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Crimes and Confessions of the Effigy Mound Superintendents

In the center of the United States, nestled within the dense red oak and black willow tree forests of northeastern Iowa, slumbers the Effigy Mounds National Monument. This area is designated by the government as a National Park containing over two-hundred prehistoric burial effigy mounds. Many of these mysterious mounds were made to mimic animal […]

Crimes Against Covid Vaccine Maker Pfizer Documented

‘This Side of Life’ Introduction By Joyce Bowen Some of you out there know how very sick I was three years ago.  I was incredibly close to death.  I’ve written more than a few articles describing my mortality-travels and you’re probably tired of them by now. My desire was to become a genetic researcher. I […]

Bulgarian synagogue and Halle memorial targeted in spate of crimes on Jewish sites in Europe

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Biden’s Scary Foreign Policy Picks: A Blast From War Crimes Past

Biden’s Scary Foreign Policy Picks: A Blast From War Crimes Past [embedded content] Transcript: For the past four years we’ve been covering Trump’s dramatic and belligerent escalations in the Empire’s wars. But there’s a new dawn on the horizon. President elect Joe Biden is being celebrated as a return to sanity on the world stage; […]

Amnesty International calls for investigation into alleged war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh

Amnesty International has called for an independent investigation to identify the perpetrators of war crimes allegedly committed by Azerbaijani and Armenian forces during recent fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. The NGO said it had verified and analysed more than twenty videos which showed “extrajudicial executions, the mistreatment of prisoners of war and other captives, and desecration of […]

‘Hate Crimes’ Bill Introduced in Arkansas, Faces Opposition for ‘Unequal Justice,’ Potential Expansion

Photo Credit: Stuart Seeger LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A “hate crimes” bill has been introduced in Arkansas to create increased penalties for those who commit crimes based on a person’s race, religion, gender identity and so-called sexual orientation, among other protected characteristics. The bill is being opposed by at least one Christian group, along with the Washington […]

California politicians skewered for social crimes in the age of coronavirus

The public has grown furious watching political leaders make the rules and then blatantly break them. Suddenly, a politician’s worst nightmare is no longer the headline about the affair or the sex tape. It’s getting spotted at a restaurant or a packed party. “After all these months of a pandemic, most people aren’t in a […]

 Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan: Redacted Brereton Report & 2 Centuries of Australian War Crimes Ignored

Australia has been rocked by the release of a heavily redacted report about the killing of 39 unarmed Afghan civilians or prisoners by some 25 elite  Australian Special Air Services (SAS)  soldiers. Any prosecutions will take years and will violate the scientific  principle of truth and systemic change rather than knee-jerk blame and shame. There […]

22% of hate crimes in Europe in 2019 were against Jews, report shows

(JTA) — Antisemitic incidents accounted for 22% of hate crimes recorded last year in the pan-European region, though Jews comprise less than 1% of the population there. The data on hate crimes comes from a report about 5,954 incidents recorded in Europe, Russia and Central Asia by the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, […]

Those responsible for the CV19 fake crisis to be sued for crimes against humanity and child abuse

Those responsible for the CV19 fake crisis to be sued for crimes against humanity and child abuse Prepare For Change / sharibitsis WORLD FREEDOM ALLIANCE to sue Governments, corporations and individuals around the world for the CV19 fake crisis. WORLD FREEDOM ALLIANCE is made up of thousands of doctors, scientists, professors, lawyers, journalists… around the […]

Democrat Rep Vows to Prosecute Trump for ‘Crimes Against USA’

Democrat Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. is calling for President Trump to be tried for “crimes against the United States” as soon as he “leaves office.” Rep. Pascrell Jr. (D-NJ) says he wants Donald Trump and members of his administration to be fully investigated and prosecuted by the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Although the election has […]

Rob Reiner Calls for Commission to Investigate Trump for Crimes After He Leaves Office

The Russia collusion narrative failed. The impeachment failed. But Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner is still holding out hope that President Donald Trump will one day be led away in handcuffs. The Princess Bride director is demanding the creation of a “non-partisan commission” to investigate President Trump after he leaves the White House, saying that it […]

War crimes report details ‘evil’ acts by Australian soldiers

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War Crimes Report Means Get The Fuck Out Of Afghanistan

The much-anticipated report on potential war crimes by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Afghanistan has been released, recommending 19 current or former soldiers be investigated for up to 39 murders. Not combat kills. Not accidental kills. Not non-combatants killed by disputable decisions made in the heat of battle. Not civilians killed due to recklessness or […]

CIA-Zionist Crime Syndicate Representative Hillary Clinton’s Crimes (or A Brochure On How CIA Politicians Spread Political Corruption Around the World Including KILLING Christians)

October 2, 2016 Share Tweet Share Email Print In an email sent to his business partner and Democratic fundraiser Jeffrey Leeds, former Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote of Hillary Clinton, “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.” Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s first term was an unmitigated […]

Scotland’s New Hate Crimes Bill Would Criminalize Conversations at Home

Now that Great Britain is in lockdown for the foreseeable future and people are forced to stay at home more than ever before, it is incumbent upon the government to ensure that homes in Scotland are free from “hate.” It could soon be illegal for a Scot to try to speak to his family at […]


“Hello everybody! It’s your old pal Grover with some health tips…” begins the spindly blue monster in a Sesame Street PSA. After teaching kids to wash their hands Grover transitions into some new normal brainwashing: “Another way for everyone to stay healthy is by practicing physical distance and staying six feet away from people in public. […]

“Mask police” will begin patrolling for COVID violations in New York town while real crimes are totally ignored

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Jews Demand German Courts Recognize Economic ‘Crimes’ Against Jews As Acts Of ‘Genocide’

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is raising concerns over efforts by the German government to petition the Supreme Court to dismiss a case involving property legally purchased from Jews by the Nazis in 1935: In a strongly worded letter to German Ambassador to the U.S. Emily Haber, members of Congress expressed concern about Berlin’s petition […]

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted Post-Haste for Crimes Against Humanity

Now here’s her photo so that the Patriot Movement can make a citizen’s arrest.  Such an evil menace to society needs to be taken off the street before more Americans are killed by OPERATION COVID-19.  00 Hits: 21

BOOM! Rudy Giuliani Announces New Documents to Be Released Wednesday Will Show Financial Crimes and Personal Crimes by Biden Family (VIDEO)

By Jim HoftGateway Pundit During his career Rudy Giuliani jailed mobsters, dirty cops and corrupt politicians. As Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the streets, reduced crime and led the city following the 9-11 Islamist attacks. And as counsel to President Trump he represented the president through the Russia collusion sham investigation. And now […]

Banksters Crimes & Fraud: Money Laundering (Banksters Control the Deep State)

Sen. Sherrod Brown calls for criminally prosecuting executives who profit from moving money for criminals and corrupt regimes.By Michael SallahImage: Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesOctober 15, 2020facebooktwitterlinkedinemail Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio and ranking member of the Senate banking committee, questions witnesses during a confirmation hearing in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 13, […]

Full Transcript of the Covid “Crimes Against Humanity” Video

Video: “Crimes Against Humanity”: The German Corona Investigation. “The PCR Pandemic” Full Transcript: “Crimes Against Humanity” [embedded content] OPINION BY REINER FUELLMICH Originally posted at Global Research The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020. Their conclusions are the following:  The corona […]

Alachua, Florida Resident Hits County with HUGE List of Covid Crimes

Covid-19 and Legal Challenges to the PCR test To: Paul Myers, Alachua County Health Dept. From: Harold Saive: Hosp. Admin and first responder for Emergency Cardiovascular Services, South Miami Hosp., Dade County, Fl (Retired). RE: Covid-19 and legal challenges to the PCR test The Video “Crimes Against Humanity” was produced and uploaded by Attorney, Dr. […]

COVID Crimes Against Humanity

New Spotlight Coming to COVID Crimes Against HumanityOCTOBER 12, 2020 AT 11:11 AMActivist Post  /  Activist Post By Peter Tocci Germany seems to have become a hotspot for challenge to the official COVID line. Up to now, it’s been most visibly the public, this being the most recent. Now, however, a professional group has gathered, showing some big teeth, […]

Lawyers Prepare to Sue WHO for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Over COVID Lockdowns

An international group of lawyers is preparing a lawsuit against the World Health Organization for “crimes against humanity” over the draconian COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide. The lawyers, led by California-based attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, are demanding the public receives “full compensation for their losses” if they have been “harmed” by harsh coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Dr. Fuellmich explained the historic lawsuit in […]

Protection of Jewish Crimes (9-11) & Racism

December 29, 2019 The Monsey, NYC false-flag and the protection of Jewish crimes and racism By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 29th December 2019 Today we see yet another FALSE-FLAG attack this time in Monsey, New York City against a devil Rabbi’s home and a Synagogue of Satan.  This was created to supposedly justify [no-speak-title-contract] the Executive Order recently created […]

Here’s how they always neutralize militias with infiltrators who either commit crimes with immunity or bear false witness so that false charges can be contrived.

Paul Egan & Tresa BaldasDetroit Free Press LANSING — The federal government has charged six people with conspiring to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to newly unsealed court records. The FBI became aware early in 2020, through social media, that a militia group was “discussing the violent overthrow of certain government and law enforcement […]

By Our Silence We Are All Complicit in These Crimes

I was used as an assassin to kill a large number of high profile targets the OSS/CIA/Deep State wanted taken out How I videotaped the skinny bob alien film footage at base El Toro in 1991 and what took place before, during and after the film footage had been copied onto video. Prior to getting […]

Jewish Historian – No Documentary Proof of Mengele’s Crimes

Jewish historian David Marwell confirms the lack of documentary proof for Mengele’s crimes. This was the same historian who said most Mengele stories are nonsense. Bitchute link 00 Hits: 4

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