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Strong, dry winds spark fires around the country

Unusually strong and dry winds have sparked fires across the country, with firefighting units on alert nationwide on Monday. A blaze in a factory at the Barkan Industrial Zone in the northern West Bank led to the evacuation of the site and closure of roads nearby. Another fire in the village of Yesodot, east of […]

The Democrats Have the Country on a Slippery Slope

The fake “whistleblower’s name— Eric Ciamerella—has been known for a long time, but not officially. Now it is official. Senator Rand Paul has officially released his name. Funny, isn’t it, that only the Republicans want Ciamerella to testify. The Democrats won’t hear of it. See this. If the American people are paying attention, the Democrats […]

The Test Of A Country Is Not The Number Of Millionaires It Owns…

The Test Of A Country Is Not The Number Of Millionaires It Owns… Above Photo: From Dear Friends, Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. The young woman walks down the highway. She carries the Iraqi flag. She wants to live in a country where her aspirations can be met and […]

Russian MoD: Washington Loots Syrian Oil And Transports It Outside Country

Russian MoD: Washington Loots Syrian Oil And Transports It Outside Country Above Photo: From Moscow, SANA- Russian Defense Ministry affirmed that what Washington does in Syria is a looting and burglary on a state level. Commenting on satellite images that were taken last September and are now being published by the ministry, Major General […]

Assad from Idlib: This Battle is Key to End Chaos, Terrorism in the Entire Country

By Staff Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad made a surprise visit to Idlib countryside where he met Syrian Arab Army personnel on frontlines of al-Habit town. Assad stressed that Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a thief who stole factories, wheat and oil, and he is today stealing the land, in reference to Turkey’s last week […]

Transit only: US troops pulled out of Syria & moved to Iraq are now asked OUT of the country

Hundreds of military vehicles carrying American troops crossed into the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq in a long convoy on Monday. Turkey to resume assault on Kurds in Syria with ‘more determination’ if US doesn’t keep its promises – Erdogan The Iraqi statement adds more uncertainty to a vision of what will actually happen to […]

Israel prepares to turn Bedouin citizens into refugees in their own country

The decades-long struggle by tens of thousands of Israelis against being uprooted from their homes – some for the second or third time – should be proof enough that Israel is not the western-style liberal democracy it claims to be. Last week 36,000 Bedouin – all of them Israeli citizens – discovered that their state […]

The Global Left Can Learn A Lot From This Tiny Country

The Global Left Can Learn A Lot From This Tiny Country Above Photo: Portuguese Prime Minister and Socialist Party leader Antonio Costa raises his fist during a campaign rally in Lisbon, Portugal. (Armando Franca / AP) There’s a place in the West where a smattering of anti-austerity, pro-immigration, pro-public-spending left-wing parties are not only in power, but […]

The U.S. Led Coup Attempt In Iraq May Further Weaken That Country

The U.S. Led Coup Attempt In Iraq May Further Weaken That Country Above Photo: Lt. General Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, center, commander for the Iraqi counterterrorism forces’ operation to re-take Fallujah from Islamic State militants, directs his forces outside the city Friday, June 3, 2016. (AP Photo/ Khalid Mohammed) The current unrest in Iraq began a week ago after a […]

Australian PM: Globalist Elite Will NOT Control Our Country

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vowed that his country will not be a puppet controlled by “unaccountable globalist bodies” like the United Nations and will never “take orders from a border-less global community.” The Australian Prime Minister slammed the United Nations on Thursday, saying he did not want to see global organizations interfering in the […]

UK settles Iranian bank’s damages claim via 3rd country to sidestep US sanctions – reports

Iran’s largest private bank, in which the Iranian government owns a 20 percent stake, sued the UK government over sanctions it imposed back in 2009. The bank had originally sought $3.9 billion in damages, but the sum was reportedly later decreased to $1.6 billion with interest. Media reports state that the payment was conducted late this […]

Is China the Country of the Future? By Patrick J. Buchanan

“Under Xi Jinping, the mask of benign giant has slipped and the menacing face of 21st-century China is being revealed, for its people, its neighbors, and the world to see.” With the fall of the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek, the defeat of his armies and the flight to Formosa, that was the question of […]

Denmark Buys Last Remaining Circus Elephants in the Country for $1.6 Million to Let Them Retire

Denmark plans to ban the use of all wild animals in circuses later this year In preparation for a total ban on forcing wild animals to perform in circuses, Denmark has purchased the four remaining circus elephants in the country so they can live their final days in peace. The country bought the animals from […]

5 Stories the Media Ignored While Dividing the Country With Greta Thunberg

By Matt Agorist The term pedophrasty is a relatively new word — not currently accepted by an official dictionary — but that has a powerful meaning in today’s political and media environment. Pedophrasty is an “argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as people are defenseless […]

How the UK Security Services neutralised the country’s leading liberal newspaper

   The Guardian, Britain’s leading liberal newspaper with a global reputation for independent and critical journalism, has been successfully targeted by security agencies to neutralise its adversarial reporting of the ‘security state’, according to newly released documents and evidence from former and current Guardian journalists. The UK security services targeted The Guardian after the newspaper […]

Why the Protestors of Hong Kong Are Destroying the Prosperity of Their Country

Martin SIEFF September 14, 2019 The people of Hong Kong enjoy one of the highest standards of livings of any city across continental Asia. Since peacefully being reabsorbed into mainland China in 1997, they have confounded endless Western Prophets of Doom: These falsely claimed that Beijing would not maintain its solemn undertakings for peace and security […]

Truth: Pakistani interior minister confesses that country’s ruling elite have ‘destroyed the country’ by conducting terrorism for the West

Comment: This is the kind of insight that is rarely articulated by elites anywhere; their culpability in wrecking their own country. As a member of PM Khan’s cabinet, we can assume the interior minister had the blessing of his boss to say this…    Pakistan’s interior minister claims the “ruling elite” has “destroyed the country” […]

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s Search for “A Normal Country”. Beware of Russia and China Attempts to “Disrupt the International Order”

In delivering his first major policy-speech since being sworn in as US Defense Secretary in July, Mark Esper said in London on September 6th that the United States’ European allies needed to be wary of developing closer ties with China. “The more dependent a country becomes on Chinese investment and trade, the more susceptible they […]

Early snow covers Wyoming’s high country

   It’s still officially summer according to the Farmer’s Almanac , but you wouldn’t know it looking at pictures from some of Wyoming’s higher elevations. The National Weather Service in Riverton posted a still from a WYDOT webcam showing a good amount of snow at Togwotee Pass between Dubois and Jackson on Wednesday afternoon. In […]

‘Ruling elite destroyed the country’: Interior minister claims Pakistan has failed on Kashmir issue

“People do not believe us in the international community. We say they [India] impose curfew and are not giving medicines to people of Jammu and Kashmir. People do not believe us, but they believe them,” Interior Minister Brigadier Ijaz Ahmed Shah said during a Hum News talk show appearance on Wednesday evening.  The ruling elite […]

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