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Milk Tests Reveal Widespread Contamination

A number of food tests reveal contamination is a significant problem, and while authorities insist levels are unlikely to do any harm, they’re talking about contaminants found in any one given food — not the levels you might be exposed to by eating them all in combination, every day of the year for a lifetime. […]

Los Angeles County Sues Monsanto Over Chemical Contamination

Los Angeles County Sues Monsanto Over Chemical Contamination Above Photo: Alternet According to the lawsuit, Monsanto had been aware that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were harmful but concealed the data for years while polluting the water. Los Angeles County recently filed a lawsuit against Bayer, the company that purchased Monsanto last year, for allegedly contaminating the local […]

Mercury Contamination of Atmosphere May Reach Orbit Through Regulatory Blindspot

Federal regulators have turned a blind eye to the massive risks of using mercury as the propellant in thousands of communication satellites slated for launch in the next few years, according to a complaint filed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The complaint charges that unregulated orbital […]

Canada Finds Glyphosate Contamination In Their Popular Food Products

Heather Callaghan, Contributor Waking Times Since independent labs in the United States have been finding glyphosate residue in all kinds of foods such as cereal, granola, snack items and even natural food brands – it’s no surprise that Canada should find the same contamination issue in their treasured foods as well. An independent Canadian […]

The growing list of products tested positive for Glyphosate contamination

     Monsanto is receiving considerable global backlash after the agrochemical and seed giant was found guilty of malice and of covering the fact that their flagship product can cause cancer. At issue is glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup and Ranger herbicides. For years, evidence has been mounting that glyphosate is carcinogenic, which […]

Rachael Ray’s dog food brand, Nutrish, SUED over alleged glyphosate contamination

(Natural News) Chef and talk show host Rachael Ray’s Nutrish dog food brand is being sued on the grounds that the products contain the dangerous herbicide glyphosate and are therefore not natural as the packaging states. The $5 million dollar class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in New York by Markeith […]

The Solution To Global Food Shortages, Contamination & Inflated Prices?

Not long ago, Egyptian Archaeologists discovered a huge 2,000-year-old sealed coffin, and as you’d imagine, they want to open it to see who or what is inside. The sarcophagus was discovered in a tomb deep under the Egyptian city of Alexandria earlier this month (July 2018). It’s believed to be the largest sarcophagus ever discovered in […]

Report Shows Superbug Contamination In 62% Of Common Supermarket Meats

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been detected in 62 percent of common US supermarket meats, according to new data released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Results The non-profit – which aims to empower the public to protect their health through information – analyzed over 47,000 tests to determine the contamination rate. Results showed high levels […]

Lawmakers seek registry for military water contamination cancers, illnesses

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., introduced the “PFAS Registry Act” in April. The legislation would “create a national database for service members and veterans experiencing health problems possibly due to contamination from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, (PFAS),” the senators wrote. Source Article from Related Posts Newark Water Coalition […]

Chemical contamination discovered in water supply at North Carolina military base… experts warn this could be the first of many

(Natural News) Water, when contaminated, can sometimes cause disease — even death. This is what a small Eastern North Carolina community in the Atlantic found out too late. The community, which has less than 600 residents, tested positive for cancer-causing chemicals perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These are used to make […]

German Beer Industry in Shock Over Monsanto Glyphosate Contamination

The Munich Environmental Institute (Umweltinstitut München) has released shocking results (February) of laboratory testing it has completed on 14 of the most sold beers in Germany. The probable carcinogen and World’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – was found in all of the 14 beers tested. German Beer – Glyphosate Testing Results: Hasseröder […]

Don’t make yourself ill with E. coli – safety precautions to guard against contamination

(Natural News) Hundreds of thousands of people fall ill from E. coli contamination each year. Despite local outcry to improve food manufacturing practices, pathogenic E. coli is still a prevalent bacterium that continues to impact the healthcare system. The most common sources of foodborne infection of E. coli are raw fruits and […]

31 Hanford workers test positive for radioactive contamination

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts Auto Workers Go On Strike After Years Of Tirelessly […]

Fracking Giant Sues PA Resident For $5M For Speaking To Media About Contamination

Ever since the dangerous consequences of natural gas extraction via hydraulic fracturing – popularly known as “fracking” — entered the national consciousness, the small town of Dimock, Pennsylvania has arguably been “ground zero” for water contamination caused by the controversial practice. Now Cabot Oil & Gas, the massive energy company responsible for numerous fracking wells […]

Plastic pollution risks ‘near permanent contamination of natural environment’

Humans have produced 8.3bn tonnes of plastic since the 1950s with the majority ending up in landfill or polluting the world’s continents and oceans, according to a new report. The first global analysis of all mass–produced plastics has found that it has outstripped most other man-made materials, threatening a “near permanent contamination of […]

THAAD Rocket Fuel: Likely Ground Water Contamination Coming to Seongju, South Korea

Related Posts Newark Water Coalition Takes Struggle Against Lead Pipes Statewide Newark Water Coalition Takes Struggle Against Lead Pipes Statewide Above photo: Newark Water Coalition organizes a 8 Year-Old Mexican Girl Invents A Solar Water Heater & Wins Nuclear Science Prize The Facts:It was recently disclosed that Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly paid millions of dollars to […]

What Happened in Turkey – A Staged Coup

UPDATED, Corrected, July 17, 2016, updated, again, July 17, 3:00 pm CST The title and content of this post has been altered based on new information, that is since people were killed it cannot be merely a hoax but would, rather, come closer in definition to being a false flag. Questions are being raised as […]

The System That Chooses & Elects The American President Is A Farce

John Stauber Credit Cecilia Nguyen The USA is indeed an oligarchy, a plutocracy, and the situation is much worse today than when I wrote my book in 1995.  The super-rich whose interests lie with Wall Street, the global corporations, and what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex, own and control both the Democrat and the Republican […]

‘Europe turns into region that projects instability outwards’ – Russian FM Lavrov

“Russia is part of the global world that keeps changing before our very eyes. New centers of growth and influence emerge and strengthen like, first and foremost, the Asia-Pacific region,” Lavrov said at a meeting with representatives of NGOs on Thursday. “At the same time, we have been witnessing such an unusual phenomenon as the […]

Anonymous-linked hacktivists leak details of over 5,000 Spanish cops online

Spanish police sources told the EFE news agency that the social network group @FkPoliceAnonOps was responsible for the data dump. The hackers managed to gain access to the telecommunications unit for investigative crimes.  In a message attached to a Wednesday Tweet, the group said the data had been leaked in revenge for Spain’s gag law, which […]

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