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Now in Effect: Hawaii Law Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession, Expunges Some Criminal Records

By Michael Maharrey HONOLULU, Hawaii (Jan 13, 2020) – A new Hawaii law that decriminalizes marijuana possession and creates a process to expunge the records of certain marijuana offenders is now in effect. The new law takes another step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in effect in the state. Twenty Democratic representatives sponsored House Bill […]

‘Time For A Fresh Criminal Investigation’: Judicial Watch Release 37 Pages of New Clinton Emails

Judicial Watch, the team of patriotic lawyers hell-bent on getting at the truth, have released 37 pages of new Hillary Clinton emails that prove the “need for a fresh, unbiased and thorough criminal investigation into Clinton’s blatant malfeasance,” according to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. It has been more than three years since President Trump defeated […]

Michiganians Demand Earned Credits For Prisoners At Criminal Justice Reform Town Hall

Like many states across the country, Michigan has reached a critical point in the status of its Corrections Department and citizens are fed up. The Department’s failures expand across the spectrum of corrections from financially and operatively to their regularly inadequate programming and continually degrading prison conditions. These mounting issues incite the need for deep […]

Israeli PM Netanyahu resigns from all ministerial posts over criminal charges

Euronews – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially resigned from all of his ministerial posts, a requirement of the corruption indictment levied against him. Netanyahu held four portfolios in addition to being prime minister, health, welfare, agriculture and diaspora affairs. Israeli law does not allow an individual indicted for crimes to hold ministerial office, […]

Donald Trump and America’s Criminal Wars

On Friday, the New York Times published leaked videos and photos documenting US war crimes in Iraq. The material included a photo of a dozen US Special Operations soldiers posing with the corpse of a teenager they had just murdered. Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, holding up the teenager’s head as if he were a […]

Left-wing “criminal reform” measures championed by NYC Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo seem like they’re enabling MORE attacks against Jews

(Natural News) In recent months, there has been a startling increase in attacks against Jews in New York City and elsewhere in Democrat-run enclaves along the East Coast. The rising anti-Semitism is becoming alarming for Jews, to be sure, but it’s also concerning to other Americans who are cognizant of the history […]

CLIMATECHANGEgate: Hidden Agenda Behind the Huge Hoax and Global Criminal Conspiracy

If you are the site owner (or you manage this site), please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details (displayed in the box below), so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. Block details: Source Article […]

Gantz: Party of Jabotinsky, Begin elected a leader with 3 criminal indictments

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s crushing defeat of challenger Gideon Sa’ar in a Likud leadership race drew predictably divided responses from Israeli politicians on the right and left Friday, as parties turned from the previous day’s vote to look toward March’s general election. Benny Gantz, head of Likud’s main rival party Blue and White, lamented the […]

International Criminal Court to Launch Full Investigation Into Israeli War Crimes

(MEE) — The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor said on Friday that she wanted to open a full investigation into alleged war crimes in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. “I am satisfied that there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation into the situation in Palestine,” Fatou Bensouda said in […]

Investigator: Hunter Biden Under Criminal Probe for Burisma-Linked Money Laundering

Hunter Biden is the subject of a criminal investigation relating to money laundering with Burisma Holdings, according to court documents. A private investigator hired by Lunden Roberts, a woman suing Biden for child support in Arkansas circuit court, has declared he is the subject of multiple criminal probes. “One of those purported investigations relates to […]

A Criminal State Under investigation

DECEMBER 22, 2019BY GILAD ATZMON By Gilad atzmon “If you have the law, hammer the law. If you have the facts, hammer the facts. If you have neither the law nor the facts, hammer the table”. Anonymous legal advice Reports from Israeli press outlets this weekend show that the Jewish State fears the ICC’s (International […]

US military uses photo of Nazi war criminal to commemorate battle anniversary

   The US military has used a glamorised image of a Nazi war criminal who led an infamous massacre during the Battle of the Bulge to kick off a photo-series commemorating the Allied victory’s anniversary, drawing a furious reaction on social media. Joachim Peiper was a personal assistant to Heinrich​ Himmler and the chief of […]

TOTAL election meddling, voter fraud by criminal Twitter

(Natural News) It was recently announced by Twitter that the social media platform will now be ‘verifying’ all congressional and gubernatorial candidates in order to “level the playing field” in politics. But political commentator Laura Loomer, who’s decided to run for office in Florida after having been banned from virtually all of […]

Lindsey Graham Slams ‘Unlawful’ FBI For Running ‘Criminal Enterprise’ Against a Duly Elected President

Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed the FBI for running a “fundamentally flawed and unlawful” investigation against President Trump that became a “criminal enterprise” in which they “made stuff up” just like in “the good old days of J. Edgar Hoover.” “Let’s assume for a moment it started out ok…it sure as hell didn’t end okay,” Graham […]

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Holds Hearing on Afghanistan War Crimes, Including US Torture

The current hearing will examine allegations that US troops and intelligence operatives tortured, raped and abused Afghan prisoners between 2003 and 2004. *** The International Criminal Court (ICC) opened a three-day hearing in the The Hague, Netherlands on Wednesday at which prosecutors and Afghan torture victims are attempting to convince the court to overturn a […]


MOSES WAS A WAR CRIMINAL “And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses” (Deuteronomy 34:10) NUMBERS 31:13-18: (13) Moses, Eleazar the priest, and all the leaders of the community went to meet them outside the camp. (14) But Moses was furious with all the generals and captains who had returned from […]

Report: Justice Department IG Horowitz has 104 “criminal or administrative” probes currently open on FBI employees, as a testament to Obama’s abject corruption

(Natural News) President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are fond of telling friendly media — that is, the Democrat-aligned “mainstream media” — what a wonderful, scandal-free administration they had. In truth, the two of them oversaw several scandals beginning with the “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation into Mexico that led […]

CIA Spying On Assange’s Lawyers Exposes Criminal Operation Against WikiLeaks Founder

CIA Spying On Assange’s Lawyers Exposes Criminal Operation Against WikiLeaks Founder Above Photo: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange [Credit: AP Photo/Matt Dunham] Halt the extradition of Julian Assange! In recent weeks, the Spanish media has published multiple reports showing that the US spied on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and monitored the confidential communications between Assange and his […]

Bolsonaro Denounced Before International Criminal Court

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The U.S. Government Has Been Run as a Criminal Enterprise: Financial Fraud, Criminal Cash Flows

First published in December 2017 Financial expert and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says the U.S. Government runs on massive criminal activity. Fitts explains, “The U.S. economy is deeply dependent on criminal cash flows.  We’re the global leader in money laundering.  If we stopped doing that, the economy would be in for a major, major […]

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