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Scientists Discover 1,000-Year-Old Shamanic Pouch Containing Cocaine and Ayahuasca

Elias Marat, TMU Waking Times Archaeologists have found evidence of powerful psychotropic drugs inside of a 1,000-year-old leather pouch discovered in the Bolivian Andes. The pouch likely belonged to an indigenous shaman and contained traces of a dizzying array of plant-based psychoactive substances, ranging from coke to the ingredients used to brew ayahuasca, along with paraphernalia used […]

The City of Miami Just Banned the Use of Glyphosate Containing Herbicides

Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch Waking Times There are growing concerns about both the safety and proliferation of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto‘s Roundup weedkiller. Those concerns are part of the reason that the city of Miami passed a unanimous resolution last Thursday banning the spraying of glyphosate by city departments or contractors, environmental group Miami Waterkeeper reported. “Banning the use of […]

UN Discover Mass Graves Containing 12,000 ISIS Victims In Iraq

Mass graves containing the bodies of 12,000 ISIS victims, including women, children and the disabled, have been discovered in Iraq by UN investigators.  According to a joint report by the UN mission to Iraq and UN office for human rights, 202 graves were found throughout northern Iraq. The enormity of the mass killings could lead […]

Postal worker confesses to stealing over 6,000 pieces of mail containing cash, checks and gift cards

     A mother-of-four who worked for the US postal service has admitted stealing more than 6,000 gift and greeting cards containing cash and checks in Wisconsin. She said she needed money to pay bills and take care of her children. The residents of Wauwatosa in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin started complaining about not receiving their graduation, […]

Arrest Made After Bus Containing Sweden Democrat Politician Shot At

A 25-year-old man in the Swedish municipality of Töreboda has been arrested in connection with the shooting of a bus that contained a populist Sweden Democrat politician, but police say they are unsure if it was politically motivated. The shooting occurred late on Saturday night but the suspect was not taken into custody until Wednesday […]

Herbal blend containing two plant extracts shown to protect the pancreas of diabetic patients

(Natural News) Diabetes is not a sweet problem to have – a fact that nearly 30 million Americans know all too well. While there are a number of available methods for controlling the condition, its effects, and the risk of its complications, most of these involve the intake of risky chemical drugs. […]

Made in USA Chemical Weapons, Containing Nerve Agent, Are Still Being Tested on Gaza Civilians

Made in USA Chemical Weapons Are Still Being Tested on Gaza Civilians Text by Ariyana Love The Israeli Occupation Forces carried out their most brutal massacre in Gaza yesterday, since the beginning of the Great Return March demonstration, beginning March 30th. Once again, Israel tested a new kind of chemical weapon on civilians, according to The […]

A List of Toxic Teabags Containing Illegal Amounts Of Toxic Pesticides You Maybe Want To Avoid

Next Story There’s nothing better than a nice steaming hot cup of tea, am I right? I don’t know about you, but I love tea, and drink it pretty much whenever I can and almost always in the evening. Tea can offer so many different health benefits that give you antioxidants and nutrients, can boost […]

FBI intercepts six suspicious packages containing explosive components and disturbing messages sent to military sites around DC

Six suspicious packages were intercepted at various military intelligence sites in the DC area Monday. The FBI seized the packages that were stuffed with explosive components such as black powder, fuses, and circuit boards. The first package raised alarm at The National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington DC around […]

UK To Crack Down And Ban All Ads Containing Gender Stereotypes

Next Story Sometimes it’s easy to ignore things we wish were different in society by telling ourselves, Well, that’s just the way things are. We often don’t question why things are a certain way or realize that we are capable of changing them, but just because things are done one way, or have been done that way for a […]

American Diabetes Association caught pushing recipes containing ingredients that promote diabetes

(Natural News) Yes, the American Diabetes Association promotes the very things that cause diabetes, and they encourage their victims to engage these junk science recipes that are listed on the ADA’s very own website. Is there any wonder why nearly 30 million Americans are living with diabetes right now? That’s about ten percent of the […]

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