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Boycotting Israel: A Constitutional Right and Personal Obligation

By Stephen Lendman In NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co. (1982), a landmark civil rights case, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the organization’s right to boycott white-owned businesses in Mississippi – protesting against segregation and racial injustice, its constitutional right. The ruling stressed that states may not prohibit peaceful advocacy of a politically-motivated boycott, what First […]

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court Upholds Law Equating Communism To Nazism

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court has upheld a law that equates communism to Nazism and bans the dissemination of its symbols, a law that has prompted angry protests from Moscow. In the July 16 ruling published on its website, the court said the “communist and Nazi regimes” used similar methods of “implementing repressive state policies.” […]

Constitutional Crisis: 7 Ways We’ve Been in One for a Long Time

May 25, 2019 By Michael Boldin While most talk about a “crisis” today is about the Mueller report, subpoenas, and Russia – almost everyone ignores what makes a real constitutional crisis. Here are 7 real-life examples of a constitutional crisis, showing we’ve been in one for a long, long time. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play […]

Coup President, Juan Guaido, Doesn’t Have a Constitutional Leg to Stand On

Coup President, Juan Guaido, Doesn’t Have a Constitutional Leg to Stand On Donald Trump imagines Juan Guaidó is the rightful president of Venezuela. Mr. Guaidó, a man of impeccable illegitimacy, was exposed by Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal as “a product of a decade-long project overseen by Washington’s elite regime change trainers.” Argentinian sociologist Marco […]

While Western countries stall constitutional committee, Syria is focusing on terrorist defeat in Idlib – Syrian Foreign Minister

     The Syrian government’s priority is to free the northwestern Idlib province from terrorists, the country’s foreign minister Walid Moallem stated. Speaking at Damascus University on Sunday Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem said that the country’s authorities were in constant coordination with Russia on Idlib, according to state news agency SANA. He accused Turkey of […]

Iran’s Zarif says hopes to announce Syria’s constitutional committee before week’s end

UrduPoint News / Sputnik – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed hope on Saturday that with the help of other people involved in searching for a lasting solution to Syrian crisis he would be able to announce the country’s constitutional committee together with UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura before the end […]

Are We About To Face Our Gravest Constitutional Crisis?

Are We About To Face Our Gravest Constitutional Crisis? Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig Before this lame-duck Congress adjourns in December we could face the most serious constitutional crisis in the history of the republic if Donald Trump attempts to shut down the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. A supine and […]

Constitutional Crisis and the Trump Presidency

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,981 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Trump says minority congresswomen should ‘apologize to America and Israel’ WASHINGTON — US President Donald Trump renewed attacks Sunday on four Democratic congresswomen he launched A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: […]

Smart Meters Raise Health, Privacy and Constitutional Concerns

By Michael Maharrey I get more emails about smart meters than any other issue we cover. Pretty much on a weekly basis, somebody asks me how they can opt out of installing these devices in their homes or businesses. Smart meters monitor home energy usage in minute detail in real time. The devices […]

Georgia’s Constitutional Court decriminalizes marijuana use

     The Constitutional Court of Georgia has released a statement on the decision made on Monday, July 30 regarding the use of marijuana, effectively abolishing administrative punishment for the use of the drug, Georgia Today reports. “According to the applicants (Zurab Japaridze and Vakhtang Megrelishvili), the consumption of marijuana is not an act of social […]

Watching The Hawks – Revolving Door Politics: Constitutional Cash-Ins?

Watching The Hawks – Revolving Door Politics: Constitutional Cash-Ins? Watching The Boom Bust host Bart Chilton joins the show to discuss the trend of former government officials cashing in big time after leaving office, as well as the big business of Tim Geithners predatory lending. Then a special preview of this weeks episode of […]

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court Rules Against Chevron, In Favor Of Indigenous Communities

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court rejected Chevron’s request to revise a national court ruling that sentenced it to pay US$9.5 billion in environmental and social reparations to the communities affected during its operations in the Ecuadorean Amazon, between 1964 and 1992. “Historic day. After over 25 years, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of those affected by […]

Iran, Russia, Turkey to meet on Syrian constitutional committee: U.N.

Reuters – Senior officials from Iran, Russia and Turkey will meet in Geneva on June 18-19 for consultations with the United Nations about setting up a constitutional committee for Syria, U.N. Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura said in a statement on Wednesday. He will invite other countries for relevant discussions in due course, the statement […]

ACLU, SPLC must be prosecuted for "sabotaging a constitutional republic," warns author

(Natural News) According to his bio on PJ Media, David Solway is a Canadian poet, essayist, and author of the book The Big Lie: On Terror, Antisemitism, and Identity. Recently, Solway published a two-part piece on PJ Media titled “Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures,” in which he explained that certain groups, […]

The Real Syria: Constitutional, Non-Sectarian, Resistant

DAMASCUS (Op-ed) — Juliette Harkin, Associate Lecturer on Politics and International Relations at Anglia Ruskin University, wrote an article dated May 1, 2018, titled: “‘Assadism’ is destroying Syria – here’s where it came from.” Political scientists from around the world have written on the subject of the Syrian conflict, which began in March 2011 and […]

Two officials of Center for Constitutional Rights are detained by Israel, then deported

RE: “Two officials of Center for Constitutional Rights are detained by Israel, then deported” MY COMMENT: I guess this is Israel’s way of “upping (or raising) the ante”! ■ up the ante English Verb up the ante (third-person singular simple present ups the ante, present participle upping the ante, simple past and past participle […]

Oklahoma House Pass ‘Constitutional Carry’ Gun Bill – No Permit Needed

The Oklahoma House of Representatives have passed a common sense bill that will allow anyone over 21-years-old to carry a handgun without a license.  Senate Bill 1212, also known as the ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill, will allow law abiding  citizens to arm and defend themselves without the unnecessary and ineffective paperwork currently required. reports:If the bill […]

Mozambican NGO decries proposed constitutional changes on decentralization as limited

nsnbc : The Mozambican NGO The Centre for Public Integrity (CIP) said that the proposal for decentralisation of government power presented last week by the […]

Watch As Activist Asserts Rights Against Constitutional Threats From Police – And Wins

By Jack Burns Phillip Turner has made a name for himself as a 1st Amendment activist. As TFTP has reported, Turner won a landmark decision at the U.S. Court of Appeals (5th Circuit) effectively securing the rights of all citizens in LA, MS, and TX to film police in the course of their […]

Spain’s constitutional court cancels Catalonia declaration of independence

READ MORE: Catalonia’s Puigdemont vows to respect December 21 election in Brussels speech The news came as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont was giving a speech in Brussels, his first since Madrid filed charges against him and he fled to Belgium. Earlier the Spanish attorney general filed a lawsuit against the secessionist leaders over their push […]

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