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Lindsay Graham: State GOP Lawmakers Must Consider Invalidating Election Results

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham says Republican state legislators in Pennsylvania and other key states must consider appointing Republican electors to the Electoral College regardless of the “official” vote outcome. Republicans control the legislatures in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona and Philadelphia, the latter of which Sen. Graham described as “crooked as a […]

Democrats Consider Impeaching Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Democrats are allegedly considering impeaching newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett if she doesn’t recuse herself from contentious election cases. George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley revealed in an op-ed in The Hill on Wednesday: Feeling disrespected, Democrats are threatening acts of retaliation in changing the Supreme Court or the Senate. But the most unhinged […]

Pompeo urges Saudi Arabia to consider normalizing relations with Israel

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A Spiritual Perspective On Smoking Cannabis: An Important Viewpoint To Consider

The Facts: Some fascinating research has been conducted over the past several years that make the discussion of life after death quite interesting. Reflect On: Ancient wisdom and teachings have been ‘proven’ right with regards to quantum physics, neuroscience and health in many different ways. Would the same apply to life after death? Can we […]

With a world-wide controlled demolition of the global food supply going on – consider growing your own!

Note: grow your own food. It can be done even with little space. Search the net for ideas. People grow food in small apartments and on city rooftops. The sky’s the limit. EWR Remember this? and this? A few links to get you started: My apartment garden tour; Apartment Balcony Edible Garden; Grow a lot […]

Broke California: Lawmakers to Consider Slavery Reparations

Senators in California overwhelmingly voted Saturday to set up a task force to issue potential payment of reparations to black Americans. The state Senate approved creating a nine-member commission on a bipartisan 33-3 vote. The measure returns to the Assembly for a final vote on Monday. “Let’s be clear: Chattel slavery, both in California and […]

University Of Georgia Tells Students to Consider “Wearing a Face Mask” During Sex

The University of Georgia has embarrassed itself after publishing a guide on its health website that advised students to consider “wearing a face mask during sex.” Yes, really. The document, titled ‘COVID-19 Considerations’, appeared on the University Health Center website but was removed a few days later following a backlash. “Consider wearing a face mask […]

Calorie restriction can make you healthier… but there are a few things to consider first

(Natural News) Intermittent fasting and other restrictive diets are all the rage these days — and new research has shown calorie restriction can provide tremendous health benefits. The most comprehensive study of calorie restriction to date was just published in Cell Metabolism, and its findings show that a decreased food intake has a profound […]

Graphic Ads Depicting What Some Would Consider Borderline Child Abuse, Would You?

Next Story Most mothers know just how hard it is to resist cravings during pregnancy, and while it’s okay to give in every now and then (I mean seriously, chocolate chip cookies are awesome), it’s important to consider the health of your little one. While you should increase your food intake during pregnancy to ensure both you and […]

Trump Instructs Top Advisors To Consider Re-joining TPP

Trump Instructs Top Advisors To Consider Re-joining TPP Donald Trump has instructed United States Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, and National Economic Advisor, Larry Kudlow, to review re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) according to declarations given by Senator Ben Sasse to reporters after leaving a meeting on trade that Trump had with lawmakers and governors from […]

Saudi Arabia To Consider Digging Canal to Make Qatar an Island and Nuclear Waste Dump

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia could consider a proposal to dig a maritime canal along the kingdom’s border with Qatar, turning the peninsula-nation into an island and transforming its only land border into a military zone and nuclear waste site, state-linked Saudi newspapers reported Monday.The project has not been given official approval […]

Mueller reportedly doesn’t consider Trump a ‘criminal target’ of farcical Russia investigation

     A new report indicates that President Trump is not a “criminal target” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. However, Trump is still a “subject” of the investigation. The Washington Post reported Tuesday, “Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III informed President Trump’s attorneys last month that he is continuing to investigate the president but does […]

A Spiritual Perspective On Smoking Marijuana That’s Important For The World To Consider

Next Story I was having a conversation yesterday about something that has always been a reflection point for me. Since I was a kid, I was never drawn to substances, even alcohol. I always felt great, high even, when just being. As I got older and I finally tried cannabis for the first time, and […]

MONEY: Russia Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin Legalization

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[WATCH] Flint Township to Consider $1.39M Settlement of Fatal Police Shooting Lawsuit

FLINT TWP., MI – Flint Township trustees will discuss paying $1.39 million to settle an excessive force lawsuit filed by the family of a man shot and killed by a township officer in 2014. Dominique Lewis was shot and killed on July 16, 2014, during a traffic stop on Flushing Road near Eldorado Street in […]

UN to consider action against Israel over Palestinian occupation

A UN human rights expert has accused Israel of violating a number of international laws and resolutions while suggesting legal action, including travel bans, against the Middle Eastern state. Tel Aviv countered by saying the UNHRC “has lost all touch with reality.” “Israel’s role as occupier in the Palestinian Territory – […]

Consider Yourself A Great Partner? This 5-Question Quiz Should Prove It

Next Story If you were asked to describe your ideal partner, chances are that you would be quite capable of outlining the features, qualities, and characteristics you would love them to boast. Even if you believe yourself to currently be with your ‘ideal’ mate, there are always places for improvement (some far more sensical than […]

Trump To Consider Pardoning Julian Assange

President Trump is to consider pardoning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in exchange for Assange disclosing the source of the hacked DNC emails.  Republican California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher met with Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul last Thursday to discuss leveraging Paul’s close relationship with Trump in order to let the president know that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is […]

Why you should consider drinking tea: It boosts metabolism and, experts now believe, acts as a prebiotic for good gut health

(Natural News) A new study claims that drinking tea without milk can speed up your metabolism and promote good gut health, as reported by The Daily Mail. The researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles studied the relationship of metabolism and tea by conducting an experiment in mice. They divided the mice into four groups […]

Why You Should Consider CFD Trading

While daily trading volumes may have declined slightly since the Great Recession, the evolution of the financial marketplace has ensured that even volatile entities such as the foreign exchange remain surprisingly active. This is largely thanks to trading vehicles such as contracts for difference (CFDs), which enables investors to minimise risk […]

Catalan independence: 5 important things to consider

     Catalan independence can be good or bad – it depends on the Catalan people to make it good, or else it likely will be bad. Headlines and commentary across both Eastern and Western media have mainly focused on the Catalan independence referendum and the actions of Spanish police and the Spanish government’s attempts to […]



Turkey, Iraq, and Iran Consider Joint Military Action Against the Kurds

Turkey’s Foreign Minister says the possibility of attacking the Kurds is “on the table.” (ANTIWAR.COM) — Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu today warned that every option is on the table for dealing with Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence bid, and that they are considering a joint military operation with the Iraqi central government against the Kurds. Iran chimed […]

10 Cute Lessons That We Should All Consider Teaching Our Children

Next Story It may feel intimidating to know that you have produced this little beautiful being that could either contribute to the destruction of this Earth, or make it better. But I promise you, raising a child to be conscious of other people and the world around them isn’t that difficult when you yourself have […]

Iran, Iraq and Turkey consider joint measures against Kurdistan independence referendum

nsnbc : Iran, Iraq and Turkey have agreed to discuss coordinated counter-measures against the government of Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region and the bid to […]

8 factors to consider while choosing a driving school

Driving is a serious activity that requires adequate preparation and practice. Without proper guidance, a new driver is at risk of making the wrong decisions on the road, failing a road test, or worse, hurting themselves, passengers and pedestrians. There are a number of reliable and well-known driving schools in Birmingham […]

White House Consider Declaring Antifa ‘Terror Group’

The White House are to seriously consider whether or not to designate Antifa as a terrorist group. A petition to recognise the anti-Trump group as terrorists far surpassed the required 100,000 signatures needed to get a response from the White House on Monday. Antifa radicals have been wreaking havoc across the US and regularly attacking mainstream […]

GAB Might Want to Consider Filing Antitrust and Discrimination Suits

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Internet services and others are using Terms of Service agreements as sham devices to discriminate and monopolize both the commercial marketplace and the marketplace of ideas. If the courts rule that the internet be incorporated into the Federal laws which bar discrimination in “public accommodations” and/or enforce antitrust laws to prohibit the […]

More than 60 women consider suing Google, claiming sexism and a pay gap

Scandal over discrimination at the company deepens as dozens of current and former staff say they have earned less than men despite equal qualifications      More than 60 current and former Google employees are considering bringing a class-action lawsuit alleging sexism and pay disparities against women, as the technology giant wrestles with a deepening crisis […]

New Zealand to consider N. Korea action ‘on its merits’ even if Australia sticks by US

“We’re focused on peaceful resolution of these tensions,” New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English told reporters on Friday, as cited by SkyNews Australia. “If there was any military action at all we would consider our contribution on its merits.”  Pyongyang may hit US targets in S. Korea if provoked by Americans – Russian general to […]

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