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Jeffrey Epstein’s guards could face criminal charges, source says

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Horowitz Report Will Be Damning, Criminal Referrals Likely

Authored by Sara Carter via, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s much anticipated report on his investigation into the FBI’s probe into President Trump’s campaign is expected to be made public before Thanksgiving and the outcome is alleged to contain several criminal referrals, according to sources who spoke with Horowitz’s investigation on the bureau’s probe […]

Dershowitz lobbies for the criminal Israeli looter, Dan Gertler

Dan Gertler, the criminal billionaire from Israel who has looted Africa of several billion dollars, is too corrupt even for the Trump administration — but not for publicity hound, pro-Israel lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who has just registered to lobby the U.S. government on Gertler’s behalf. Dershowitz and Louis Freeh, the former FBI director who also […]

The Eurozone In Crisis? New President of the European Central Bank (ECB) has a Criminal Record. Christine Lagarde

Update, November 2, 2019 Friday, November 1, “Regime Rotation” at the ECB.  Ms. Christine Lagarde, former French finance minister and Managing Director of the IMF took over as president of the European Central Bank (ECB), replacing Mario Draghi.  “Lagarde takes office at a time when the ECB’s governing council is divided as rarely before over its latest […]

FLASHBACK: Hard Evidence Proves the FBI and CIA Carried Out a Criminal COINTEL Operation Against Trump

Related Posts Another depression medication proves riskier than the disease itself: Researchers recommend an "immense amount of caution" due to side effects (Natural News) When you’re in the throes of depression, you might be Hard Scientific Evidence Proves the 9/11 Controlled Demolitions Were Nuclear Events     Unequivocal 9/11 Nuclear Joseph A […]

Comey Dismisses DOJ Criminal Probe: I’m Not Worried About a SINGLE Thing

Fired FBI director James Comey appeared at Politicon 2019 on Saturday, boasting he wasn’t concerned about the Department of Justice’s expanding criminal investigation into the Trump-Russia probe origins. The FBI on Wednesday announced that “new evidence” had emerged, which prompted their probe to transform into a criminal investigation. The probe could see senior US intelligence officials testify, […]

US Justice Department review of Russia probe now a criminal inquiry

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department has shifted its review of the Russia probe to a criminal investigation, a person familiar with the matter says. It’s a move that is likely to raise concerns that US President Donald Trump and his allies may be using the powers of the government to go after their opponents. […]

O’Rourke Promises ‘Criminal Consequences’ for President Trump

Democratic 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke says President Trump should face “criminal consequences” once his presidency comes to an end. O’Rourke made the comment while speaking to comedian and radio host Dean Obeidallah on Friday as Democrats pursue an impeachment probe against the President. Asked whether he believes Mr. Trump will become the first president in American history to be […]

JPMorgan Chase Metals Desk Charged With Being A Criminal Enterprise For Rigging Metals Prices

JPMorgan Chase Metals Desk Charged With Being A Criminal Enterprise For Rigging Metals Prices Above Photo: Geoff/Flickr Two notable things happened on Monday, September 16, 2019. Rates started to spike in the overnight loan (repo) market, reaching a high of 10 percent the next day and forcing the Federal Reserve to step in as a lender […]

Iran calls on Germany to stop support for criminal Israeli regime

MNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has reacted to a recent statement by Germany’s Foreign Office. The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry called on Germany to end support for the criminal regime of Israel and to live up to existing expectations of an effective and constructive role in helping to create lasting peace and […]

For PM, Wednesday sees both political and criminal woes come to a head

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces critical challenges on multiple fronts Wednesday, a day which may see him bring an early end to his efforts to form a government, as well as marking the first session of the long-expected pre-indictment hearing in his criminal cases. On Wednesday morning, Netanyahu is set to meet with Blue and […]

Over HALF of Criminal Suspects in Vienna Are Migrants, Even Though They Are A Minority

by Chris Tomlinson Despite an average decline in crime across Austria, foreigners now make up nearly half of the suspects in criminal cases, and more than half of suspects in the capital city of Vienna. In the first six months of 2018, overall crime has declined by ten percent under the conservative-populist coalition government of […]

Jon Voight Urges Patriots To ‘Stand With Trump’ Against ‘Criminal’ Dems Pushing Impeachment

Oscar-winner Jon Voight has called the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump a “war against truths,” and has called upon the nation to “stand now with Trump” and “let truth prevail.” In a powerful video posted late Thursday to his Twitter account, Voight described the radical left as “destructive” and “corrupt” and declared the […]

Amazonia in Flames – Brazil’s Bolsonaro Is a World Criminal – Encouraging Jungle Burning for Private Exploitation of Freed Land

On 28 October 2018, Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil with 55.1% of the vote – and with a gigantic help from Cambridge Analytica. At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in January 2019 in Davos Switzerland, Bolsonaro made a sumptuous presentation, “We Are Building a New Brazil”. He outlined a program that put literally Brazil […]

Harvey Weinstein to be arraigned again ahead of criminal trial

Harvey Weinstein to be arraigned again ahead of criminal trial Source Article from Related Posts THE WEINSTEIN STORY “YOU ARE TO STAND DOWN”: RONAN FARROW’S PRODUCER ON HOW NBC KILLED ITS WEINSTEIN STORY THE WEINSTEIN STORY “YOU ARE TO STAND DOWN”: RONAN FARROW’S PRODUCER ON HOW NBC KILLED Farrow: Clinton staff raised concerns over […]

Criminal War Propaganda Directed against Iraq and Syria: “We Think the Price Is Worth It.”

When we play their game, we will always lose, and they will always win. “They” are the largely unelected “Permanent State”, sometimes called the “Deep State”. “They” are the publicly bailed-out transnational, corporate monopolies and their political fronts that destroy domestic and foreign economies with their supranational “trade” agreements, their parasitical “neoliberal”, publicly bailed-out “privatization” […]

Criminal Embargos: Venezuela and Iran in the Crosshairs of Murderers Inc – Who is Next?

Imagine just for a moment, the World would stand up in unison, sick and tired of the aggressive killer arrogance of the United States and her vassals – and their joint war-force called NATO – and this World, our World, what’s left of it when you deduct Washington and its Brussels allies, would at once […]

NSW Jewish Board of Criminals

NSW Jewish Board of Criminals Sydney’s very rich neighborhood of  Vaucluse needs more security on their multi million dollar mansions. Our Jewstralian Governments keep giving Trillions to their Kosher pals every year, through bogus contracts and gov grants. NSW govt provides $2m for communal security hoax May 22, 2019 National News The latest funding, Gabrielle […]

Hawaii Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession, Expunges Some Criminal Records

Michael Maharrey, Guest Waking Times Earlier this month, a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession and expunge the records of certain marijuana offenders became law without the governor’s signature. The new law takes another step toward nullifying federal cannabis prohibition in effect in the state. Twenty Democratic representatives sponsored House Bill 1383 (HB1383). The new law decriminalizes possession […]

Top Democrat: Why Is Our Party Supporting Criminal Illegal Aliens?

New Jersey Democrat George Norcross has slammed the party for seemingly supporting criminal illegal aliens. Speaking at a Camden County Chamber of Commerce event, Norcross expressed amazement that his once beloved party is running on a platform of legalizing and giving free health care to up to 22 million illegals. “I have at times told […]

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