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Don’t expect Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris to be critical of Israel

Yesterday the New York Times ran a piece on all the Democratic presidential prospects visiting New York to raise money: “The First 2020 Race Is Underway: Scrambling for New York Donors.” A candidate needs “to construct a $30 million war chest by the end of 2019,” Shane Goldmacher wrote. New York will be crucial to that […]

EFAIL: Critical Flaw in PGP Implementations in Email Clients

EFAIL: Critical Flaw in PGP Implementations in Email Clients May 16th, 2018 Via: EFAIL: The EFAIL attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards to reveal the plaintext of encrypted emails. In a nutshell, EFAIL abuses active content of HTML emails, for example […]

Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors

Here is a sad story about the way the Philadelphia Jewish community is using its energy and resources: battling any criticism of Israel in the local press. Last Thursday,, the website for two Philadelphia newspapers, published an op-ed piece by Susan Abulhawa, the Palestinian novelist, protesting the fact that the Philadelphia Orchestra was planning […]

Staged Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria? Why We need Critical Thinking

Next Story I have 20 years experience teaching critical thinking. Today I teach critical thinking at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, and the rest of the time I travel, teaching critical thinking to students in poor and rich countries around the world. I do this because I believe understanding how to identify fact from fiction is […]

Free-range children? Unstructured play is critical for kids & their brain development

     Unstructured play is play without predetermined rules of the game. There are no organized teams, uniforms, coaches or trainers. It is spontaneous, often made-up on the spot, and changeable as the day goes on. It is the kind of play you see when puppies chase each other around a yard in endless circles or […]

Facebook Suspends Whistleblower Chris Wylie: A Critical Misstep?

Next Story Facebook’s decision to suspend the account of whistleblower Christopher Wylie on March 19 is an interesting test case for the reach—and overreach—of our social media giants. Recall that the former Cambridge Analytica data scientist had spearheaded his company’s efforts to mine data from tens of millions of Facebook users without their consent. His […]

EXCLUSIVE: Skripal’s Daughter ‘No Longer In Critical Condition After Alleged Poisoning by Novichok

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CNA and Retiring Head RoseAnn DeMoro Leave Labor in Critical Condition

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA — “C’mon people, what are some more nurses values?” I was nearly four months into my stint in the communications office at the California Nurses Association, or CNA, when I found myself in a half-lit, mildewed, second-floor conference room in the union’s downtown Oakland office, seated among a clutch of maybe seven or […]

Why Training Women In Nonviolent Resistance Is Critical To Movement Success

Why Training Women In Nonviolent Resistance Is Critical To Movement Success Above Photo: Getty Images In the year since Trump’s inauguration, we have seen an outpouring of popular mobilization in resistance to his administration’s policies. Crowd estimates suggest that 5.2-9 million people took to the streets in the United States to protest Trump’s policies or points of view […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2018 (Update 9 ***CRITICAL INFORMATION + 3 WARNINGS***)

You may have heard news that US-backed Kurdish forces are joining with pro-Assad militia forces to face off against Turkey’s forces in northern Syria. You may have also heard that US and Russian ships are headed for the Black Sea. THIS IS HAPPENING BECAUSE TRUMP, PUTIN, AND SULEIMANI ARE JOINING FORCES TO WAR AGAINST THE […]

85% of Iranians critical of US government: Poll

IRNA – Eighty-five percent of Iranians are against the US approach towards Iran, a recent poll has found. The survey conducted a week after the recent unrests across Iran by the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland (CISSM) and IranPoll, suggested that 85 percent of Iranians have a very unfavorable opinion of President […]

Critical analysis reveals that cryptocurrency ICO "white papers" are mostly complete crap written by clueless noobs who all thought they were the next Steve Jobs

(Natural News) The year 2017 was a big year for cryptocurrency – not only for crypto-king Bitcoin, but also for the hundreds (or even thousands) of new initial coin offerings, or ICOs, that popped up, promising big returns for little investment. But a new analysis by accounting giant Ernst and Young reveals […]

Russia highly critical of US anti-JCPOA policies: Envoy

IRNA – Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan says Iran has complied with and fully implemented its 2015 nuclear deal with G5+1, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), adding that Moscow is highly critical of the US policies in this regard. In a meeting with Isfahan Governor General Mohsen Mehralizadeh on Saturday, […]

4 Critical Events that Gave Rise to the American Truth Movement

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times “To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.” ~ G. Edward Griffin Too often something major happens that forever alters the relationship between government and the citizenry, yet is insufficiently explained by the media. Government spokespersons and mainstream media recite an ‘official’ version of the […]

U.S. government faces critical ‘Brain Drain’ of sanctions experts

Foreign Policy l COLUM LYNCH, ROBBIE GRAMER, DAN DE LUCE: In his first year in office, President Donald Trump has repeatedly promoted international sanctions as a powerful tool to compel countries such as Iran and North Korea to yield to Washington’s demands. But the Trump administration has been gradually sidelining diplomats and other civil servants responsible for advocating […]

Science Shows How Our Mind Plays A Critical Role In Healing Our Body

By Arjun Walia The interaction of our thoughts with the physical material world is of huge interest today, garnering increasing attention by academics around the world. Despite a wealth of scientific data showing that one can influence the other, and even more evidence proving that certain emotional states can lead to chronic illness, many who work in mainstream medicine remain […]

Act To Protect Critical Independent Voices On The Internet

Act To Protect Critical Independent Voices On The Internet Above Photo: From Note: The actions of corporations in league with government to silence independent reporting on the Internet makes it essential for each of us to act with intention to overcome their censorship. As a group we can turn their efforts to censor us into […]

Israel prevents Omar Barghouti from accompanying his mother to Jordan for critical surgery

This is to share with you that ​Israel has effectively banned me from traveling to Amman, Jordan to accompany my mother during her upcoming critical surgery. My mother, Wafieh Barghouti, is 75 years old. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and has been fighting it every since with bravery, dignity, and lots […]

The Contradictions & Impossibilities Of The “Holocaust by Bullets” Allegation & Why It’s Critical The Story Is Believed

By John Wear The “Holocaust by Bullets” is becoming an increasingly popular theme among defenders of the Holocaust story. The allegation is that the Einsatzgruppen with support of the German army attempted to murder every Jew in the Soviet Union. This article will discuss the absurdity of this allegation. The Traditional Analysis Jewish Princeton University historian Arno […]

Apocalypse Humanity 6.0; Critical Knowledge for All

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT VIDEO … Geoengineering combined with human pollution from mass consumption, travel and corporate activities are decimating all life on Earth. Chemtrails along with ground based NEXRAD weather modifiers and cooling towers releasing water vapors to seed clouds around the world are engaged in a massive terra forming of Earth. UV […]

Beyond clickbait: Mondoweiss delivers critical analysis from leading experts

Today, in A Thousand Voices for Truth, I want to highlight the ways Mondoweiss coverage of Palestine goes beyond the surface to provide analytical depth from leading experts. I’m proud that among the voices we have published regularly are researchers at the leading edge of scholarship. Their critical analyses help reveal the reality beyond the […]

Tax Bill To Preserve Critical Credits For Wind, Solar & Electric Vehicles

The booming renewable energy industry is breathing a wary sigh of relief as Congress prepares to vote this week on a sweeping tax bill that preserves critical tax credits for wind energy, solar power and electric vehicles. As lawmakers were working over the past week to resolve issues between the House and Senate versions of the bill, […]

The creep of critical theory at Wilfrid Laurier

     The social justice movement is known for routinely staging demonstrations, shouting down (and shutting down) speakers, and issuing demands. More significantly, however, its ideas and terminology have become part of the fabric of university culture. As psychologist Jonathan Haidt said in an interview earlier this year: This is all so new. There’s been, I […]

Barrett Brown Is Writing A Book Critical Of The Justice Department

Above Photo: Free Barrett Brown twitter Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. They are Making it Hard by Trying to Prevent Him Being Paid His Advance. I just heard from my publisher, Farrar Strauss and Giroux, […]

Advisory panel says “cyber 9/11” against critical infrastructure is extremely likely — why you need to prepare for it NOW

(Natural News) An industry advisory group just issued the latest dire warning regarding America’s extremely vulnerable critical infrastructure: We are living in “a pre-9/11 moment” and we’re running short on time to dramatically improve cyber security before someone — a nation-state, a terrorist group or a lone actor — decimates it. As reported by […]

12 Critical Events That Are Going to Happen Over a 40 Day Period from August 21st to September 30th

We are about to witness an extremely unusual convergence of events that many believe could represent a major turning point for our nation. By now you have probably heard that on August 21st a total solar eclipse will move across the entire continental United States for the first time in decades. In fact, we have […]

Gaza Three Years After the War: Ten Critical Observations


BYE BYE First Amendment: Democrats Join Republicans In Bill Criminalizing Speech Critical Of Israel

Named the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, the bill so far has garnered support from 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats in the Senate. A similar piece of legislation introduced in the House of Representatives has 237 co-sponsors—63 Democrats and 174 Republicans. With the intent to suppress the BDS movement and others allied with the boycott against Israel, the Israel Anti-Boycott […]

SHOCKER: Washington Post Publishes OpEd Critical of Pro-Israel Law Which Shuts Down BDS

21st Century Wire says… It’s no secret that the US mainstream media enforces a very tight party line when it comes to saying anything about Israel. Generally speaking, any criticism of the ‘Jewish State’ normally ends up in the editorial waste bin. The reason for this should be academic by now: powerful Israeli Lobby exists […]

Hate Speech vs. Free Speech: A Critical Analysis by Constitutional Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

By Sujit Choudhry Since its inception as America’s founding political document, there have been 27 amendments to the United States Constitution. Even the most adept scholars can rarely name and define each one. Many amendments are obscure and deal with legal nuances like changes in representation and how to handle US citizens who […]

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