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Thousands of Swedes Are Getting Microchip Implants to Replace Cash & Credit Cards

Thousands of people in Sweden are implanting microchips into their skin in order to replace credit cards and cash. The disturbing new trend has grown over the last few years, with as many as 4,000 Swedes now implanted with the futuristic chips – which are about the size of a grain of rice. “It’s very […]

INSTEX without credit not acceptable to Iran: Deputy FM

As a preliminary step, and a means for trade between Iran and Europe, INSTEX is a good initiative, Abbas Araghchi said referring to the financial channel—Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges— the European signatories to the nuclear deal had undertaken to provide Iran with such a means. However, the implementation of the initiative has taken […]

Europe to announce first credit line for Instex: WSJ

A new report in the Wall Street Journal has suggested that the three European parties to a landmark nuclear deal with Iran are to announce their first practical effort to save a special mechanism for trade with the country amid growing economic sanctions imposed by the United States on Tehran. The Thursday report by […]

Amazon Launches Credit Card For Deadbeats

Submitted by Nick Colas of DataTrek Research Amazon launched a new credit card offering today for individuals with bad/no credit. If disruptive innovation always starts with addressing the low end of a market (and it does…) then this move merits attention. If anyone has the technological horsepower to crack the low end of the financial […]

How to Get a Loan With Bad Credit in 2019

It is said that the limitations we face are the ones placed by ourselves. This is also the case when it comes to seeking finances. You may have already locked yourself out of getting a loan because you have a bad credit score. It’s still possible to get a loan […]

Credit Flashes Warning For Stocks As Investor Outflows Soar

It seems the warnings from PIMCO’s Scott Mather that: “We have probably the riskiest credit market that we have ever had” in terms of size, duration, quality and lack of liquidity, Mather said, adding that the current situation compares risk to mid-2000s, just before the global financial crisis,” are being reflected in pricing and flows. […]

Recession Alert: Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 8-Year Highs

May 10, 2019 By Mac Slavo When the average everyday American begins to have trouble paying their bills, it’s most often a sign that the economy is not doing that well and we’ve reached that point.  Credit card delinquencies have now reached and 8-year high, with no reprieve in sight. As Michael Snyder pointed out […]

Soon Your "Credit Score" May Reflect Thought Crimes

  May 8, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts The Price of Publishing Independent Thought: We Need Your Support! youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from If you thought the Madoff swindle was big, check out GE accounting fraud!     Former Madoff Whistleblower Attacks GE Over $40 Billion Accounting Shortfall With […]

China’s ‘Social Credit System’ may soon reach Australia

February 26, 2019 | 2 Comments China has been developing what some are describing as a chilling digital dictatorship, with a new national system that monitors all citizens on a 24/7 basis and ranks them on their behaviour set to be fully operational by 2020. Could Australia be incrementally setting up a blueprint for a […]

Low "social credit rankings" in China prevent millions of "untrustworthy" citizens from traveling – how soon until the same tyranny is unleashed in the USA?

(Natural News) Step inside China’s “social credit laboratory” and imagine your life and liberties being controlled and severely limited exactly this way if the Democrats and Globalists, who currently control all of social media, Google, YouTube, and Apple, take complete control of the U.S. Government in 2020. Communist-controlled China has already begun […]

6 Signs Of Growth To Start Giving Yourself Credit For

The Facts: Narcissism, in a nutshell, is self-absorption to the extent that it will adopt any set of rationale to protect the ego which often includes a degree of self-deception. Is this happening to many in spiritual trends? Reflect On: There is authentic being, and then there is self-absorption which pretending to be authenticity, are […]

Why China’s “Social Credit” Scheme Will Create More Corruption, Not a Better Citizenry

By Sarah Lilly News of China’s social credit system has been making waves across media outlets for months. Some publications are going soft on the massive surveillance state, saying it is not as bad as it seems (it is), while others are referring to it as something straight out of Nineteen Eighty-Four (again, it is). With pilot […]

China’s TERRIFYING Social Credit System

China’s TERRIFYING Social Credit System And how it’s already operating in the west Paul Joseph Watson November 25, 2018 The media is alarmed at China’s Orwellian social credit system. A system where citizens are financially & socially punished for their opinions. They’re total hypocrites. They’ve joined forces with Silicon Valley to cheerlead and lobby […]

Democratic 2020 Candidate Vows ’Social Credit’ System Like China’s

Democratic 2020 candidate Andrew Yang has vowed to implement a “social credit” system in the United States similar to the one being rolled out by the government in China. Americans would be rewarded “digital social credits” (DSCs) for good behavior for things such as “participating in a town fair,” “fixing a neighbors appliance” or “tutoring […]

The Implicit Desperation of China’s “Social Credit” System

The Implicit Desperation of China’s “Social Credit” System By Charles Hugh I’ve been pondering the excellent 1964 history of the Southern Song Dynasty’s capital of Hangzhou, Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion, 1250-1276 by Jacques Gernet, in light of the Chinese government’s unprecedented “Social Credit Score” system, which I […]

ISIS Takes Credit For Melbourne Knife Attack That Left 1 Dead, 2 Wounded

As authorities in Melbourne confirm that a stabbing attack that unfolded on a busy Melbourne street on Friday afternoon is believed to have been an act of terror, ISIS has stepped up and taken credit for the attack. A man stabbed three people in Melbourne on Friday, killing one and wounding […]

Yahoo to pay $50M and give free credit monitoring to victims of 2016 hack

Yahoo has agreed to pay $50 million US in damages and provide two years of free credit-monitoring services to 200 million people whose email addresses and other personal information were stolen as part of the biggest security breach in history. The restitution hinges on federal court approval of a settlement filed late […]

Alqasem is free — and her representatives Wasserman Schultz, Rubio, and Nelson can take no credit

Today’s news that the Israeli Supreme Court is allowing Lara Alqasem of Florida to come into Israel to study for her Master’s at the Hebrew University is great news for the 22-year-old Palestinian American student who has spent two weeks detained at Ben Gurion Airport, even though she had a visa. It is also a victory for […]

90bn rials of credit allocated for repairing flood damages in four provinces – The Council of Ministers convened on Wednesday and approved allocating 90 billion rials of credit for repairing damages made by the recent floods in Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan and North Khorasan provinces. At the session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, 30 billion rials was allocated for reconstruction of flood-damaged buildings and infrastructure, […]

China’s Dystopian Social Credit System

China’s Dystopian Social Credit System October 8th, 2018 Interesting take. In short, everything is so F-ed up in China, the implementation of the social credit system will be no different. The good news is that it might never work, or, if it does work […]

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