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US Universities Creating Social-Credit-Style COVID-Surveillance System

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, Three US universities are responding to the coronavirus crisis by creating (irony of all ironies) a Chinese style social credit surveillance system that will ‘score’ people based on their exposure to the virus. According to a report from Tech site dot.LA, researchers at the University of Southern California, Emory University, and […]

Creating The Enemies They Need: Militarism’s Strange Bedfellows

Creating The Enemies They Need: Militarism’s Strange Bedfellows Above photo: Gints Ivuskans / Listen to America’s imperial proconsuls long enough and they often let slip something approaching truth — perhaps exceptionalist confession is more accurate. Take Admiral Craig S. Faller, commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), with responsibility for all of Latin America. Just before […]

Google Scientists Are Creating an Artificial Intelligence That Evolves on Its Own

By Jake Anderson One of the biggest global players in artificial intelligence (AI) is Google and their high-tech Brain division has been pushing the envelope for years. Now scientists working for their AutoML project have a new paper in which they claim to be developing algorithms that can evolve on their own without human input. […]

Creating a Plague to Treat a Virus

Op-Ed by Brian Keenan We are becoming beggars of our own demise. As the country and the world focus on the Wuhan coronavirus, the determining factor for all public policy is on trying to make sure people aren’t physically infected. The goal is to prevent as many infections and deaths as possible. While noble, this […]

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times Nailed them, with their own words. In this article, I’ll present quotes from official sources about their own diagnostic test for the coronavirus. I’m talking about fatal flaws in the test. Because case numbers are based on those tests (or no tests at all), the whole “pandemic effect” has been created […]

‘Pandemic drones’: Creating a police state?

Eyes in the Sky. Photo: Bagus Indahono/EPA People in Western Australia may soon see more than birds in the sky, as the state’s police force have announced plans to deploy drones to enforce social distancing. The drones will visit parks, beaches and cafe strips, ensuring people comply with the most recent round of gathering rules. […]

From Cluster Bombs to Toxic Waste: Saudi Arabia is Creating the Next Fallujah in Yemen

AL-JAWF, YEMEN — As the world’s focus turns to the rapidly-spreading COVID-19 pandemic, Yemenis are reeling from their own brewing tragedy, contending with the thousands of cluster bombs, landmines and other exploded munitions that now litter their homeland. Just yesterday, a young child was killed and another was injured in the al-Ghail district of al-Jawf when a […]

Massive Trump Fail: DHS creating infection Hotzones in engineered airport chaos

Powermad thugs led by incompetent bureaucrats, stoked by a White House in love with both fake drama and totalitarianism is now spreading COVID 19 through a clearly engineered airport disaster.  As Americans are required to flood back into the country or be “locked out” abroad, 13 airports are piling infected and soon to be infected […]

The Fed "Is Complicit In Creating Fragilities In The System"

Authored by Richard Breslow via Bloomberg, When the Fed cut interest rates this week, everyone had an opinion about it. The economy needs it to fend off recession. The economy has been hanging in well and they shouldn’t have rushed to spend dwindling monetary policy resources. They were responding to the stock market. They were […]

Creating a New Way of Being in a Time of Uncertainty

February 27th, 2020 By Vanessa LeBlanc Guest Writer for Wake Up World We are in a time when we are facing two emerging realities. One is a course set by destructive thought which is leading us to, well, you know where. A place where our society lacks fundamental values, our unique perspectives are censored and […]

The Valley of Death: the Saudi Coalition is Creating a Living Nightmare for African Migrants in Yemen

YEMEN-SAUDI BORDER — Hoping for a better life, 32-year-old Hermala left Jimma, a poor farming district in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, and set out towards Saudi Arabia. He faced unspeakable dangers along the journey, including death at sea, torture, and abuse in chasing what would ultimately remain an unfulfilled dream. Over the course of the nearly […]

Scientists Are Creating Solar Panels That Can Be Sprayed on Homes, Bridges, and Skyscrapers

(TMU) — A research team at the University of Central Florida has successfully used artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a special liquid called “perovskite” which they hope can eventually be used to create spray-on solar cells. The new development, dubbed “perovskite solar cells” (PSCs), is being hailed as a potential game-changer in terms of how […]

Physicists Are Creating Lasers Powerful Enough to Rip Holes in the Fabric of Reality

Jake Anderson, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times People generally balk at the idea of scientists experimenting with and manipulating certain pillars of physical reality, whether that be gene splicing, artificial intelligence, or nuclear fusion. But in the last couple of decades, a new twist on this modern Island of Dr. Moreau-style narrative has surfaced in the […]

Hong Kong police retrieve PISTOL & 100+ live rounds for 1st time aimed at ‘creating chaos’

Hong Kong police have carried out raids early on Sunday, as the city braces for another wave of protests against the local and Beijing government. In wake of the searches, officers found an Austrian-made Glock pistol and four magazines, three of which were loaded with a total of 105 live rounds. Glock is particularly valued by police and security […]

After creating the world’s most dangerous and evil tech company, Google founders leave, turning it over to fascists who hate humanity

(Natural News) In what may come as a shock to many, Google co-founder Larry Page, the longtime CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, along with fellow Google co-founder Sergey Brin, have announced their resignation from the world’s most dangerous and evil tech company amid ongoing probes into Google’s censorship agenda. Google […]

“Nukes on the loose” in Turkey? Or is Deep State creating another anti-Trump drama?

  A US Air Force F15 fighter jet takes off at Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey, Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015. (AP Photo)   US said considering plan to remove nukes from Turkish base near Syrian border American military believed to keep some 50 tactical nuclear bombs at Incirlik in southern Turkey; official says bombs […]

Good idea! Physicists are creating lasers that would be powerful enough to rip holes in the fabric of reality

   New technology could allow a high-velocity laser to pierce “through [the] fabric of the Universe.” People generally balk at the idea of scientists experimenting with and manipulating certain pillars of physical reality, whether that be gene splicing, artificial intelligence, or nuclear fusion. But in the last couple of decades, a new twist on this […]

Since when is shutting down traffic and creating gridlock good for the environment?

(Natural News) The youth climate mafia has come up with a brilliant new way to stop climate change: by illegally blocking traffic and causing traffic jams that force drivers to idle their vehicles indefinitely, pumping gobs of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. During the recent “climate strike” and “global week of […]

Stop creating a generation of depressed, French minister urges Greta Thunberg

Jean-Michel Blanquer said he was not sure if Thunberg had been manipulated by someone after her performance at the United Nations, but what he was sure of was that he wants her to stop being so bleak and making everyone miserable. “One shouldn’t create the generation of people depressed over the subject of climate change,” […]

Israeli pundit accuses US of creating Al-Qaeda, defends Iran

   Yakov Kedmi, public figure, and an Israeli defense and geopolitical expert: “As for the first terrorist organizations and Al-Qaeda when it operated in Chechnya, and when Al-Khattab, funded by bin Laden, was organizing training camps for terrorists in Chechnya, they didn’t just turn a blind eye to that. They watched it in amusement, they […]

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