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Crash of Army Watchkeeper drone embarrasses UK MOD

Reports that one of the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) flagship drones crashed after it “landed beyond its planned touchdown point” will do little to assuage concerns about British Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) programmes.  The drone in question, a Watchkeeper WK050, reportedly crashed in June 2018, but details relating to the incident have only just […]

Trade War Chaos: Trump’s Tariffs Crash American RV Industry 

Trade war crosscurrents have damaged the American manufacturing sector, and within, a lot of stress is building up in the RV industry, according to discussions with industry insiders and economists, along with data showing a sharp sales decline amid increasing costs, reported Reuters. The industry has taken a massive blow from President Trump’s tariffs on […]

Deutsche Bank Collapse Could Crash Global Financial Markets

By Avi Mizrahi German financial services giant Deutsche Bank AG is one of the largest and most important economic institutions in the world. Mainly due to self-imposed scandals, the bank is now having to taking drastic measures to stay afloat. Investors everywhere should note that if such a critical piece of the too-big-to-fail banking system […]

Fiery Tampa Tesla Crash Sends Three To Hospital After Other Drivers "Pulled Them To Safety"

This story is developing.  A crash in Tampa on Thursday night is being investigated and has resulted in “a Tesla going up in flames”, according to an ABC Action News Tampa Bay report.  Video from the scene shows the front of the car engulfed in flames as the Tesla sits on the side of the road […]

Blain: Is Boeing About To Trigger The Next Market Crash

Blain’s morning porridge, submitted by Bill Blain All eyes on what Powell tells Washington today, but a number of Porridge Readers called to tell me I’m wrong about summer risks! They think my expectation for a long worried nervous but stable summer before markets are bailed out by accommodative central banks in late Q3 is […]

Would-be first black African in space dies in motorcycle crash

Mandla, 30, from a township outside Pretoria, beat a million other entrants from 75 countries to win a trip to space, as one of a group of 23 who will take part in an hour-long, 103-kilometer (64-mile) suborbital flight aboard the Lynx Mark II craft to the edge of space.  The young part-time DJ and […]

Billionaire Cline, six others, dead in helicopter crash

Chris Cline, the billionaire mining entrepreneur and coal tycoon and benefactor to southern West Virginia, and a reported six others died in a helicopter crash early Thursday in the waters off the coast of the Bahamas, friends of Cline reported to The Register-Herald on Thursday afternoon. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice confirmed […]

New Home Sales Crash In May To Weakest Since 2018

After existing-home-sales rebounded modestly in May, hope was high that lower mortgage rates would spark a renaissance in the US housing market… but a shocking 7.8% crash in new home sales in May has blown that narrative out of the water. Against expectations of a 1.6% MoM rise, new home sales plunged 7.8% in May […]

Two Eurofighters crash over eastern Germany, pilots eject

Two Eurofighter warplanes crashed in northeastern Germany after a mid-air collision on Monday, the German air force said, adding that both pilots had managed to use their ejector seats. The jets, belonging to the German armed forces, crashed near the Laage military base in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the air force added on […]

2 Eurofighter jets crash into each other over Germany (VIDEO)

The two German Air Force warplanes collided in the air over the small town of Malchow, located some 80km away from the German city of Schwerin. “The Eurofighter [jets] collided in the air and then crashed,” a military spokesman told Der Spiegel magazine. According to the Defense Ministry, one of the jets crashed in a wooded […]

Provoking Iran Could Start a War and Crash the Entire World Economy

Tensions in the Persian Gulf are reaching a point of no return. In recent weeks, six oil tankers have been subjected to Israeli sabotage disguised to look like Iranian attacks to induce the United States to take military action against the Islamic Republic. Some days ago Iran rightfully shot out of the sky a US Drone. […]

LOS ANGELES LOST: How did a major American city crash and burn?

    ‘Collapse of a city that’s lost control’: Shocking new pictures from downtown LA capture the huge problem it faces with trash and rats amid fear of typhoid fever outbreak among LAPD A decision to not cap property that homeless people can keep on Skid Row was announced last Wednesday It sparked fury among […]

Witnesses To The Car Crash Say Princess Diana’s Death Was NO Accident

An American couple who witnessed the car crash which killed Princess Diana say her death was ‘no accident.’ Robin and Jack Firestone claim they continue to live in fear for their lives years after reporting seeing two mysterious dark cars at the scene of the crash. The Firestone’s are living in a gated complex because […]

Why Fantasy-Based Claims Always Crash & Burn: The Big Picture About UFOs & Extraterrestrials

The Facts: A number of scientists, doctors and published peer reviewed research have clearly shown the health effects of EMF radiation. So why is it being ridicule by the mainstream? Why does it continued to go ignored? Reflect On: How are these technologies able to be approved without any safety . testing, what’s going on […]

US PMIs Crash As Business Confidence Collapses To 7 Year Lows

Following disappointments in Europe’s PMI this morning (with Germany slumping even further, and seeing IFO hit a 4.5 year low), preliminary May data for US PMIs were expected to rebound very modestly after its recent collapse. But both Manufacturing and Services PMI slumped again in May: Flash U.S. Composite Output Index at 50.9 (53.0 in […]

Goldman: If The VIX Surges On A Small Selloff, What Would It Do In A Crash?

One of the more remarkable dislocations in the market in recent weeks, was the abnormally sharp spike in the VIX (implied vol) even as realized vol, and the drop in underlying stocks, remained rather muted. Indeed, as BofA noted in “dude, where’s my melt up“, despite a relatively low VIX for much of 2019, implied […]

Four killed in minibus crash near Modiin

Four men were killed and 9 people were injured when a minibus belonging to the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority collided into a guardrail on Route 443 near Modiin in central Israel on Thursday, medics said. The 10 wounded were lightly to moderately hurt, according to the Magen David Adom rescue service. According to eyewitnesses, the vehicle […]

There’s no stopping the coming market crash!

    The Crash In US Economic Fundamentals Is Accelerating Brandon Smith When looking at the health of an economic system it is impossible to gauge growth or stability by only taking two or three indicators into account. The problem is, this is exactly what central banks and governments tend to do. In fact, […]

Before Roswell: The 1941 Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO Crash With Extraterrestrial Bodies

The Facts: The National Order of Biologists made a €10,000 donation to a group that questions the safety of vaccines. The Infanrix Hexa vaccine was the first one tested, and results showed no trance of antigens and a high level of contamination. Reflect On: Why is this not big news? Why does the vaccine not […]

‘Financial terrorism’ suspected in 2008 economic crash according to Pentagon study

The Ugly Truth ed note– Kevin Freeman, the ‘contractor’ listed in the story who was commissioned and paid by the Pentagon to compile the report on the attack on the financial system of the US in mid-September 2008 is listed as a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, a NeoCon think tank with […]

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