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In a single decade, Israel turned asylum seekers into criminals

If there is a single word that can describe the last decade in the struggle of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel, it is “infiltrators.” Racist and derogatory — the Israeli government’s transformation of tens of thousands of people into criminals encapsulates the entire story. Over the past 10 years, Israel has not only […]

The Christmas Truce of 1914: Abolish All Wars. Indict Today’s War Criminals in High Office

First published on December 25, 2018 The Christmas Truce of 1914 was an initiative of the soldiers on both sides; it was a mark of human solidarity and fraternity against the political and military architects of World War I. The  Spirit of Christmas in December 1914 prevailed: “In the front lines, the fraternisation of Christmas […]

Malmo gang task force to spread to other cities as criminals become more ruthless, says Swedish police chief

Sweden is suffering a jump in gang-related shootings and bombings; bomb attacks reached a new high in 2019 with over 180 incidents to date. An explosion in Linkoping, southern Sweden injured 20 people in June.  The ‘Operation Hoarfrost’ task force was introduced in Malmo in November after a 15-year-old was shot dead in what police […]

As Heroes Like Assange Rot in Prison, Trump is Pardoning War Criminals Left and Right

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times The United States has a heinous record when it comes to committing war crimes. Even more heinous, however, is the fact that commander in chief after commander in chief continue to pardon those convicted of these unspeakable acts. As whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning rot […]

Hypocrites and criminals: Very same tech companies banning independent media also signing on to sham "Protect Press Freedom" initiative

(Natural News) In a hilariously shocking display of flagrant disingenuity, the fake news media, in conjunction with Big Tech, is joining up with a new national campaign known as “Protect Press Freedom” that, get this, claims to stand in solidarity for a free and uncensored press. Representing everything that defiles free speech […]

Amazon Facial Recognition Falsely Identified 27 Pro Athletes As Criminals

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times Police and government agencies are becoming increasingly reliant on facial recognition software to hunt for suspects, despite the fact that this technology is notorious for falsely identifying innocent people as criminals. In one of the most recent cases, Amazon’s facial recognition technology falsely identified 27 different professional athletes as […]

Israel is turning Palestinian students into criminals

Israeli authorities have arrested at least 64 Palestinian university students since the start of 2019. That number is only growing. By Jaclynn Ashly Illustrative photo of Israeli soldiers arresting a Palestinian man in the West Bank, on December 8, 2015. (Nati Shohat/Flash90) Earlier this month, Mais Abu Ghosh, a student at Birzeit University in […]

A Public Relations Scam: J Street Conference Attracts War Criminals and Zionist Liberals Alike

Israeli war criminal Ehud Barak is leading a long list of Zionist politicians, apologizers, sympathizers, and activists willing to promote normalization who are slated to speak at a coming J Street conference in Washington DC.  J Street is a Zionist organization that promotes the myth of a friendly, peace-loving form of Zionism, and by extension, […]

War criminals get easy ride from top Israeli reporter

David Cronin Media Watch 11 September 2019 Benny Gantz has boasted of sending Gaza back to the “stone age” when he headed Israel’s military. (via Flickr) Since Benjamin Netanyahu became prime minister in March 2009, Israeli forces have killed approximately 3,500 Palestinians. Netanyahu has helped to make the world a more dangerous place through his […]

Pope Francis: Life Imprisonment ‘Not The Answer’ Even For Most Dangerous Criminals

Far-left Pope Francis has claimed that life imprisonment is “not the solution” because it deprives criminals of “hope” and “prospects of reconciliation and reintegration.” “Never deprive anyone of the right to start over!” Pope Francis added. After having officially declared the death penalty “inadmissible” in 2018, far-left Pope Francis has now gone on to extend his condemnation to life […]

Violent Criminals and Child Rapists Arrested Crossing U.S. Border Illegally

Multiple child rapists, sex offenders and other dangerous criminals attempting to enter the U.S. illegally have been arrested by Border Patrol agents along the southwest border. A man who was apprehended by agents assigned to the Del Rio Station, attempted to illegally cross the border from Mexico on August 25. According to information obtained from Del Rio […]

Law Enforcement To Flag & Spy On Future Criminals

America’s fear of mass-shootings is about to take a truly bizarre turn. That’s because our law enforcement will soon be used as fortune tellers to spy on future criminals. How will law enforcement be used as fortune tellers? A recent Albuquerque Journal article revealed that law enforcement will flag people that they think […]

Law Enforcement To Flag and Spy On Future Criminals

By MassPrivateI America’s fear of mass shootings is about to take a truly bizarre turn. That’s because our law enforcement will soon be used as fortune tellers to spy on future criminals. How will law enforcement be used as fortune tellers? A recent Albuquerque Journal article revealed that law enforcement will flag people who they […]

How Government Agencies Make Criminals of Crypto Traders

By Graham Smith A New Jersey man has been indicted this week for converting over $2 million to bitcoin and operating a private exchange business not registered with the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. According to a July 24 press release by the U.S. Attorney’s office, 46-year-old William Green could face up to five years […]

Our Media is Controlled by Criminals in our Government

  Conference took place in April of 2009. On May 7, 1966 a 9 year old child named Cathy O’Brien was subjected to an occult ritual named “The Rite to Remain Silent” that involves the Jewish Catholic Church as well. This is her own very shocking and eye-opening life story about her experience as a […]

FLASHBACK: Auschwitz survivor: "Call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals"

<< “If we want to stay really human beings, we must get up and call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals,” Meyer said. The hate of the Jews by the Germans “was less deeply rooted than the hate of the Palestinians by the Israeli Jews,” he observed. “The brainwashing of the Jewish Israeli populations […]

Trump Pardoning War Criminals, Prosecuting Whistleblowers

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has already made clear his soft spot for war criminals, having brought one – Elliot Abrams – into his administration. Then, earlier this month, Trump pardoned Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna. Now, reports indicate Trump is just getting started. And while Trump appears to be making moves to pardon more […]

Wikileaks: Ecuador is Being Run By “Criminals & Liars.” Assange’s Entire Legal Defense Given To The United States

The Facts: Yet another independent media outlet is attacked for sharing content that questions vaccines. The means used to attack outlets like this are always unfounded in truth and emotionally driven. Reflect On: Why is Greenmedinfo, and other media outlets being censored, demonetized, shut down and punished for sharing factual information? Why can’t people decide […]

Orwellian Hate Crime Database to Be Set Up For Thought Criminals in Michigan

April 8, 2019 Op-Ed by Joe Wright Only in a world where the novel 1984 has become the evening news can we get a state’s Attorney General working with the Department of Civil Rights to create a database for people committing “hate and bias incidents that don’t rise to the level of a crime or […]

Wingecarribee Shire Council of Criminals

Wingecarribee Shire Council of Criminals   The General Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council, 68 Elizabeth St, Moss Vale. NSW. 2577.     Ms Prendergast, I’m writing to as part of a grievance process concerning the deputy mayor, Garry Turland. I’ve been reliably informed by numerous people in the community that complaints against councillors and council are […]

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