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Crisis at the Whitney: ‘no safe space for profiteers of state violence’

New York City’s Whitney Museum of American Art is one of the most celebrated art institutions in the world. Its legendary Biennial exhibit opens on Friday. But the Whitney has a problem. Not just a problem, a crisis, and it’s coming to a head tomorrow, May 17. Warren B. Kanders, the vice chairmen of the […]

Venezuela’s Crisis: A View From The Communes

Venezuela’s Crisis: A View From The Communes Above Photo: Altos de Lidice, Caracas (Joe Montero) Federico Fuentes explores grassroots communal organisation, and the tension between popular power and sectors of the government. Within hours of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó calling for street mobilisations to back his attempted military coup against President Nicolás Maduro on April […]

THE AMERICAN CRISIS: It’s Much Worse Than Anyone Knows

    New World Order Globalist Cabal Using Deep State to Collapse the American Republic in Real-time State of the Nation First, let’s do an honest audit of the damage inflicted on the United States of America by the ongoing and stealthy Deep State conspiracy engineered to conquer this nation from within. The New World […]

‘Revolutionary change’ needed to stop unprecedented global extinction crisis

We are witnessing the loss of biodiversity at rates never before seen in human history. Nearly a million species face extinction if we do not fundamentally change our relationship with the natural world, according to the world’s largest assessment of biodiversity. Last week, in the culmination of a process involving 500 biodiversity experts from over […]


Written by J.Hawk exclusively for SouthFront The Impending Crisis At one time, specifically during the post-World War 2 Bretton Woods era, it looked like as if the capitalist model could be indefinitely sustainable and avoid plunging the world into major world conflicts. That era began to come to an end during the stagflation crisis of the 1970s, and […]

White House Divided On Venezuela? Major Crisis In Trump Administration

The Ugly Truth FORT RUSS – A recent publication by The Hill newspaper claims that the events in Venezuela were a challenge for the administration of US President Donald Trump. According to the article, the US leader and his National Security adviser, John Bolton, developed a tense relationship due to divergences of opinion about a possible military […]

Do You Remember The Oil Crisis And “Stagflation” Of The 1970s? In Many Ways, 2019 Is Starting To Look A Lot Like 1973…

By Michael Snyder The price of gasoline is rapidly rising, economic activity is slowing down, the Middle East appears to be on the brink of war, and Democrats are trying to find a way to remove a Republican president from office.  In many ways, 2019 is starting to look a lot like 1973.  For many […]

EPIC DISTRICT COURT RULING: EPA can be sued over Flint water crisis

  The Flint water crisis began in 2014 after the city switched the Flint River as its drinking water source to save money. (Photo: George Thomas/Flickr/cc)   Flint Residents ‘Will Get Their Day In Court’ After Federal Judge Rules They Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis “These lies went on for months while the people […]

Federal Judge Rules Flint Residents Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis

Authored by Julia Conley via, As Flint, Michigan, marks five years since the city’s deadly water crisis began, a federal judge ruled in favor of residents who want to sue the federal government for not acting promptly to ensure the city had clean drinking water. Residents filed suit against the EPA in 2017, demanding $722 million […]

The Radical Way Berlin Plans To Solve Its Housing Crisis

  Berlin ― A sea of placards streamed across Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, a large public square under the shadow of the city’s massive TV tower, with bold messages daubed in paint and printed across placards. “The City Belongs to Us!” “My Home, Not Your Profit!” “I Don’t Want to Move!” Thousands of people took to the streets […]

Global NATO: A 70-Year Alliance Of Oppressors In Crisis

Global NATO: A 70-Year Alliance Of Oppressors In Crisis Above Photo: Donarreiskoffer – CC BY SA 3.0 On the Limits of  Military Management of the International System Introduction The celebration of NATO’s 70 years of existence provides another opportunity to unearth the real history of the ideas, practices and destruction wrought by this military alliance. […]

The border crisis is REAL: Texas cities now overwhelmed with tens of thousands of invading migrants as Nancy Pelosi and Democrats yawn

(Natural News) In February POTUS Donald Trump, acting on the advice and counsel of his Homeland Security officials and political counsel, declared a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Painting the declaration with the usual brushes of “bigotry,” “racism,” and “hate,” Democrats wasted no time in mounting opposition to the declaration, which […]

Now Hiring Casualty Role Players ( Crisis Actors)

Now Hiring Casualty Role Players ( Crisis Actors) Now Hiring Casualty Role Players to Support a Washington National Guard Disaster Preparedness Exercise at Spokane Fire Training Facility in Spokane, WA – Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 April 2017 This exercise will be an emergency response to a simulated incident involving contamination elements. CRPs will be moulaged […]

Can The World Unite For The Climate Crisis?

Can The World Unite For The Climate Crisis? Above:  Extinction Rebellion organized Rebellion Day on Saturday, November 17, 2018. By Kevin J. Frost – ShutterStock. A team of researchers at Tufts University recently analyzed over five million scenarios predicting the future of the climate to answer the question of whether or not we can stay […]

San Agustín: Popular Power Striking Back Against The Coup And The Crisis

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has bombarded us with selective images of Venezuela, with Venezuelans portrayed either as passively suffering from the devastating crisis or desperately wanting to be rid of the elected government of Nicolas Maduro. When Chavistas are depicted they are presented as fanatical red-clad drones mindlessly following a “socialist dictator.” Absent […]

A Species in Crisis

Elva Thompson, Contributor Waking Times We live in the Information Age – a fast digital reality of gloss and glitter – a stage show with plot and purpose specifically designed to keep us in a constant state of physical stimulation – lots of things are on offer in this electrical paradigm from toothpicks to silicone […]

Why Our Political Instability Will Continue, and Crisis is OK

February 12th, 2019 By Mateo Sol Guest writer for Wake Up World Recent events seem to show our world being turned upside down. With political, ecological, economical and religious stress everywhere, we’ve been experiencing one crisis after another, with no end in sight. Can anything good come out of this? Although there is currently a […]

Are Investors Finally Waking Up To North America’s Fracked Gas Crisis?

Are Investors Finally Waking Up To North America’s Fracked Gas Crisis? Above:  Flare Off and Pumpjack, Permian Basin Oil Field, Eddy County, New Mexico. Credit: blake.thornberry, CC BY–NC–ND 2.0 The fracked gas industry’s long borrowing binge may finally be hitting a hard reality: paying back investors. Enabled by rising debt, shale companies have been achieving record fracked oil and gas production, while promising investors a big future […]

The Facts About The Humanitarian Crisis In Mexico And Central America

Daily movement news and resources. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work. Instead, we rely on you. Please […]

EU giving Venezuela ultimatum, not trying to mediate the crisis – Russian FM

“The EU believes it has the right to dictate conditions for international mediation efforts,” Lavrov said during his visit to Bishkek on Monday. “It is not mediation. It is an ultimatum.” The Russian foreign minister also criticized the bloc for setting up a contact group in Venezuela, which includes several EU and Latin American countries. […]

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