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Iran confronts deadly alcohol crisis in midst of dealing with coronavirus

ABC – Iran, already struggling to fight the growing spread of novel coronavirus, is now coming to grips with an alcohol poisoning problem that has killed hundreds of people this year. In the wake of the deaths, officials initially blamed misinformation on social media for convincing victims that drinking alcohol could protect them against coronavirus. […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Crisis and opportunity: A positive spin on the current coronavirus pandemic

   The past weeks have seen the world swept up by a maelstrom of hysteria, misinformation, and confusion under the guise of a new global pandemic. The oversaturation of information overwhelms the senses and is almost designed to inflame the mass panic, which has taken a life of its own and even threatens to trigger […]

Q & A on Precious Metals During the Coronavirus Crisis

by Money Metals News The past few weeks have brought unprecedented volatility to the bullion market. In addition to wild swings in spot prices, Money Metals has experienced a massive surge in demand and extreme strain on supply, leading to a spike in premiums (on both bids and asks). These are stressful times for everyone, […]

Planetary Hysteria: Manufactured COVID-19 “Health Crisis” Pushes Humanity, Global Society to Total Shutdown

The COVID-19 charade is the biggest single disruption of human society in modern history, perhaps ever in human history. This “health crisis” is a Big Lie. It is the biggest Big Lie in history. The fabric of societies has been shredded, human interactions have been altered, economies decimated. All based on a manufactured pretext, mass […]

Israel is going through a constitutional crisis

(JTA) — Besides the coronavirus epidemic, Israel has another crisis on its hands. It’s inside the government and only tangentially related to COVID-19. Here’s the short version: After Israel’s latest election earlier this month — its third in a year — Benny Gantz and his center-left coalition seem closer than ever to garnering enough support […]

Not letting a crisis go to waste: Some seize on Covid-19 to force change on America

This may sound far-fetched, yet it’s literally what House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-South Carolina) said recently. His exact words, according to the conference call among top Democrats last Thursday, were: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” The infamous proposal by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California), unveiled Monday, showed […]

Yes, mobile technology can help solve the Covid-19 crisis – but can also fuel the authoritarian virus sweeping across the world

Around the world there has been a rush to use digital technologies, particularly contact-tracing apps on mobile phones as part of an integrated coronavirus control strategy that identifies infected people and their recent person-to-person contacts. In Singapore, for example, the TraceTogether phone app, developed by Singapore’s Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and the health ministry, uses […]

Israel’s democratic crisis deepens

Last Wednesday, the speaker of the Knesset, Likud’s Yuli Edelstein, shuttered the plenum in order to prevent a vote that would likely have seen him replaced by a candidate from the rival Blue and White party. As a consequence, the vote was delayed and control of Israel’s parliament, and of Israel’s parliamentary agenda, remained with […]

Blain: This Crisis Isn’t About The Wuhan Flu… It’s Much More

Authored by Bill Blain via, New World – What To Do? “Stands the clock at ten to three, and is there honey still for tea?” A week ago on Monday morning I was furiously trying to get up to London, delayed yet again – because of a tree on the line. It was worth […]

In Coronavirus Crisis, 575 Groups Urge Halt To Electricity, Water Shutoffs

Washington – More than 575 utility justice, labor, faith, consumer and environmental groups urged state governors, mayors and utility regulators today to put a moratorium on electricity and water-utility shutoffs in response to the coronavirus crisis and resulting job losses. Today’s letter also called for deeper policy changes that deploy distributed solar and establish percentage-of-income water-payment systems […]

Coronavirus or democracy? Which crisis should Israelis be more worried about?

As of Friday, Israelis aren’t supposed to leave home except for the most vital of reasons — things like buying food, getting medical help, going to weddings and funerals in crowds of no more than 10. Oh, and participating in demonstrations. The inclusion of that “you can still go out and protest” clause on the […]

Face Surveillance Is Not the Solution to the COVID-19 Crisis

By Matthew Guariglia In the current moment, governments may be tempted to funnel scarce public health resources into the use of face recognition to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Public health crises, especially a global pandemic, may require extraordinary measures in favor of the public good—but invasive face surveillance is not in the public’s interest. […]

Bernie Sanders Blasts CNN Reporter: ‘I’m Dealing With a F**king Global Crisis’

Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted a CNN reporter on Wednesday after he was asked about the future of his flailing presidential campaign, saying: “I’m dealing with a fucking global crisis.” “Right now I’m trying to do my best to make sure that we don’t have an economic meltdown and that people don’t die,” Sanders told CNN […]

‘It is going to be very, very difficult to oust Netanyahu’ in the midst of COVID-19 crisis

“Ayman Odeh, the leader of the Palestinian Joint List.” — ‘At the time of the isolation, over 600 Arab and Jewish medical professionals teach us that we can live together in peace and equality.’ ‘The voice of an Arab citizen in the polls is the voice of an Arab doctor in the operating room.’ _______________________________________________________________________ […]

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Trump administration has slapped new sanctions on Iran

Yesterday, Iran confirmed 16,169 COVID-19 cases in its country and 988 deaths. The virus’s crushing impact on Iran has no doubt been compounded by the United State’s sanctions, which have been devastating for the country’s economy. Many have called on sanctions to be suspended, but today Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he’s instituting even […]

Coronavirus pandemic now on Africa’s doorstep … is a whole new crisis looming?

(Natural News) Over the past months, the COVID-19 outbreak has quickly worked its way out of Asia and into Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Now, another continent is beginning to feel the effects of the global pandemic — Africa. As of writing time, Africa has nearly 450 cases of COVID-19, spread within 30 of […]

COVID-19 Coronavirus: The Crisis

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Podcast: Vanessa Beeley Unpacks the Idlib Crisis and the Fight for Syria’s Oil, Gas and Water

Welcome to MintCast, the official weekly MintPress News podcast hosted by Mnar Muhawesh and Whitney Webb. MintCast is an interview podcast featuring dissenting voices, independent researchers and journalists who the establishment would rather silence. In this episode, we are joined by journalist Vanessa Beeley, who is covering the conflict in Syria from Damascus for MintPress […]

‘The situation is horrific’: Palestinians face coronavirus crisis at West Bank checkpoints

Every morning, thousands of West Bank Palestinian workers commute to their workplaces in Israeli and Palestinian towns beyond the Green Line via Israeli military checkpoints. Workers, who have to obtain military permits to cross, usually lineup in crowded, narrow metal-barred lanes at Israeli checkpoints before dawn. Due to the coronavirus spread, Palestinians are highly concerned […]

The Corona Crisis Will Define Our Era

Mike Pence bowed his head in prayer. Around him in the White House, some of the world’s most prominent scientists were gathered. It was February 26th when the US vice-president and the scientists united in prayer, for—or, rather, against—the coronavirus epidemic. As governor of Indiana, Pence had made a name for himself driving drastic cuts […]

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