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The USA IS a Crown Corporation. As Far As Trump Taking Control on the 20th I need Proof! We Will Soon Know At Any Rate!

THE BAD NEWS The UNITED STATES (in capitals) isn’t a country; it’s a corporation! … The corporation was created for the District of Columbia, aka Washington, D.C. (not even a state), via the Act of 1871. THE UNITED STATES corporation operates under private international law with their own corporate constitution. Don’t believe it? Watch this at 2 minutes 16 The USA […]

The Hoax is So Big That They are Working Overtime for Damage Control

Governments are justifying their tyrannical “lockdowns” by citing statistics about new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, but should you believe the government and media or your own eyes? WorldTruth link See also: [embedded content] 00 Hits: 0


PR (Public Relations) companies employ people who appear to be independent experts.. Toxic Sludge is Good for You  There is a huge amount of junk science being put out by people paid by corporations. PR firm Bell Pottinger were paid $540 million by the Pentagon to make fake terror videos and other propaganda. They used […]

Y do I get the Feeling that a Well-Organized Mob of Pedos Have Taken Control of the US?

It’s obvious they want to establish some kind of Globo-Homo playground where pedophilia will be legalized and heterosexuals looked at with derision, if not eventually banning.  With Pedo Joe in the WH, this mob is going to get much more aggressive, trying to set kids against their parents, even offering them prizes, like a Playstation […]

‘They Are Losing Control of the Reins’: Founder of Neo-Nazi Fight Club Pens Essay on Capitol Insurrection

Robert Rundo, the founder of the infamous U.S.-based neo-Nazi fight club known as the Rise Above Movement, penned an essay on the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, calling on white supremacists to stay strong in the coming days. Rundo published the article on his Media2Rise website, which acts as an alternative media source promoting the “nationalist […]

Rothschild’s Israel’s Deadly 5G For Massive Mind Control and Death

5G Is An Israeli Creation Of Mass Mind Control And MoreKey Companies Involved All Traceable To Israel Edited By Gary Holland7-30-18 Stunning Photos Of A New 5G Tower In Las VegasBlasting Deadly EMF Into All Who Are Near It – PicsThe US Military KNEW 50 Years Ago How EMF DestroysHuman Reproduction And Breaks The Entire […]

Turkey pro-government media claims ‘Jews’ control America

Turkey’s far-right pro-government media included an article on Friday asserting that US President-elect Joe Biden was brought to office by “Jewish controlled media organization and powerful Jewish lobbies” and that “Jewish capital” controls the US “deep state.” This antisemitic conspiracy has been pushed by far-right Islamists from Hamas to Malaysia to Turkey, where the ruling […]

Birmingham Pastor Says Killings ‘Out of Control, Unacceptable,’ Calls for State of Emergency

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. ( — A pastor who has been outspoken about the number of killings in Birmingham is asking Mayor Randall Woodfin to declare a state of emergency in the city. Paul Hollman of Mount Mariah Baptist Church on Monday delivered a letter to the mayor asking him to put an emergency plan into action. […]

Battle for Control in East Jerusalem

The Media Line — During a stroll inside Jerusalem’s Old City, or a drive around the Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, one cannot help but notice Turkish flags hanging outside shops and atop homes, as well as the affinity and warm welcome extended to Turkish tourists visiting the holy city. Another sign of the rising […]

Dr. Carrie Madej warns of a hellish plan to control humans through hydrogel technology, already developed, inserted with vaccines, will become part of the body and provide lifetime feedback mechanism for total control of humans connected to an AI platform.

Lissa’s Humane Life — End-Times News & Information SEND THE ALARM: A CALL TO THE WORLD What Do You Think About Going From Human 1.0 To Human 2.0: Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss My Notes [The NSA CIA and DOD DARPA did this to me. They chased me down as I crawled the floors. […]

Dr. Carrie Madej warns of a hellish plan to control humans through hydrogel technology, already developed, inserted with vaccines, which will become part of the body and provide a lifetime feedback mechanism for total control of humans connected to an AI platform.

ALARM CALL TO THE WORLD What Do You Think About Going From Human 1.0 To Human 2.0 Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss From SCIENTISTS ARE TRYING TO EXPERIMENT ON HUMANS AND ALTER THE HUMAN GENOME with SYNTHETIC DNA! You can see her video here: Dr. Carrie Dr. Carrie Madej, DO is a Internal […]

Many tales of corporate control over agriculture

In 1991, when I was 12 years old and in 8th class in my village high school, the Government of India led by the Congress Party launched new economic reform programmes. I vividly remember reading local newspapers, which carried news on the reduction of agricultural subsidies on seeds, fertilisers, electricity and irrigation. It also started […]

The MSM Covid Fearmongering Is totally Out Of Control

Look at the [SCARY]  headlines from the Covid-hyping DRUDGE REPORT NEXT: PROOF OF VAX…SURVEY: 4 in 10 don’t want it!Millions of doses sit on ice…Health care worker hospitalized after ‘severe reaction’…STUDY: Masks block 99.9% of large droplets…Mutant strain impact won’t be known for weeks…Protein Very Similar To HIV…ER HELL: Video Shows Infected Lining Hallways Of […]

Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidence, by the AIER Staff

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC It’s out of fashion today, but here’s a compendium of articles based on real-life studies and evidence that lockdowns are ineffectual and, given the economic damage they inflict, counterproductive. From the AIER Staff at The use of universal lockdowns in the event of the appearance of a new pathogen has no […]

Britain warns new strain out of control as European nations start to ban flights

LONDON — European countries started banning flights coming from the UK on Sunday as government in London warned that a potent new strain of the virus was “out of control.” Following the example of the Netherlands, where a ban on all UK passenger flights came into effect on Sunday, a German government source said Berlin, […]

Video: Tucker Warns Against ‘Slick’, ‘Social Control’ Vaccine Rollout

Tucker Carlson warned that the COVID vaccine rush out has come with an overarching message not to dare question its effectiveness or safety, and that those who do so risk punishment in the form of social ostracisation. Carlson was reacting in part to the announcement by Twitter that the social media platform will remove any […]

Planned Surveillance and Control by Global Technocrats: A Big-Picture Look at the Current Pandemic Beneficia ries | a peer-reviewed article by Children’s Health Defense,

Big-Picture Look at Current Pandemic Beneficiaries Accepted by Peer-Reviewed Journal December 16, 2020 This article was posted by TLB Staff Analysis, FINANCIAL, FREEDOM, GOVERNMENT, TECHNOLOGY, Tyranny 0 CHD Article on Big-Picture Look at Current Pandemic Beneficiaries Accepted by Peer-Reviewed Journal An article by Children’s Health Defense on how the pandemic facilitated a financial, tech, biopharmaceutical […]

Will Israel help a pro-Iran hardliner win control of Hamas?

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00 Hits: 0

James Jeffrey’s Confessions: Syria is the gift that continues to give to us, we are in control of northeastern Syria. Erdogan retreats under threat (2) اعترافات جيمس جيفري: سورية الهديّة التي تستمرّ بالعطاء لنا نحن المسيطرون فعلياّ على شمال شرق سورية.. وأردوغان يتراجع تحت التهديد (2)

**Please scroll down for the English translation** نضال حمادة نستكمل الجزء الثاني والأخير من المقابلة التي أجراها المبعوث الأميركيّ الخاص السابق الى سورية جيفري جيمس مع «المونيتور». يقول جيفري جيمس يجب الفصل بين أردوغان وتركيا، وستكون أكبر التحديات التي يواجهها بايدن هي الصين وروسيا وكوريا الشمالية وخطة العمل الشاملة المشتركة الإيرانية والمناخ. هؤلاء هم الخمسة […]

In spite of denials, according to Fire & Emergency NZ, the company called Pest Control Research in Christchurch was manufacturing 1080

By Carol Sawyer Excellent work by Stuff reporter, Joanne Naish. At last something is starting to come out in the open. “The company did not dispute official documents from Fenz, but allegations the company was making 1080 at the site had only come from the “anti-1080 brigade”, he said. “Oh yeah? Here is the text […]

Hezbollah Special Forces to Infiltrate, Take Control of Several ‘Israeli’ Settlements – INSS Study

By Staff A 73-page study by the ‘Israeli’ entity’s Institute for National Security Studies [INSS] exposed the weakness the Zionist military would show in any future war with Hezbollah. With the northern front being the most difficult and main challenge for the ‘Israeli’ entity, and today’s estimations hinting that neither Hezbollah nor Iran are interested […]

Whether Brad Pitt Revealed Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America or NOT THIS IS THE WAY THINGS ACTUALLY WORK AND CIA RUNS PEDOPHILE RINGS & DOES Mind PROGRAMMING Creating Pedophiles! CIA Controls Hollywood

Fact Check  May 21, 2020   by: Alexis Tereszcuk  Share Tweet Did Brad Pitt reveal “Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America?” No, that’s not true. The big screen’s hunkiest leading man did not drop the bombshell news that he believes Hollywood’s elites are pedophiles that control America. The outrageous claim has gone viral again, but the story is […]

Some liberals and arms-control experts are cheering for war profiteers to be in Biden’s cabinet

No matter who ends up winning Senate confirmation for top positions on President Biden’s “national security” team, an ominous dynamic is already underway. Some foreign-policy specialists with progressive reputations are voicing support and evasive praise for prospective Cabinet members — as though spinning through revolving doors to broker lucrative Pentagon contracts is not a conflict […]

Ethiopia declares victory as military gains ‘full control’ of Tigray capital

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Ethiopia’s military has gained “full control” of the capital of the defiant Tigray region, the army announced Saturday, and the prime minister said the taking of Mekele marked the “completion” of an offensive that started nearly four weeks ago. The regional government said the city of a half-million people was “heavily […]

What You Are Watching Now Unfolding In Real Time Is Nothing Less Than The Attempted Control And Enslavement Of The Entire Global Population

As far out as this may sound … it can’t be denied, at least for those following the independent media. And mainstream?… everything’s fine & we’re just waiting for the big reset. Listen folks, the reset is simply an updated version of the new world order they’ve been waffling about since 1991 (& earlier actually […]

Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade

Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade Activist Post / Activist Post By Brandon Smith This past year in numerous countries the public is being bombarded with lessons in power and control that have been forgotten for generations. I think the majority of Westerners in particular have long believed themselves “safe” from totalitarian government, […]

Jews ‘Deeply Alarmed’ That Amazon’s Alexa Believes Jews Control The World Financial Systems And Media

Despite the fact that Amazon’s AI Alexa robot has been shown to promote the agenda of the Radical Left, otherwise Liberal Jews are now up in arms that this otherwise compliant and politically-correct “useful idiot” has a firm grasp of the obvious — that Jews do indeed control the world financial markets and mainstream media: […]

CIA Control of Mainstream Media; Fake Jews Create Fake News

FullscreenShare Dustin Nemos – QANON Calls out the CIA Control of Mainstream Media 5/22/2020 blob: Comment: CIA is controlled by Zionists and created by them. They are Ashkenazi “jews” or Fake Jews Creating Fake News. 00 Hits: 6

UK Supreme Court Judge Slams ‘Totalitarian’ Gov’t: ‘They Are Covid CONTROL Freaks’

A British Supreme Court judge has slammed the UK government as “control freaks” for imposing draconian rules on people under the guise of COVID, and labeled it “morally and constitutionally indefensible” to define what freedoms the public can and can’t have. In an op-ed published Sunday, Lord Sumpton warned that the “debate about whether to […]

ZIONISTS Have 99% Control Over America (They ARE the Trojan Horse in Amerika)

 May 26, 2019 Editor News Leave a comment Related articles:1. Christian Zionism Has Peaked2. The Zionist Movement Unfolding (In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, “enhanced”, the free PDF book: Download and read about their thirst for power regarding world Zionism, the bloodthirsty Zionists were able to increase in size, as they are in America, page 1258. Asket said, “…in the following two decades […]

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