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Rabbinical school dean participates in experimental coronavirus treatment

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The coronavirus hasn’t stopped immigration to Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Aviva Karoly, an attorney originally from Queens, New York, and her husband, Tzvi, were raised in religious Zionist homes and always dreamed of living in Israel. In preparation, the couple had sent their 6-year old son Adi to a Hebrew-speaking preschool. They also put off purchasing a home in the United States […]

In a possible sign of what’s to come, this JCC has already laid off 176 people because of the coronavirus

(JTA) — On Day 1 of the state-mandated shutdown in Pennsylvania, Amy Krulik tried to strike an upbeat tone. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Kaiserman Jewish Community Center outside Philadelphia had been shuttered starting March 13. Its 178 employees were sent home for at least two weeks. Krulik, the center’s CEO, acknowledged […]

Coronavirus news: China’s wildlife trade ban must be permanent, charities warn

Wendy Higgins of HSI UK said: “We welcome China’s ban on the consumption of wild animals as food as it will save hundreds of thousands of animals each year from cruel treatment in this trade, assuming the ban is strongly implemented and enforced. “But we need to go further. The ban needs to be permanent […]

Coyotes Roam Empty Streets of San Francisco During Coronavirus Lockdown

(TMU) — The world as we know it has been shut down over the past several weeks, and humans all over the planet have been much less active. Naturally, animals have been a bit more free to explore the world than they usually would be, and some of them have taken advantage of the rare […]

Amazon’s Alexa now offering to diagnose coronavirus in happy marriage of Big Tech with Big Brother

‘Doctor’ Alexa is making house calls, Amazon has revealed, boasting its voice assistant now allows users to check their “risk level” for coronavirus in a blog post on Thursday. Users concerned they might have the virus can confide in Alexa, who will inquire about symptoms, travel history, and other routes of possible exposure before making […]

Coronavirus Relief: Cryptocurrency Aid Programs Launched to Combat COVID-19 Outbreak

By Kevin Helms Cryptocurrencies are being used to help fight the global coronavirus pandemic. Crypto companies are doing their part to provide coronavirus aid to countries, hospitals, and people suffering from COVID-19. A coronavirus relief campaign, a Red Cross bitcoin fundraiser, and an investment fund are some coronavirus relief initiatives involving cryptocurrencies. Coronavirus Relief Campaign […]

EPA Suspends Enforcement of Environmental Laws Indefinitely Due to Coronavirus

March 27, 2020 By B.N. Frank Does this mean we will all need more than paper masks and water filters for an undetermined amount of time? From The Hill: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a sweeping suspension of its enforcement of environmental laws Thursday, telling companies they would not need to meet environmental standards […]

Coronavirus: After the EU Failed to Deliver, Italy Looks to Russia for Help

ROME (Mideast Discourse) — More than 15 military transport planes flew from Russia to Italy delivering disinfection units, 180 doctors, 100 personnel which include specialists in biological protection, nurses, ventilators, and masks. The experts sent to Italy have worked on international epidemics including African Swine Fever and in developing an Ebola vaccine. Italy’s Prime Minister Guiseppe […]

From Electoral Politics to Coronavirus Response: In Israel, Apartheid Mentality Reigns

Jerusalem, Palestine — Once again, Benjamin Netanyahu wins big in Israeli politics. Even as his main opponent, former Israeli army chief Benny Gantz was given a mandate to form and head a coalition government, Netanyahu, indicted and presumed to be on his way out, managed to pull in Gantz, break up the Blue and White […]

Smug Hillary Uses Coronavirus Victims As Punchline In Sick Joke About Trump

Hillary Clinton appeared smug about the number of sick and dead Americans on Friday, using the growing number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. as a punchline in a joke about President Trump. Clinton posted a link on Twitter to a New York Times article about the U.S. surpassing Italy and China as the world leader in […]

Iran confronts deadly alcohol crisis in midst of dealing with coronavirus

ABC – Iran, already struggling to fight the growing spread of novel coronavirus, is now coming to grips with an alcohol poisoning problem that has killed hundreds of people this year. In the wake of the deaths, officials initially blamed misinformation on social media for convincing victims that drinking alcohol could protect them against coronavirus. […]

Iran coronavirus infections surges past 35,000

MNA – Iran’s Health Ministry Spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said on Sat. that 35,408 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Iran, with the death toll jumping to 2,517. Some 3,076 new cases have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, increasing the total number of infections in Iran to 35,408, said Jahanpour. Some […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Crisis and opportunity: A positive spin on the current coronavirus pandemic

   The past weeks have seen the world swept up by a maelstrom of hysteria, misinformation, and confusion under the guise of a new global pandemic. The oversaturation of information overwhelms the senses and is almost designed to inflame the mass panic, which has taken a life of its own and even threatens to trigger […]

Sweden refuses to lock down country despite coronavirus hysteria

   The lights are going out all over Europe, the U.S., and increasingly the rest of the world. Borders are closing, cities are shutting down, and governments are imposing export bans. It looks like one of the first victims of the new coronavirus is globalization. The World Bank has estimated that 80 to 90 percent […]

Trump signs $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

Until debt tear us apart by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash   President Donald Trump on Friday signed the $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus bill, putting in motion desperately needed financial relief for millions of Americans set back by the pandemic. Trump signed the bill just hours after the House passed […]

‘Coronavirus does not stop at a checkpoint’: Wi’am Center’s Zoughbi Alzoughbi on the pandemic from Bethlehem

“Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie” is no longer just a Christmas carol. It is now the daily experience of all Bethlehemites. An eerie stillness has descended on Bethlehem and the surrounding towns. Virtually every public and private gathering place has been closed on the orders of the Palestinian Authority […]

UK: Government Gets Green Light to Use Personal Phone Data to “Fight Coronavirus”

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer March 28, 2020 Everything that kept governments from openly doing whatever they want to people can now be dismissed with a simple, short sentence. That sentence is “but the coronavirus tho.” Daily Mail: The UK government has today been granted permission to use personal data from citizens’ mobile […]

Indians Told They Could be Shot for Defying Coronavirus Lockdown

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer March 28, 2020 Indians may live in cramped conditions, shit on the streets, and talk funny, but they don’t deserve to be shot for wanting to visit some friends or get some fresh air. Daily Mail: Indians have been warned they could be shot if they defy the […]

WATCH Russian biodefense troops disinfect nursing home in coronavirus-hit Italy

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