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Can the Conventional Medical Profession Be Trusted?

February 20th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World According to a recent article in The New York Times, growing distrust in the medical profession poses a threat to public health and safety.1 “Trust is crucial in the relationship between patients and health care providers, but it’s been on the decline in recent decades,” […]

“Browning” of the world’s waterways may be due to conventional farming practices rather than “extra” rainfall claimed by climate alarmists

(Natural News) Global warming alarmists have a way of weaving their message into every scientific study or discussion these days. If they are to be believed, virtually every problem faced by humankind today can be blamed on catastrophic man-made global warming in one way or another. The latest study to make this “connection” was conducted […]

Organic food sales booming in UK, outstripping growth of ALL conventional foods

(Natural News) This trend could not have come at a better time: In an era when surgeons in the UK are performing a record number of diabetic ulcer-related amputations, the growth in sales of organic foods is outstripping the sales growth of all conventional foods. As reported by The Ecologist, the organic food market in […]

Trump Looking To Expand Drone Strikes ‘Outside Conventional Warzones’

US President Donald Trump is seeking to loosen some Obama-era limits on drone attacks and ground raids outside conventional warzones US media reports have said. The New York Times, citing unnamed officials, reported on Thursday that Trump’s top national security advisers have proposed relaxing two rules from the administration of Barack Obama, the former US president. The officials said the […]

10 Monumentally False Claims Made by Conventional Medicine About Health

False claim #5 –Mammograms are saving lives Not true. All the cancer establishment can say for sure is that mammograms detect cancer.  For breast cancer, the early detection claim is a myth because at this stage it cannot be known whether the cancer will turn out to be benign or harmful. Although there is no […]

Federally funded environmental lab fabricated data for 18 years; forced to close after fraud became too large to cover up

(NaturalNews) I am continually amazed – and disappointed – by the fact that far too many Americans continue to rely upon and trust government institutions after repeatedly seeing agency after agency, institution after institution, and bureau after bureau, cheat, lie to them, misrepresent data and rob them of their liberties. Count a government […]

Scientists Are About To Turn On A System That Converts Atmospheric CO2 Into Fuel

Gases that help capture heat, called “greenhouse gases,” can be emitted from natural sources, while others are anthropogenic, resulting from human activities. The latter has caused a surge in global warming that has wreaked havoc on the wellbeing of our planet, and will continue to do so if we don’t change our practices drastically. In […]

Chemical preservative in baby wipes found to cause eczema-like rashes

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is reporting that an adverse reaction to a chemical preservative chemical called methylisothiazolinone (MI) in baby wipes is causing a horrific rash due to an “allergic” reaction. MI is used exclusively to extend shelf life and has no other purpose. Experts have been raising the alarm on dangerous MI […]

Apocalypse Programming and “Knowing” the End of Days

Zen Gardner, GuestWaking Times The many end of the world scenarios we’ve had pumped into us from birth, from ducking under our primary school desks in atom bomb drills to apocalyptic religion, books and movies, all have a targeted effect. It’s not just about sensationalism and sales with all the media’s […]

GMO poison to be carpet bombed across 10,000 acres of Western Washington to kill moths

(NaturalNews) Washington residents should brace themselves for an aerial assault of GMO poison that is being launched throughout the Western part of the state in an attempt to prevent a widespread gypsy moth infestation. Last weekend saw the launch of a pesticide-bacteria spraying campaign that was authorized by Washington State’s Department of Agriculture […]

U.S. healthcare system collapsing into massive FRAUD network of criminal cancer doctors, hospice executives and con artist physicians

(NaturalNews) Whether it is due to dramatic government overreach via massive laws like Obamacare, with its incentive-killing regulations, or there simply being too much greed in the world, the U.S. healthcare system is dying. And while that may be a good thing for some people, the dying process is costing us billions of […]

Craigslist Ad Offers $15 an Hour for Anti-Trump Protesters

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 30, 2016 A Craigslist ad offering $15 an hour for anti-Trump protesters to show up at rallies and whine about Black lives or whatever has been discovered. This ad, for a protest job in Wisconsin, says that employees will be give transportation and signs, as well as given pre-protest instructions. They […]

Acupressure and Acu-Yoga expert Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. shares the best techniques for self-healing

(NaturalNews) The 2016 Natural Medicine Summit, available free online, is a treasure trove of information regarding natural health and wellness, featuring 30 professionals with expertise in weight loss, nutrition, thyroid deficiencies, skin care, brain health and much, much more. Between March 14 and 22, the summit will offer registrants the opportunity to improve […]

Civilian Review Board finds NYPD conducted hundreds of improper home searches over 6-year period

     The New York Police Department conducted at least 180 improper home searches over a six-year period, according to an analysis by the Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent agency that reviews police conduct. On Monday, CCRB released an analysis that looked at 1,762 civilian complaints, dating from January 2010 to October 2015. Of those, […]

How Depression Affects Brain Structure & What You Can Do To Change It Back

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 400 million people, of all ages, suffer from depression, making it the leading cause of disability worldwide. This is a massive target market for pharmaceutical companies, and that’s no secret. There are huge profits to be made, and drug companies are taking every opportunity to make the most […]

Researchers Discover That Conventional Pasteurized Cow’s Milk Does NOT Do The Body Good

***This article is about pasteurized cow’s, not raw milk Below is some information regarding milk that you probably won’t hear about. It’s not something that will be taught to your children in school, in fact, they are taught the complete opposite. A large study coming from researchers at the Uppsala University in Sweden found that […]

Study Shows Exposure to Animals in Early Childhood Supports Immune Development

22nd December 2015 By Christina Lavers Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Is Urban Living Making Us Sick?  The last century, especially the last several decades, has seen a steep rise in levels of allergies, asthma and auto-immune disorders. What is interesting is that statistical analysis shows that typically these conditions are more prevalent in developed nations than […]

Zarif departs for New York to join Syria talks

Tehran, Dec 16, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif left Tehran for New York on Wednesday afternoon to attend talks on resolving Syrian dilemma. The one-day gathering will be the third round of talks on resolving the Syrian crisis. Major global powers are to attend the event on resolving the Syrian crisis in New […]

Ancient Aliens ‘The Reptilians’

A potential link between aliens and reptilian creatures depicted in ancient texts is examined in the Season 7 premiere. Ancient Aliens is an American television series on the History channel. The program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. The Reptilian alien is […]

The Truth Behind The Clothing Industry’s Water Footprint & What You Can Do About It

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Colorado county criminalizes self-reliance: Off-grid living punished like a crime

(NaturalNews) There was a time in America — and not so long ago — when there was no “grid,” at least for those who lived outside of urban centers. To live self-sufficiently in rural areas was the rule, rather than the exception. People knew how to survive without electricity, running water, sewage systems […]

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