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Goofy Indictments Divert Attention From Criminal Abuses At FBI And DOJ

Goofy Indictments Divert Attention From Criminal Abuses At FBI And DOJ Above Photo: Jenny P./ Flickr “If the election is ‘disrupted’ by voters changing their votes due to Russians posting on Facebook, then the problem is not that Russians are posting on Facebook, the problem is that voters are changing their votes based on posts they […]

Zionist Criminal Agents Orchestrate Florida Parkland Shooting Hoax for Gun Control

Criminal extremist settlers uproot 100 olive trees from Palestinian village (VIDEO)

     A group of extremist settlers uprooted more than 100 olive trees from the village of Yasuf, east of Salfit, on Wednesday morning. Ghassan Daghlas, who is responsible for the settlement file in the northern West Bank, said that settlers from the settlement of “Rahalim” uprooted 100 olive trees from the Yasuf lands in the […]

FBI, DOJ Officials Face Criminal Prosecution Over FISA Memo

Senior FBI and DOJ officials are to face a criminal prosecution for “treason” following the recently released FISA abuse memo .  In a letter published Friday, Rep. Paul Gosar announced the prosecution of FBI and Justice Department officials in response to the treason laid out in the memo. reports: “The FBI knowingly took false […]

Requiem for a Criminal State

By JOHN KAMINSKI We will be less than we were beforeFREEDOM OF THOUGHT IS NOW A CRIME! When the world brain that scientists are building becomes fully operational, the big fear is that this macabre invention will devise a way to eliminate humans as an unnecessary impediment to whatever goal it sets for itself. This has been […]

Thousands Of Israelis Rally For Sixth Week Against “Criminal Netanyahu”

Thousands of people attended an anti-corruption protest in Tel Aviv for a sixth consecutive week Saturday, with demonstrators calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down over graft allegations. Braving the cold and damp, protesters held up signs against government corruption and calling Netanyahu the “crime minister.” Police said a number of streets were […]

COMMENTARY: Jared Kushner Belongs To Racist Criminal Jewish Cult

The Canadian government recently gave the cult $800,000 for the building of a Chabad center in Montreal. Relations with Russia are less warm; the Russians recently refused to hand over two major collections of Chabad texts seized by early Soviet governments.Where is Chabad’s influence the greatest? You guessed it- the US. Rabbi Shemtov is Chabad’s […]

COMMENTARY: Trump Pardons Racist, Criminal Jewish Fanatic

By Henry Makow, PhDSourced from via the Truthseeker  Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon JEWISH  PSYCHOPATH . . . PARDONED BY DONALD TRUMP LD : Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin (b. 1959 in Russia), a leader of the Chabad crime syndicate, was pardoned a few days ago by President Donald Trump for his long list of truly heinous […]

Congress Launch Criminal Investigation Into Democrat Orchestrated Mueller Probe

Congress has initiated a full-blown criminal investigation into claims that senior FBI and DOJ officials orchestrated a baseless Democrat-led probe into alleged ties between President Trump and Russia. A group of House Republicans has gathered secretly for weeks in an effort to build a case that senior officials mishandled the contents of the Trump-Russia dossier […]

Trump Pardons Racist, Criminal Jewish Fanatic

 Bloom compared it to hunting: “The Hasidim not only [bargained] with alacrity, but enjoyed boasting about the terrain, equipment, first sighting and ultimate kill.” (211) Bloom relates a particularly shameful incident told by store owner. A Hasid pretended he had paid in advance for some merchandise, grabbed it and ran out of the store. Despite […]

Judge Tells Jury: Informing Public May Be Criminal Conspiracy

Judge Tells Jury: Informing Public May Be Criminal Conspiracy Above Photo: Judge Lynn Leibovitz, appointed to the bench by George W. Bush. Reporting the news can be punished as criminal conspiracy, federal Judge Lynn Leibovitz told jurors at the so-called J20 trial in Washington, DC, where journalists and protesters alike are being prosecuted for property damage that […]

Growing vegetables in your own yard now confirmed as a criminal offense by Florida courts… INSANITY is now LAW

(Natural News) It’s a sad day in Florida: Property rights for homeowners have taken a huge blow as courts confirm that growing edible plants in your own front yard is, in fact, a crime. Out of all the terrible things a person can do these days, gardening is the last thing you may have suspected […]

Why is EU feeding croissants to war criminal Netanyahu?

David Cronin Rights and Accountability 8 December 2017 Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, will play host to Benjamin Netanyahu next week. (European External Action Service/Flickr) There are at least 3,000 reasons why Benjamin Netanyahu should not be welcomed to Brussels next week. Three thousand is the approximate number of Palestinians killed by Israeli […]

Amnesty seeks criminal inquiry into Shell over alleged complicity in murder and torture in Nigeria

Amnesty International is calling for a criminal investigation into the oil giant Shell regarding allegations it was complicit in human rights abuses carried out by the Nigerian military. A review of thousands of internal company documents and witness statements published on Tuesday points to the Anglo-Dutch organisation’s alleged involvement in the brutal campaign […]

Emmanuel Macron: Gender-Based Insults Now Criminal Offence In France

French President Emmanuel Macron has made gender-based insults illegal in France and warns that citizens caught doing it could face prison. Macron claims the measures are aimed at enforcing politically correct anti-sexist values with the public and schoolchildren. “Let’s seal a pact of equality between men and women,” Macron said in a speech marking the […]

Bosnian Croat war criminal ‘drinks poison’ at Hague hearing

Slobodan Praljak, 72, a former wartime leader, was seen drinking from a small container as he heard the verdict of his appeal hearing. The man’s defense lawyer then told the court that the accused had “taken poison.” The presiding judge stopped the proceedings and ordered a doctor to be called, Reuters reports. ‘It is NATO […]


report by Eric Striker from the Daily Stormer  The approval rating for the US congress is atrocious. One of the major complaints of baby boomer conservatives is that Democrats and Republicans don’t “work together” to get things done. Says who? The “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” tabled by Jew Democrat Benjamin Cardin is gaining wide bipartisan support in the Senate. […]

[WATCH] Two Shelton Officers Fired Won’t Face Criminal Charges After Beating Homeless Man

The Mason County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on Monday declined to press charges against two Shelton police officers who repeatedly struck, pepper sprayed and used a stun gun on a man who had been sleeping on a staircase behind a homeless shelter in May. The decision runs counter to advice from Thurston County Sheriff’s Office investigators, […]

Teacher Who Filmed Up Pupils Skirts Escapes Criminal Prosecution

A teacher who admitted filming up his pupils skirts will not be prosecuted after a court ruled his actions did not amount to a criminal offence. Andrew Corish, 60, used his mobile phone to peer between school girls legs while an assistant headteacher at Coloma Convent Girls’ School in Croydon. He also stored the images […]

International Criminal Court Seeks Afghanistan War Crimes Probe That Could Target US Troops

After the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration allowed the use of waterboarding, which simulates drowning, and other interrogation techniques against suspected terrorists. Barack Obama banned such practices after taking office in 2009. A full-scale investigation, if approved by judges, could take months or years before the prosecutor decides whether to file charges. Then it […]

Podesta Forced To Resign Amid Criminal Investigation

Tony Podesta, founder of the Democratic lobbying firm the Podesta Group, has been forced to resign from the firm after coming under criminal investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. Podesta announced his decision during a meeting Monday morning. reports: Podesta is handing over full operational and financial control to longtime firm CEO Kimberley Fritts, according […]

Fixation On Trump’s Crimes Distracts From Criminal System

Above Photo: By William Brawley | CC by 2.0 … a nation in which 87 percent of eighteen- to twenty-four year olds (according to a 2002 National Geographic Society/Roper Poll survey) cannot locate Iran or Iraq on a world map and 11 percent cannot locate the United States (!) is not merely “intellectually sluggish.” It would […]

War Criminal George W. Bush Receives a Character Award at West Point: Duty, Honour, Atrocity

George W. Bush Receives a Character Award at West Point: Duty, Honor, Atrocity By Erik Edstrom In George W. Bush’s home state of Texas, if you are an ordinary citizen found guilty of capital murder, the mandatory sentence is either life in prison or the death penalty. If, however, you are a former president of […]

Journalist who called Assange ‘criminal’ over rape claims faces own sex assault allegations

The allegations against Fredrik Virtanen, who also hosts his own talk show on Swedish TV8, emerged as part of the #MeToo social media campaign. The campaign, which surged in popularity after the sex scandal surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, encourages women to speak up to share their experiences of sexual harassment. Oscars board expels Harvey […]

Benjamin Netanyahu Pushes To Pass Criminal Immunity Bill As He Faces Police Investigations

Mr. Netanyahu and his family are being investigated by police for fraud and corruption. As reported by Haaretz, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation will debate the immunity bill this weekend, after which it will become clearer as to whether the bill will become law. Although previous similar bills have been voted down under his predecessors, […]

Macron Announces Plan to Deport All Criminal Migrants

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that his government will start deporting all illegal invaders convicted of a crime back to their home nations. The pledge, which actually formed part of his election manifesto—and which at the time was dismissed as part of a plan to undermine Marine le Pen’s Front National—was made during Macron’s […]

France to deport all criminal undocumented migrants – Macron

In his first televised interview since taking office, Macron also staunchly defended his record in power. “We’re taking care of the France where things aren’t going well,” Macron said on Sunday, as cited by the AFP. “I’m doing what I said I would do during the election campaign.” Immigration reform featured prominently in Macron’s election […]

Smart Devices Are Snitching on Owners and Rewriting the Criminal Justice System

By Nicholas West A new type of court case is slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart devices. Several cases over the last few years have focused on data transmitted within the modern smart home, while a couple of others add an […]

Court decree of criminal charges: Refusal to vaccinate child gets mom jail time – a deeper analysis

     “I want to make it perfectly clear. We’re leaving here today. Dad’s picking the child up and he’s going to be vaccinated regardless of what Mom did or didn’t do.” These were the words of Oakland County judge Karen McDonald during the open minutes of the recent court room proceedings that continue to grab […]

[WATCH] Indiana Cop Mistakes Actor Portraying a Burglar For Real Criminal

Police officers mistook an actor portraying a burglar for a real-life armed robber, opening fire on him in a central Indiana bar Tuesday. Montgomery County Movies was filming a crime scene at the Backstep Brewing Company in Crawfordsville, Ind., around 7 p.m. when the shots rang out, Indiana State Police said. The staged scene so […]

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