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The six lowest points of Trump’s corrupt, racist, impeached, ignorant, incompetent clusterfuck of a presidency

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These Are the Fake Jews Who Run the United States: MEDIA, Publishing Houses, Corrupt Our Politicians, Run the CIA, FBI, NSA, Hollywood, etc. Pretty Much ALL Alphabet Agencies Running the Coup on Trump Although One of Theirs-Sheldon Adelson-ZIONIST Funded Trump

by Admin · December 12, 2020 Comments: They call themselves Jews but are not and are the Synagogue of Satan. 00 Hits: 7

Dear Americans: You live in the Most Corrupt Country in the World & This is Why You Are Lined Up at Food Banks

0436December 7, 2020 Volunteers distribute food to people who waited in line in their cars overnight, at a food distribution point in Metairie, La.. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) (Associated Press) The deadly pandemic that tore through the nation’s heartland struck just as Aaron Crawford was in a moment of crisis. He was looking for work, his […]

Corrupt Science and Elite Power: Your Techno-Slavery is Now Imminent

Desultory Heroics By Robert J. Burrowes Do you like to believe that scientists are studying the evidence – whether in relation to Covid-19 or anything else – and delivering high quality knowledge that can be used to guide public policymaking so that it might better serve the interests of ordinary people? It is certainly a […]

It Would Be Great to Defeat These Corrupt Elements Against Trump Although Covid Hoax Vaccine is Not Good Nor Zionism & Rothschild ZIONIST Israel

President Donald J. Trump listens as Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks Friday, Nov. 13, 2020, during an update of Operation Warp Speed in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Delano Scott) By Barbara Boyd While the November 24 mainstream media spouted the Deep State’s unhinged fantasies about how […]

Hungarian Prime Minister: ‘Soros Is One of the Most Corrupt People in the World’

Home » Corruption, Criticism, Europe » Hungarian Prime Minister: ‘Soros Is One of the Most Corrupt People in the World’     Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán lambasted billionaire plutocrat George Soros as “one of the most corrupt people in the world” after he called on the European Union to make Hungary and Poland submit […]

FBI Arrest Corrupt Cincinnati Democrat for Accepting Bribes in Exchange for Votes

FBI agents on Thursday arrested Cincinnati Democrat City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld for illegally accepting bribes in exchange for votes. Thursday’s arrest marks the third arrest on the city’s corrupt council this year. According to Fox19: Charges unveiled against Sittenfeld in his 20-page indictment allege he schemed to funnel money from developers into a political action […]

‘Evil, Corrupt Leftists Want To Tear Down This Nation’ Says Jon Voight

Jon Voight supports Donald Trump’s claim that Joe Biden has falsely declared a victory in the presidential election and warned that the battle of righteousness versus Satan has now begun. Voight said: “My fellow Americans, I stand here with all the feel as I do disgusted with this lie that Biden has been chosen….As if […]

Biden’s EX-Partner Reveals Character of Bidens-TOTALLY CORRUPT!!! Bidens Represent Chinese Communists!

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski: “I remember looking at Jim Biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this? Aren’t you concerned? He looked at me, and he laughed a little bit, and said ‘PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.’” — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) October 28, 2020 October 29, 2020 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Hunter Biden […]

FBI: The Most Corrupt Law Enforcement Agency in Recorded History Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) has fired off a Saturday letter to FBI Director Chris Wray demanding answers over the agency’s handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop. According to the letter, after Johnson released his a report on Hunter Biden’s activities abroad which raised “counterintelligence and extortion concerns,” Johnson’s committee was contacted by […]

Only Massively Corrupt Individuals Rise to the Top of FBI

October 14, 2020 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article How Do Corrupt People Like James Comey Become FBI Director? The criminality of the agency is the criminal problem. Share this page 00 Hits: 6

Corrupt Judges Supporting Armed Hate Groups Paid to Travel Around U.S. and Burn Cities Down (U.S. Becoming Ukraine on Fire)

Sunday, September 06, 2020 by: Ramon TomeyTags: agitators, anarchy, antifa, antifa riots, arrests, Black Lives Matter, black lives matter protests, black lives matter riots, blm protests, blm riots, chaos, civil war, Jeremy Vajko, left cult, lunatics, riots, Snack Van, violence, Washington, Washington D.C.Bypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL2,330VIEWS (Natural News) A protester arrested during Black Lives Matter riots in Washington also joined similar rallies in Portland and Kenosha, police said on Aug. 31. The information came […]

Thanks to COVID-19, the sleazy, corrupt inner workings of the U.S. CDC are being exposed

Wake Up To The Truth (Natural News) There is awar going on within the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and itimplicates the type of data that is collected, the way data isinterpreted, and how data is used to control people’s behaviors.There are corporate and political interestspulling at the CDC from multiple angles. A group […]

Netanyahu may be just as corrupt and disruptive, but he’s no match for Trump in terms of crazy

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Nobody will remove Netanyahu’s corrupt government for us

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Defund The Police Movement Can Learn From Corrupt Gun Trace Task Force

Above photo: GTTF Sgt. Wayne Jenkins during the arrest of Gregory Harding, caught on a body camera. U.S. Attorney’s Office. To understand American policing, the authors of “I Got A Monster” say you need to listen to people who have had their lives ruined by police. “I Got A Monster” is a page turner that’s as […]

Corrupt Vaccine Industry Has The Motive To Stage A Massive False Flag “Outbreak” To Demand Nationwide Vaccine Mandates

The vaccine industry is unique in the fact that the more its products fail, the greater the demand for its faulty products. Simply stated, when vaccines are accidentally distributed with live viruses instead of attenuated (weakened) viruses, they cause the very outbreaks of disease they claim to prevent. Once the outbreak happens, the pharma-funded mainstream […]

President Trump: ‘My Biggest Opponent Isn’t Biden, It’s The Corrupt Media’

“My biggest opponent isn’t Biden. It’s not the Democrats. It’s the corrupt media,” Trump told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” in a phone interview yesterday. “We have a corrupt media in this country.” It’s one truth that should be self-evident to every American, but President Donald Trump still nailed it Monday morning. President Donald Trump […]

Italian Corrupt Senate Revokes Salvini’s Parliamentary Immunity So He Can Stand Trial for Blocking African Invasion

    Italian senators have backed stripping far-right leader Matteo Salvini of his parliamentary immunity. It means Salvini could now face a trial for allegedly illegally detaining migrants at sea. It’s in relation to a case last year when he refused to let a rescue ship carrying scores of migrants dock at the Italian island […]

Corrupt Vaccine Execs Rake in $1 Billion (& Set to Make More Billions)

by Tyler DurdenMon, 07/27/2020 – 15:13TwitterFacebookRedditEmailPrint With the race to find a vaccine for COVID-19 in full effect, biotech executives and other insiders from at least 11 companies have made hand over fist – raking in over $1 billion in stock sales after announcing positive developments, according to the New York Times. In some cases, company insiders are profiting from […]

May You Live in Stupid, Corrupt and yet Fascinating Times

In the old days, America’s top spies would complete their tenures at the CIA or one of the other Washington puzzle palaces and segue to more ordinary pursuits. Some wrote their memoirs. One ran for president. Another died a few months after surrendering his post. But today’s national-security establishment retiree has a different […]

Independent journalism investigation reveals the CDC to be hopelessly corrupt when it comes to vaccine safety research

(Natural News) More damning truths about corruption at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been uncovered by investigators from the World Mercury Project, revealing that the nation’s top public health agency has been actively working alongside criminal elements to hide the facts about the dangers of vaccines. Information […]

The USA is the most corrupt country on the planet says new research paper

The USA is the most corrupt country on the planet says new research paper Redacted Tonight Lee Camp explains why the USA may be the most corrupt nation on Earth and expresses his disgust at how corporate media has just discovered the existence of Cambridge Analytica, about a year too late. John F O’Donnell shows […]

Top Ten Signs the US Is the Most Corrupt Nation in the World

Those ratings that castigate Afghanistan and some other poor countries as hopelessly “corrupt” always imply that the United States is not corrupt. This year’s report from Transparency International puts the US on a par with Austria, which is ridiculous. All kinds of people from politicians to businessmen would go to jail in Austria today if they engaged in practices […]

Report: US And Switzerland, Two Most Corrupt Countries In World

Tax Justice Network Reveals the Ranking of Corrupt Countries In this era of “post-truth” – and even much earlier – it has become more evident than ever that one thing is to preach transparency, rights, fairness, the rule of law, etc., and quite a different thing is to apply these principles to oneself. See what’s […]

Corrupt Gun Unit Shows Why Policing Can’t Be Reformed

Corrupt Gun Unit Shows Why Policing Can’t Be Reformed Above Photo: From STEPHEN JANIS: This is Stephen Janis reporting for The Real News Network in Baltimore City, Maryland. With the revelations of corruption in the Gun Trace Task Force, we talked to Dr. Lawrence Brown of Morgan State University about the future of policing. […]

Switzerland & United States Are The World’s Most Corrupt Nations

“Switzerland is the grandfather of the world’s tax havens, one of the world’s largest offshore financial centers, and one of the world’s biggest secrecy jurisdictions or tax havens,” said the group’s report ‘Financial Secrecy Index — 2018 Results’. It explained that “the Swiss will exchange information with rich countries if they have to, but […]

Corrupt FBI, DOJ officials committed TREASON, warns lawmaker; James Comey could face DEATH penalty

(Natural News) The shocking revelations uncovered in yesterday’s release of the FISA memo reveal a pattern of treason among top officials at the FBI and DOJ, warns  Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona. The FISA memo documented how the most powerful law enforcement elements of the United States government were weaponized under President […]

Attorney General: No More ‘Free Passes’ For Corrupt Clintons

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has warned the Clinton “there will be no more free passes” given to them during the new email investigation. Following the recent announcement that the Department of Justice will reopen the Clinton email investigation, senior figures within the FBI and DoJ have been briefed not to allow the Clintons escape justice […]

Mass protests in Honduras asking for the removal of ‘the corrupt’ who stole election

     “The people won’t stand for this dictatorship,” said former Opposition Alliance presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla. Despite heavy rains, an estimated 80,000 Honduran opposition supporters marched in San Pedro Sula on Saturday to protest what they call a “fradulent” presidential election. Surrounded by his supporters, former presidential candidate for the Opposition Alliance Salvador Nasralla told […]

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