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Saudi women & foreign couples now allowed to rent rooms as kingdom parts with medieval laws

Before the new reforms, foreign men and women had to prove they were related if they wanted to shack up together in the kingdom. The new policy will also apply to Saudi women, who were previously prohibited from renting hotel rooms by themselves. Saudi nationals will still be required to show family ID or proof […]

Hungary Gov’t to Give Married Couples €30,000 If They Have 3 Children

Hungary is now offering to give €30,600 to married couples who have three or more children, in a bid to boost the country’s population. This is how it works; A married couple will receive a €30,600 loan from the government upon getting married. The loan then has to be repaid until the couple has three […]

No, Apple, we don’t need 72 different emojis to represent gay, straight & lesbian couples in 5 races

On Wednesday, World Emoji Day, the two California companies revealed their expanded repertoire of “newest designs that bring even more diversity to the keyboard.” Seventy-two new iOS emojis of couples holding hands, instead of a generic symbol. Thus, a blonde woman with a blond man, a blonde woman with a tan skinned man, a blonde […]

Google censors "white couples" from image search as part of racist, anti-white "fairness" initiative

(Natural News) We’ve uncovered yet another social justice scheme being perpetrated by Google that involves censoring images of white people from search queries for “white couples.” To go along with the company’s nefarious efforts to steer people away from eating organic food and taking dietary supplements, Google is now trying to memory […]

Elizabeth Warren Demands Reparations for Gay Couples

Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has ramped up left-wing virtue-signaling to another level, and is now calling for reparations to be paid to gay couples in America. After a week of endless debates about reparations for slavery, Senator Elizabeth Warren decided to up the ante and outdo her opponents by seeking reparations for another group […]

Top EU court rules gay couples have equal residency rights regardless of country’s marriage laws

The highly publicized case began in 2012 when Romanian LGBT activist, Adrian Coman, and his US partner, Robert Clabourn Hamilton, who were legally married in Belgium in 2010, attempted to relocate to Coman’s home country. ‘Support gay marriage’: Cake row case to be heard at Supreme Court Romania doesn’t allow same-sex marriage so immigration authorities […]

Mohawk Community’s Law Against Mixed Couples Ruled Unconstitutional

Graeme Hamilton, Montreal Gazette, 30 April 2018 A controversial membership law that requires residents of the Mohawk reserve of Kahnawake to move out if they marry a non-native violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a court ruled Monday. The ruling by Quebec Superior Court Justice Thomas Davis declares that a 37-year-old rule invoked […]

Elusive supermassive black hole ‘couples’ discovered by NASA (VIDEO)

The ‘couples’ form when two galaxies collide and merge with each other, forcing their supermassive black holes close together. READ MORE: Black hole 100,000 times bigger than sun discovered near center of Milky Way  Five black hole ‘couples’ were identified by astronomers using a combination of data from a number of telescopes, including NASA’s Chandra […]

Colombia’s Congress rejects referendum on gay couples’ right to adopt

nsnbc : Colombia’s Congress has rejected a referendum that sought to repeal a controversial Constitutional Court ruling that allows gay couples to adopt children. […]

Explaining Israel’s separate and unequal education system

With all the recent events in Europe and the Middle East, you would think Israeli officials would be very busy keeping tabs on events in the neighborhood. But no, they are keeping faithful to their non-interference policies. They stay doggedly focused on issues of justice and equality within the country. That is why the other […]

Israeli-born economist confirmed head of Brazil’s Central Bank: Zio-Watch, May 16-17, 2016

Former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger visiting Fox Business Network at FOX Studios, Dec. 18, 2015, in New York City. (John Lamparski/Getty Images) (JTA) — Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential front-runner, reportedly will meet with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The meeting, first reported by the Washington Post, is scheduled to […]

Earthquake Hits Afghanistan, Casualties Reported In Pakistan

Old Soviet T-62 tank A powerful earthquake has struck north-east Afghanistan close to the border with Tajikistan. Strong tremors were felt in Pakistan, Tajikistan and India, as far away as New Delhi, with reports of casualties and damages. RT reports: The quake had a depth of 210km and took pace 39km from the town of […]

3 Subjects Schools Should Teach To Improve The World

Children spend a vast portion of their lives inside educational institutions. From a very young age, we are put into schools and told how the world works, learning to absorb information rather than question it over the course of many years. We memorize enormous amounts of information, much of it irrelevant to our future lives, with the goal […]

Elderly Woman Tasered, Her Arm Broken, for Not Removing Her Earrings Fast Enough [Video]

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Chattanooga, TN — When 60-year-old Nancy Mason was in the process of being booked into the Hamilton County, Tennessee, jail on theft charges she refused to remove her earrings quickly enough setting off a violent chain of events. For not complying fast enough, Sheriff’s […]

Qatar wedges in Saudi-Iranian diplomatic rift

“Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled today Qatar’s Ambassador to Tehran following the attacks on the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tehran and general consulate in Mashhad,” said Director of Asian affairs department at the Qatari foreign ministry, Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Hamar. Qatar has also handed over a protest note to […]

College Professor, Students Sport Yellow Jewish Stars to ‘Protest Islamophobia’

From: A University of San Diego professor and her students have raised eyebrows in the pro-Israel community after they led a protest this week against anti-Muslim rhetoric by wearing yellow Jewish star badges like those used by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. Bahar Davary, an Iranian-American associate professor of […]

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