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‘Nothing Short of God Himself’: Pastor Credits the Lord for Saving His Life in Battle With COVID-19

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A pastor in Tennessee with pre-existing medical conditions is crediting the Lord for saving his life after he recently ended up in the hospital on a ventilator in contracting COVID-19. “It is a miracle, me, with the age that I am, the pre-existing conditions I have, that I pulled through that, and […]

Tax Bill To Preserve Critical Credits For Wind, Solar & Electric Vehicles

The booming renewable energy industry is breathing a wary sigh of relief as Congress prepares to vote this week on a sweeping tax bill that preserves critical tax credits for wind energy, solar power and electric vehicles. As lawmakers were working over the past week to resolve issues between the House and Senate versions of the bill, […]

Education Scholarship Tax Credits Help Children and Advance Liberty

Education Scholarship Tax Credits Help Children and Advance Liberty By rp_admin down the Department of Education and returning control of the education dollar to the American people is the key to improving education. The best way to put the people in charge of education is by shutting down all unconstitutional bureaucracies, repealing the Sixteenth Amendment, […]

Classic Ron Paul: Education Scholarship Tax Credits Pro-liberty Education Reform

HON. RON PAUL of Texas in the house of representatives Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce the Education Improvement Tax Cut Act. This act, a companion to my Family Education Freedom Act, takes a further step toward returning control over education resources to private citizens by providing a $5,000 […]

Carbon Credits Likely Worthless In Reducing Emissions, Study Says

As nations grapple with how they can slash their emissions as part of the Paris climate agreement, some may use international credit schemes that were approved in the treaty process. A new report from the European Commission casts serious doubts about such credits, however, concluding that the vast majority of them likely fail to actually reduce emissions. The […]

Turkish camp serial rapist gets 108 years for molesting Syrian children

The shocking revelation came as the 29-year-old serial rapist confessed to his crimes, adding that there are other employees at the state-run camp in Gaziantep who also regularly abuse refugee children sexually. The accused, identified as “Erdal E.” in the court papers, said he had been luring the young boys deliberately into places with no […]

Could Free Markets Create Police Accountability?

The number one source of police corruption stems from the fact that all police services are currently centralized.  As a general rule of thumb, most people are afraid of monopolies, and the bad things that occur because of them, but most people don’t care about monopolized services that governments provide. The rule still holds true, […]

New York Times Documentary on the National Front

Daily Stormer March 31, 2016 From Ben Solomon of the New York Times! Perfectly non-biased, goyim! Source Article from Hits: 0

Toxic algae from the island of Guam may hint to a treatment for dementia

     Scientists say they now have good evidence in animals that exposure to a toxin from algae can trigger dementia-like changes in the brain. If the US team is right, they may have found a new route towards treating and preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s . Their work, in the Proceedings B journal, lends […]

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