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‘Crack Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy’ Review: Netflix Doc Is All Complaints and Contradictions

Stanley Nelson’s Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy, which was released this week on Netflix, is a documentary version of click-whoring. This thing is only 89-minutes long. You’re in. You’re out. This from the same Netflix that has already spent some 1,200 minutes trying to free a murderer in Wisconsin. Priorities, I guess. This dishonest mess pretends […]

Anti-Biden conspiracy claims US escalating role in Syria

Rumors that the US has sent a “convoy” of trucks to Syria spread online overnight between Friday and Saturday. It was tweeted and pushed by those who are critical of US foreign policy and particularly some who have latched onto a narrative that former US President Donald Trump wanted to end “foreign wars” while President […]

The New mRNA COVID Vaccines Inject an Operating System into Your Body – Not a Conspiracy Theory, Moderna Admits It

New Human New Earth Communities Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Our first article of 2021 featured a video of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, titled:Catherine Austin Fitts Explains how the Globalist Billionaires and Technocrats are Planning on Taking Over the Planet, and How We can Stop It. In this interview, Catherine compared […]

Conspiracy Theory Review; Aulis Investigates the Kubrick-Apollo 11 Connection

Back in 2013, I reviewed Jay Weidner’s documentary film Room 237, which analyzed the films of Stanley Kubrick, in particular, The Shining. It seems Kubrick had deliberately left behind all sorts of clues in the movie which hint to his role in the photo-video production and/or direction of the Apollo 11 Moon Landings. Now, the […]

Evading Twitter ​Purge, Jack Posobiec Peddles ​More Conspiracy Theories Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration

While his more vocally extreme far-right counterparts have been booted from social media platforms, Jack Posobiec remains on Twitter, trafficking in some of the same conspiracy theories that encouraged the Capitol insurrection—despite his role in supporting the ​so-called Stop the Steal movement from its earliest stages. On Nov. 4, as absentee ballots piled up in […]

Ivanka Trump is perfect cover for antisemitic, racist, conspiracy-loving Republicans

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Mother-son duo facing conspiracy charges for role in Capitol assault

Munchel had been apprehended earlier in the week, but Eisenhart was arrested Saturday in Tennessee and the charges updated to include conspiracy. It’s a notable development in the nationwide manhunt for the perpetrators of the Jan. 6 attack, which left five dead, including a Capitol Police officer. Dozens have been arrested and the FBI is […]

Willful Ignorance? Eric Metaxas Clings to Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theories That Have Been Repeatedly Debunked

The Atlanta Journal Constitution debunked it: Election workers had put uncounted absentee ballots in ballot containers when they thought they were going home for the night around 10 p.m. on Nov. 3, said Gabriel Sterling, the state’s voting system manager. Then a Fulton County elections official told poll watchers and media that ballot counting was […]

How the fascist-friendly pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory led to insurrection

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[embedded content]… In the words of economics professor Michael Hudson: “It is by agriculture and control of the food supply that American diplomacy has been able to control most of the Third World.  “The World Bank’s geopolitical lending strategy has been to turn countries into food deficit areas by convincing them to grow cash crops – […]

Cato Institute investigating blog post by senior fellow that spread election conspiracy theories

The rhetoric stands in stark contrast to a statement released last week by Cato Institute President and CEO Peter Goettler, who called the Capitol assault “a direct attack on the Constitution of the United States, the rule of law, and our constitutional republic.” Illarionov’s comments are now “under discussion among senior management” and with Illarionov […]

Why American Jews Must Oppose Election Lies and Conspiracy Theories

US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally to contest the certification of the 2020 U.S. presidential election results by the U.S. Congress, in Washington, U.S, January 6, 2021. REUTERS/Jim Bourg The violent invasion of Congress by a mob of pro-Trump supporters has sent a paroxysm of fear across the United States, and the world. […]

Canadian MPs Under Fire for Pushing ‘Antisemitic Conspiracy’ That Israel is Denying COVID-19 Vaccine to Palestinians

A medical worker prepares to administer a Covid-19 vaccination at a medical center in Haifa, Israel, January 6, 2021. Photo: Reuters/Ammar Awad. Two Canadian parliamentarians have been accused by a leading Jewish organization of adding “fuel to the fire of antisemitic conspiracy theories” after they shared misleading claims on social media that Israel was excluding […]

Conspiracy theorist pharmacist who sabotaged Covid-19 vaccines claims they’re ‘not safe for people’ and could ‘change their DNA’

Wisconsin pharmacist Stephen Brandenburg is a self-confessed “conspiracy theorist” who destroyed over 500 doses of coronavirus vaccine as he thought they would change people’s DNA, according to both the police and his wife. Brandenburg was arrested on December 31 for allegedly sabotaging more than 500 doses of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, stored at the Advocate […]

Conspiracy Theory Unproven About Nashville Explosion

by Admin · Published December 27, 2020 · Updated December 27, 2020 Nashville AT&T Data Center, Room 641A is the specific data collection point operated by AT&T for the National Security Agency (NSA). It is part of the Warrantless interception perpetrated by government under the PATRIOT ACT. What part of the United States does this […]

BBC Publishes Cringe Guide For ‘Talking To Conspiracy Theorist Relatives’ At Christmas

After Birmingham City Council invited members of the public to come up with new street names for a regeneration scheme, winners included “Diversity Grove” and “Equality Road”. According to the council, the names were selected “based on the theme of cohesion and shared values.” Louise Kilbride, the woman whose suggested street names were chosen by […]

Twitter to remove COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it will force people to remove tweets that contain false information about COVID-19 vaccines. “Starting next week, we will prioritise the removal of the most harmful misleading information, and during the coming weeks begin to label Tweets that contain potentially misleading information about the vaccine,” the company said in a […]

How Trump’s war on Fox News is amplifying conspiracy theories and antisemitism

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The U.S. Supreme Court Is Now Complicit in the International Criminal Conspiracy to Overthrow the POTUS

Submitted by The Armchair Political AnalystSOTN Exclusive This long overdue exposé is still very much a work in progress.  However, in view of the recent SCOTUS decision to Throw Out Texas Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, the raw truth must be revealed. No matter how one views it, the U.S. Supreme Court is […]

This Sick Pediatric Endocrinologists Likely Recruited By the CIA-Conspiracy Unproven Although CIA Does Use Pediatric Endocrinologists Per Insider Whistleblower

John Money’s psychohormonal Group at John’s Hopkins, Boston, MA Money trained in Boston and was intrigued by the opportunity to study patients with various disorders of sexual differentiation.  Then-called hermaphrodites or pseudo-hermaphrodites.Johns Hopkins was the epicenter of patient care for such individuals since the understanding of steroid biochemistry as it applied to human fetal development […]

Swiss Jews Increasingly Concerned by Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories Driven by Coronavirus Fears

The Swiss city of Zurich. Photo: MadGeographer via Wikimedia Commons. The Jewish community in Switzerland is increasingly concerned by the spread of antisemitic conspiracy theories connected to the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research by the Zurich-based Foundation Against Racism and Antisemitism. The foundation highlighted the presence on social media of memes linking Jewish influence […]

‘Not a conspiracy theory’: Alberta Premier Kenney issues dire warning about impending ‘Great Reset’ (VIDEO)

The premier of Canada’s oil-rich province Alberta, Jason Kenney, has sounded the alarm over the so-called Great Reset, describing it as a “grab bag of left-wing ideas, for less freedom, and more government.” In a four-minute long explainer video on his social media channels, Kenney says the Great Reset is “not a conspiracy theory, but […]

Operation Warp Speed is a CCP-engineered conspiracy to cause mass vaccine casualties across the United States military | mRNA vaccines hijack the body’s cells, invading ribosomes and causing them to churn out non-human proteins which invade the blood. These proteins cause the body to attack itself in a “cytokine storm” of inflammation and autoimmune disorders, resulting in neurological damage, infertility, tissue damage and even death.

December 05, 2020 Mike Adams (Natural News) Today’s Situation Update (for Dec. 5th) lays out stunning details on a grand, wartime conspiracy involving Operation Warp Speed. This vaccine program to mass vaccinate U.S. military personnel is actually phase two of a CCP-engineered bioweapons attack on America that began with the release of the SARS-cov-2 coronavirus, […]

The ‘Great Reset’ is both a neoliberal fantasy and a right wing conspiracy theory

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”-Thomas Pynchon In the last week of November, a scandal broke out on the Canadian right over a seemingly just discovered speech made by the country’s reliably centrist prime minister, Justin Trudeau, two months before. Speaking at a U.N. conference, […]

Why the conspiracy movement and the peace moment have failed completely. Part One

If you have come across this blog then your interested in alternative news and deep discussion about forbidden politics. I do the best I can to call out bullshit. I am not afraid to talk about anything that will lead to the truth. I am now having fun bitching about the 911 truth movement and […]

Amazon’s Alexa Accused of Sharing Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories (aka Truth About jews)

Amazon’s popular virtual assistant, Alexa, has been spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and lies about the Holocaust, according to a review by British politicians who called for a police investigation. [embedded content] 00 Hits: 1

Conspiracy-Mongering Professor at Michigan University Placed on Leave After Antisemitic Tweets

Ferris State University in Michigan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. A professor of physical science at a Michigan university has been placed on administrative leave after he unleashed a series of tweets that invoked antisemitic, racist and homophobic tropes as he asserted that the coronavirus pandemic was a “stunt” to create a “new world order.” The tweets […]

Explaining The Great Reset to Conspiracy Beginners

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube via The Highwire: HighWire goes to a place we’ve never gone before. Is there something more behind the global coronavirus response? Why are so many leaders using the same language when talking about the future […]

‘Too crazy’ for Trump: Fact-checking the president’s legal team’s wild conspiracy theory

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Trudeau Calls “Great Reset” a “Conspiracy Theory” Despite Previously Advocating It

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has labeled discussion of “The Great Reset” as a “conspiracy theory” despite the fact that he advocated it two months ago. “The Great Reset” began trending on Twitter on Monday after a United Nations conference call Trudeau participated in back in September received fresh attention. During his presentation, Trudeau said […]

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