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U.S. Supreme Court Squashes Telecom Challenge to Berkeley, CA Cell Phone Right to Know Ordinance

By B.N. Frank In 2012, then Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the federal “Cell Phone Right to Know” Act.  It was endorsed by many health experts including the American Academy of Pediatrics but, unfortunately, it wasn’t passed.  Regardless, for many years, Berkeley, CA residents pursued their own “Cell Phone Right to Know” ordinance.  Despite telecom […]

FBI Didn’t Tell Surveillance Court That Carter Page Was "Operational Contact" For CIA With "Positive Assessment"

Authored by Chuck Ross via National Interest, The FBI failed to inform surveillance court judges that Carter Page was an “operational contact” for the CIA for years, and that an employee at the spy agency gave the former Trump aide a “positive assessment,” according to a Justice Department report released Monday. The finding is included […]

FBI Didn’t Tell Surveillance Court That Carter Page Was ‘Operational Contact’ For CIA With ‘Positive Assessment’

The report said the FBI “omitted” information it obtained from another U.S. government agency about its prior relationship with Page. The agency approved Page as an “operational contact” from 2008 to 2013, according to the report. “Page had provided information to the other agency concerning his prior contacts with certain Russian intelligence […]

Top Court Rules Cops Can No Longer Stop People After Claiming to Smell Marijuana

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Maryland — In case after infuriating case, the Free Thought Project has reported on instances of horrifying rights violations all stemming from a police officer claiming to smell a plant. We have seen both women and men sodomized and raped — often times in public — as […]

Supreme Court judge Neal Hendel said to agree to head Central Election Committee

Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel has agreed to head the Central Elections Committee if fresh elections are called this week, a report said Sunday. Chief Justice Esther Hayut offered the post to Hendel, who would be replacing Justice Hanan Melcer, who presided over the two inconclusive elections this year, in April and September, the Haaretz […]

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Holds Hearing on Afghanistan War Crimes, Including US Torture

The current hearing will examine allegations that US troops and intelligence operatives tortured, raped and abused Afghan prisoners between 2003 and 2004. *** The International Criminal Court (ICC) opened a three-day hearing in the The Hague, Netherlands on Wednesday at which prosecutors and Afghan torture victims are attempting to convince the court to overturn a […]

Israeli Supreme Court Approved “Child Trafficking” of Muslim Children

Israeli Supreme Court Approved “Child Trafficking” of Muslim Children March 10, 2017 Richard Silverstein wrote in Tikkun OLam in 2015: The child welfare system in Israel is draconian, arbitrary, capricious and all-powerful.  It marshalls state power to an antiquated notion of normative cultural and family values.  If you do not fit the consensus definition of […]

When I Say ‘Literally’ I Don’t Mean ‘Literally’: Rachel Maddow Defends Her Fake News In Court

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is in court dealing with a $10 million legal action from One America News after the conservative network accused her of spreading defamatory fake news about them. Though the court hearings have just begun, things are getting ugly quick for the Russian collusion hoax’s most enthusiastic disseminator. According to Rachel Maddow, […]

Court Of Appeal Told That UK Government Rules On Gender-Neutral Passports Are ‘Unlawful’

The British government’s rules on gender-neutral passports are “unlawful” and breach human rights, Judges at the Court of Appeal have heard. Judges are hearing the case of campaigner Christie Elan-Cane, who was born female but identifies as ‘non-gendered, wants passports to have an “X” category for those who do not identify as either male nor […]

British teenager details to court her rape by Israeli tourists

British teenager details to court her rape by Israeli tourists Source Article from Related Posts UAE said readying to open doors to Israeli tourists, starting with 2020 Expo The United Arab Emirates intends to allow Israeli tourists to freely visit the country and Olympic fever? Tourists may be unaware Japan IMPORTED Ebola in preparation […]

President Trump to Ask Supreme Court to Halt Unconstitutional Democrat Impeachment

President Trump has threatened to take Democrats to the Supreme Court to stop their unconstitutional impeachment coup against him. “Just landed in the United Kingdom, heading to London for NATO meetings tomorrow. Prior to landing I read the Republicans Report on the Impeachment Hoax. Great job! Radical Left has NO CASE. Read the Transcripts. Shouldn’t […]

Supreme Court Set to Hear First Second Amendment Case in Nearly a Decade

By Sean Walton The Supreme Court on Monday is set to wade into the highly charged gun control debate for the first time in nearly a decade, hearing oral arguments in a dispute over a New York City gun restriction that could have major implications for gun rights nationwide. The court has steadfastly declined to […]

Bolsonaro Denounced Before International Criminal Court

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Multilateralism or International Law?, by Thierry Meyssan The Paris Peace Forum: as always, excellent staging and performance by President Emmanuel Macron, but The International Criminal Court (ICC) Holds Hearing on Afghanistan War Crimes, Including US Torture The current hearing will examine allegations that US troops […]

Hunter Biden Asks Court to Seal All His Shady Financial Records

Hunter Biden has asked a court to seal all of his financial records to spare himself public “embarrassment,” according to newly filed court documents. Biden filed the motion for a Protective Order of his financial records in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence on Wednesday, citing fears that his dodgy financial records would be used […]

Court ban for Birmingham LGBT lesson protesters does nothing to address their concerns, or their lack of integration

Banning stuff is the surest way to ensure that, whatever it is that has been outlawed, it will continue to grow in popularity, nourished by the notoriety and suddenly a magnet to those who may not have been attracted by it as Version 1.0. So while it’s a good thing that the aggressive mob of […]

Russian court to hear appeal of jailed Israeli-American backpacker

A Russian court will hear the appeal next month of an Israeli-American backpacker sentenced to over seven years in prison after marijuana was found in her luggage during a stopover in Moscow. Naama Issachar’s hearing is scheduled for December 12, Russian media reports said. Issachar was sentenced in Russia last month to seven and a […]

Seemingly killing PM’s immunity hopes, Liberman says cases must go to court

Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman said Monday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictments must be ruled on in court, signaling he would not support efforts for the Knesset to grant Netanyahu parliamentary immunity. “I hope that at the end of this process the prime minister will come out clean as snow but the only place […]

Victory: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Police Can’t Force You to Tell Them Your Password

By Andrew Crocker The Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a forceful opinion today holding that the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from being forced to disclose the passcode to their devices to the police. In a 4-3 decision in Commonwealth v. Davis, the court found that disclosing a password is “testimony” protected by […]

Court green-lights police searches of Netanyahu aides’ phones

The Tel Aviv District Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by two close aides to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that sought to block a warrant allowing police to obtain the information contained on their phones. The court green-lighted the police searches of the devices in the investigation into alleged witness tampering. Following the ruling, Likud […]

Supreme Court rules gun maker may be held responsible for death of children in mass shooting, even though VACCINE makers have zero liability

(Natural News) In response to liberal anti-gun hysteria, the United States Supreme Court has decided to allow a lawsuit filed by the alleged victims of the Sandy Hook massacre to move forward in suing Remington Arms Co., the manufacturer of the firearms supposedly used by Adam Lanza to commit mass murder. Rejecting […]

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