: Confronting the Consequences’ to be held in Harvard Square

The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration has set the stage for some long overdue historical truth-telling.   In the words of Prof. Anat Biletzki, who had been active in various human rights organizations in Israel for over 40 years, “The Balfour Declaration is usually celebrated in Israel and by many – most- Jews outside […]

Now the consequences of BREXIT are clearer we should be allowed a second referendum

 ‘The positive impact on growth would be significant,’ influential thinktank says of reversing Brexit – as it forecasts £40bn cost of ploughing on Economic experts have made an explosive suggestion of a further referendum to reverse Brexit, to avoid the crippling of the British economy. The influential Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said the deadlock […]

Ernst Zündel: Future Consequences for Jewish Actions

The late great Ernst Zundel tells an Israeli journalist that Weimar conditions in America will result in a Weimar solution, which has been a long time coming. This comes from a much longer interview. Source Article from Hits: 3

How I Got Fired-Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences

Two weeks ago, I wrote for an article entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.” It sought to make several points concerning the consequences of Jewish political power vis-à-vis some aspects of U.S. foreign policy. It noted that some individual American Jews and organizations with close ties to Israel, whom I named and identified, […]

Cancellation of Iran nuclear deal to have ‘Strategic Consequences’: US Author

“I think that unlike the Paris climate accord, there are people who recognize that the Iran nuclear agreement is a strategic policy commitment, with many strategic consequences, should it be cancelled,” Marsha Freeman told the Tasnim News Agency in an interview. Marsha Freeman was born in New York City and was educated at Queens College […]

Dire Consequences of Short-sighted Western Policy Towards Middle East

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3rd Eye Mirror Meditation: Do Not Try This Before Reading the Guidelines and Consequences

In the third eye mirror meditation you will see the faces from your previous lives, faces of people from other race, maybe even fairies and aliens.  You could also see demonic images but don’t be petrified because they won’t be able to harm you in any way. Before you start with the meditation you need […]

North Korea and The Unintended Consequences of Trump

Patrick Henningsen21st Century Wire There’s something very strange and disturbing about the hype around the White House and US media’s latest obsession with North Korea. It’s not just the usual war-mongering and hot air though. We’ve seen all that before. This goes beyond sabre-rattling. There’s something uncomfortably bipartisan about this new appetite for war. Watching CNN […]

The Unintended Consequences Of America’s Sanctions Regime

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, shakes hands with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during a joint news conference at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, March 28, 2017. (Sergei Karpukhin/AP) The latest round of US sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea is supposed to be a militant punitive measure designed to hurt three very different economies, […]

El Nino Makes Rain In Antarctica With Dire Consequences

Antarctica’s largest ice shelf is melting due to rain from an El Nino weather event. In the coming decades sea levels could rise by as much as four feet if freak weather patterns continue globally. Scientists believe that last year’s El Nino brought warmth from across the Pacific causing the Ross Ice Shelf to melt. Number of […]

6 Lies Many People Tell Themselves & Their Consequences

We’re all liars. Yes, even if you pride yourself on your honesty, I know with absolute confidence that there is a metaphorical lying bone within you, and it’s likely a lot bigger than you think. You may not lie to others, but you most certainly lie to yourself. But don’t worry — we all do it, […]

Video: Qatar Crisis: Origins and Consequences

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