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Vote no on CA Prop 22: Reject this corporate power grab

[embedded content] Here’s what you need to know about Proposition 22 on the California ballot, and why I’m urging you to vote NO on this corporate power grab. Right now, massive corporations like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart are pouring nearly $200 million into a giant PR campaign designed to get you to vote for […]

AMAZON: The Biggest Joint CIA-Corporate Covert Operation in U.S. History

State of the Nation Just like Walmart was used to take over the American retail industry after it was incorporated in October of 1969, Amazon was actually established to completely dominate the Internet-based retail industry, which it has successfully done. As of January 31, 2019, Walmart has 11,348 stores and clubs in 27 countries, operating […]

The man who would be president: Mike Pence, corporate theocrat

Image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr If President Trump dies from the coronavirus that has killed more than 200,000 Americans largely due to his deliberate negligence, the man replacing him will be no less dangerous. While Mike Pence has eluded tough media scrutiny — in part because he exhibits such a low-key style in contrast to Trump […]

Tax revelations and corporate media won’t defeat Trump

The big banner headline across the top of the New York Times homepage as Tuesday got underway — “TRUMP’S TAXES SHOW CHRONIC LOSSES AND YEARS OF TAX AVOIDANCE” — might give the impression that Donald Trump is finally on the verge of political downfall. Don’t believe it for a moment. The same kind of mistaken belief has […]

Corporate Media Already Pushing Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines on Citizens

Functioning as the spearhead of the American Empire’s propaganda dissemination, the corporate media has already begun beating the drum for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. The Hegelian Dialectic goes like this: problem > reaction > solution. The problem is obvious; the reaction is public panic; the solution is a vaccine that is not guaranteed to work but […]

Chris Hedges: How Corporate Tyranny Works

Above photo: A citizen of Guanta, Ecuador, shows a butterfly killed by oil pollution, in 2003. AP/Dolores Ochoa. Those, like environmental lawyer Steven Donziger, who fight the corporate control of our society on behalf of the vulnerable find the institutions of power unite to crucify them. The persecution of the attorney Steven Donziger is a grim […]

Scheer Intelligence: Something’s Rotten In The Corporate States Of America

Above image: “Punch the Clock” by Mr. Fish. A new book by Barbara Freese explores eight stories about the unfettered corporate greed that has corrupted modern society and led to an astounding loss of life. Beginning with the slave trade and leading all the way up to the climate crisis, author Barbara Freese’s “Industrial Strength […]

Make Corporate Landlords Pay For Housing Crisis

By Sofia Lopez and Sara Myklebust, Inequality. August 18, 2020 The Covid-19 crisis has both exposed and exacerbated racial and wealth inequality in the United States. As unemployment skyrockets and tens of millions of Americans struggle with a sudden loss of income, many are unable to pay rents or mortgages and are facing eviction, foreclosure, and […]

Scheer Intelligence: Questioning Corporate Media’s Thirst For Scandal In The Age Of #MeToo

Above image: By Mr. Fish. Journalist JoAnn Wypijewski’s latest book, “What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About #MeToo: Essays on Sex, Authority and the Mess of Life” issues a blistering challenge to “scandal media,” which she dismisses as a distorted Cliff Notes version of reality. The Times Literary Supplement in a rave review […]

CLDC Fighting Corporate-Fueled Legal Persecution Of Human Rights Lawyer

By Lauren Regan, CLDC. August 6, 2020 NOTE: Listen to our interview with Steven Donziger on Clearing the FOG. Fossil fuel giant Chevron vows to “demonize” victorious human rights lawyer. For several years now, human rights attorney Steven Donziger has been in the fight of his life and career after Chevron vowed to destroy him […]


Study at California State University’s College of Agriculture showed grass-fed beef beef is significantly more healthy than corporate factory feed lots. Grass-fed Beef provides more good fats, better protein, higher potential for vitamin A and E and cancer-fighting antioxidants compared to grain-fed beef. But most important grass-fed does not contain most of the poisons and […]

U.S. Veterans Sue Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson & Other Corporate Giants For Funding Terrorists In Iraq

Next Story Two days ago, on October 17, over 100 U.S. veterans and relatives of American soldiers who were either injured or killed during the Iraq war filed a federal lawsuit against numerous U.S. and European Big Pharma companies. These aren’t just tiny corporations, they’re some of the leading companies in the medical industry, including […]

Blockchain Patents: Corporate America, You’re Doing It Wrong

May 26, 2018 By The Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick covers the latest trend in cryptocurrency that is seeing corporations attempting to regain control over blockchain technology through patents. Jeff breaks down how this is likely to play out, and what the real purpose of patents should be in the era of […]

How Corporate Media Are Undermining a US-North Korea Nuclear Weapons Deal

In an interview with Fox News on April 29, Donald Trump’s new National Security Adviser John Bolton tossed a grenade into the process of planning for the Trump-Kim summit. “We have very much in mind the Libyan model from 2003-2004,” he said in regard to the problem of North Korean denuclearization. It was a very […]

Now Corporate Media Are Undermining a US-North Korea Nuclear Weapons Deal

In an interview with Fox News on April 29, Donald Trump’s new National Security Adviser John Bolton tossed a grenade into the process of planning for the Trump-Kim summit. “We have very much in mind the Libyan model from 2003-2004,” he said in regard to the problem of North Korean denuclearization. It was a very […]

Trump and Corporate America Are Dead Serious About Plans to Conquer Outer Space

WASHINGTON – What does the United States do when it’s faced with hegemonic decline, ascendant rivals, and an inability to use its massive military apparatus to turn the tide in favor of its own imperial ambitions without incurring costs that far outweigh the benefits? To paraphrase former First Lady Michelle Obama: When they go low, […]

Corporate Democrats: The ‘Values’ and ‘Vision’ of an Inauthentic Opposition

Never underestimate the capacity of the United States’ Inauthentic Opposition Party, the corporate Democrats, for self-congratulatory delusion and the externalization of blame. Look, for example, at the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) recently filed 66-page lawsuit against Russia, WikiLeaks, and the 2016 Donald Trump campaign. The document accuses Russia of “mount[ing] a brazen attack on the American democracy,” […]

Yes, corporate-run news media really is the "Enemy of the People," conservatives conclude

(Natural News) One of the things that the liberals love to attack Donald Trump over is when the President famously declared that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people. Just a few days ago at the PEN America World Voices Festival, for instance, failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton condemned […]

SYRIA: Corporate Media in West Doubles Down on the Douma ‘Chemical Attack’ Narrative

21st Century Wire says… Moscow’s delegation to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) held a press briefing in the Hague on April 26 on the alleged 7th April chemical attacks in Douma, Eastern Ghouta. While the US, UK and France have been clamouring for justice and bombing Syria based on alleged offences […]

Canada’s corporate-controlled media claims van terror attack was merely a “collision"

(Natural News) If the Canadians don’t dial back their political correctness, just like the Europeans more of their citizens are going to be targeted and more will die thanks to radical Islamic terrorism. On Monday a man drove a van repeatedly into crowds of people in Toronto, killing 10 and injuring 15. […]

Connecting the Dots of Big Data, Soaring Corporate Profits and Trade Wars

Let’s connect the dots between these two comments from longtime correspondents: the first is on the model of collecting and selling data (Big Data), and the second on trade: GFB: “If I had a lot of money, would I want to do: A) –invest in the exploration forbidding areas of the globe for oil reserves with […]

With the Media Fixated on Trump, the Koch Brothers Flex Corporate Cash

Multibillionaires Charles and David Koch want nothing less than to supplant America’s core democratic principle of majority rule — the will of The People — with their core plutocratic principle of inviolable property rights, also known as domination by the wealthy minority. Their notion is that “property” (accumulated wealth and the means to get it) […]

Data Shows Trump Tax Cuts Did Not Raise Wages, Instead Went to Corporate Executives

Once again, President Trump touted the supposed benefits of the new tax law at an April 12 ceremony in the Rose Garden. “Our massive tax cuts are growing paychecks all over our country [and] creating jobs and expanding the American dream just like we said would happen,” he said, in a surprisingly disciplined statement. This declaration — […]

Corporate Media Learned Nothing From Iraq As They Help Beat War Drums For Syria Attack

As Donald Trump moves dangerously close to launching a military attack on Syria, corporate cable outlets continue, without question, to provide the war hawks with  huge platform to beat their war drums. The U.S. media has clearly learned nothing from the role it played in cheer leading for the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq in 2003. […]

Where The Biggest Corporate Handouts Come From

Where The Biggest Corporate Handouts Come From Above Photo: From As tax day looms, most of us are grumbling and griping about the joyless task of shelling out hard-earned wages to the Empire. Regardless of political perspective, the people are overwhelmingly aware of the fact that whatever taxes they’re paying out, they’re not getting a […]

Corporate Sugar Daddies & How To Fix The Healthcare System

Corporate Sugar Daddies & How To Fix The Healthcare System Above Photo: Screenshot/Youtube Between federal and state subsidies, government welfare and ecological fallout, we pay corporations two, sometimes three times over under the guise of boosting the economy. Predictably, however, the only things boosted are corporate profits, income inequality and ecological disaster.” Corporations are getting […]

Proof ‘local news’ is centrally controlled corporate propaganda

April 1, 2018 Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That’s alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news and spread unified propaganda messaging as showcased here: […]

Watching The Hawks – Corporate Drug Dealing & Oh Deer, Vegans! | Watching The Hawks on RT America |

Watching The Hawks – Corporate Drug Dealing & Oh Deer, Vegans! | Watching The Hawks on RT America | Watching The A new report highlights the staggering levels of price inflation leveled at seniors by Big Pharma. A Canadian restaurant faces a backlash from vegans that sparks a debate over food and animal cruelty. […]

Corporate Feudalism: The End of Nation States

Have you ever read Dune? Set 20,000 years in the future, it tells of a universe controlled by a hodgepodge of corporate and feudal interests. There’s an emperor balanced against a council of noble families. Then there are powerful interests that control trade, interstellar travel and religious mysticism. The interplay between these factions makes […]

Google and Corporate News Giants Forge New Alliance to Defeat Independent Journalism

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – Search engine and advertising monolith Google continued to press its offensive against alternative media this week with an announcement unveiling a new $300 million project called the Google News Initiative. The initiative encompasses a range of new projects announced by the tech giant, which has long been accused of enjoying a […]

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