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On Eve of Insurrection, Pastor Mark Burns Fired Up Crowd To Fight For Trump, Insisted Biden Would Never Be President  

Mark Burns, a South Carolina preacher whom TIME magazine once called Donald Trump’s “most vocal pastor,” riled up Trump loyalists at a rally on the eve of the Capitol insurrection by telling them, “We’re ready to do war!” Burns called the struggle to overturn Joe Biden’s victory a war between good and evil and insisted that Biden would “never” […]

Great Reset Crowd In Frenzy to Dump Trump ASAP

Ron Wieczorek 17h  · Great Reset Crowd in Frenzy To Use ‘Jan. 6’ To Oust Trump Immediately, Impose Emergency DictatesJan. 8 (EIRNS)—This morning President Donald Trump made two announcements on his briefly restored Twitter service. He will not attend the Jan. 20 Biden inauguration. And he will serve as the “GIANT VOICE” for the interests of the […]

Violent Democrat Crowd Attack Senator Hawley’s Home – Threatening Wife and Newborn Baby

Far-left Democrat supporters swarmed and attacked Senator Josh Hawley’s Washington DC home on Monday night, threatening his wife and newborn baby. Senator Hawley was in Missouri during the attack. But his wife Erin and their newborn baby were at home at the time. reports: Their fake news media will, no doubt, ignore this latest […]

Crowd Erupts in Cheers as Giuliani Tells AZ Lawmakers: “Your Political Career Is Worth Losing if You Can Save the Right to Vote in USA”

President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis appeared before Arizona state lawmakers on Monday. The duo argued that the Democrats used mail-in ballots as a backup to steal the election when they realized they were about to lose on election night. Rudy was on top form during his opening argument. […]

Illinois Gov. Pritzker Parties with Biden Election Crowd Despite Calling for State to Lock Down

Illinois’ Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker is once again making grave proclamations about shutting his state down due to the coronavirus. Still, despite the draconian measures to “save lives,” the governor was also seen partying in crowded Chicago streets last week celebrating Joe Biden’s purported 2020 election win. Photos of the gov. partying with Chicagoans showed […]

‘Red Sky at Night’: Massive Crowd for Trump in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Tens of thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered under a red evening sky in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for the penultimate rally of the 2020 presidential campaign. With temperatures at 47º Fahrenheit, and the wind blowing steadily from the west, the weather was cold, with the wind chill at 41º. But that did not deter […]

Minnesota Democrats Try To Ban Huge Crowd of Trump Supporters From Rally — EPIC FAILURE!

Minnesota Democrat leaders tried to use their power to stop President Trump holding a huge rally with all of his supporters. After thousands of patriots signed up to attend the rally on Friday in Rochester, Democrat state party poopers announced only allowed 250 people would be allowed to attend the Trump event. So a huge […]

WATCH: Trump Shows Florida Crowd Video of Joe Biden Calling for Cuts to Social Security, Medicare

President Donald Trump treated his supporters at a rally at The Villages in Florida on Friday to a recorded video of former Vice President Joe Biden talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare, among other benefits. “The video I’m about to play was created by Crazy Bernie earlier this year to expose Joe Biden’s atrocious […]

Dangerous Use Of Crowd-Control Weapons Against Protestors And Medics

“Now they seem to just want to hurt us.” Portland, OR – Regardless of where we are, we are living in a reign of violence in which “we can’t breathe.” We are witnessing a global downward trend in terms of respect for fundamental human rights, freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. In most parts […]

American Patriots Bring Rally to POTUS; Massive Crowd Outside Walter Reed Chant “Four More Years”

A massive crowd of Trump supporters outside the Walter Reed Hospital has grown over the last 24 hours, with many carrying signs and carrying Trump banners to show support for our POTUS. On Friday night, Trump noticed the gathering of supporters outside of the hospital and sent his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows out to […]

Crowd at Trump Rally Chant ‘LOCK HER UP’ at Ilhan Omar

Attendees at President Trump’s rally on Wednesday chanted “lock her up” after POTUS slammed Rep. Ilhan Omar over her links to an illegal ballot harvesting scam. Trump warned of the dangers of allowing refugees to resettle in Minnesota while noting Joe Biden’s pledge to massively increase refugee admissions. “Another massive issue for Minnesota is the […]

Mullatto Bitch Runs Car Into White MAGA crowd in Communist California

Daily Mail: A Black Lives Matter organizer has been arrested after video showed her driving a car into a crowd of Trump supporters in southern California, injuring two. Driver Tatiana Turner, 40, of Long Beach, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon following the incident on Saturday in the city of Yorba […]

Video: BLM Crowd Told Police “Get Ready To F***ing Die” Before Shooting

Target stores as far as 20 minutes drive away from downtown Louisville have been boarded up in preparation for potential riots and looting in response to the grand jury decision over the killing of Breonna Taylor. The decision is set to be announced by Kentucky’s Attorney General this afternoon, prompting fears that violent unrest will […]

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Shocked by Large Crowd Watching Football Game: ‘We Are Still in a Pandemic, People!!!’

MSNBC host Joy Reid took great exception to a video showing a large crowd attending a high school football in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday. Reid claims that it is too “dangerous” have large crowds during a “pandemic.” Reid was commenting on a story by Jacksonville TV station and CBS affiliate, Action News Jax, which had […]

BLM Crash Louisville and Demand Kentucky Derby Canceled, Crowd of Fed-Up Patriots Push Back

Black Lives Matter protesters descended on Louisville on Saturday to protest the Kentucky Derby, demanding the cancelation of the event to protest racial justice. But unlike in other cities, the BLM protesters did not have things their own way, as a huge crowd of patriots with guns and US flags showed up to ensure the […]

Huge Crowd Gathers at Buckingham Palace, Demands ‘Pedophile’ Prince Andrew Face Justice

A huge crowd of anti-child trafficking campaigners and pedophile hunters gathered outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday, demanding Prince Andrew face justice for his involvement in his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s child trafficking ring. Protesters chanted accusations of “pedophile” outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, while waving banners featuring Prince Andrew’s face and containing messages condemning his crimes. The […]

Huge Crowd Gathers at Buckingham Palace, Demands ‘Pedophile’ Prince Andrew Face Justice

A huge crowd of anti-child trafficking campaigners and pedophile hunters gathered outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday, demanding Prince Andrew face justice for his involvement in his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s child trafficking ring. Protesters chanted accusations of “pedophile” outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, while waving banners featuring Prince Andrew’s face and containing messages condemning his crimes. The […]

Massive Crowd Shouts “Pedophile” at Buckingham Palace Gates, MSM Silent

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Tips For Cooking For A Crowd

Even for the best hosts, cooking for a large group can be an unnerving experience. To avoid getting stressed out by the thoughts of what could go wrong, you need to budget well and plan in detail in good time for the party. Know the number of guests you expect […]

A Huge Crowd Funded Machine Is About To Start Cleaning Up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Next Story In the Pacific ocean North East of Hawaii, exists a giant whirlpool of debris accumulated by the ocean currents, which is now scientifically referred to as the North Pacific Gyre. It’s one of the largest ecosystems on Earth, comprising millions of square kilometres. Today it’s better known as “The Great Garbage Patch,” an […]

Breaking: Fatalities Confirmed After Vehicle Plows into Crowd in Münster, Germany

A van crashed into a crowd of people outside a restaurant in Germany this afternoon – killing three people and injuring more than 30 others. Authorities are treating the incident, which happened outside the four-star eatery Grosser Kiepenkerl, in Münster, as a terror attack – although this is yet to be officially confirmed. First pictures […]

Israel Renews Slaughter of Palestinians – Opens Fire on Unarmed Crowd, Uses Drones to Gas Protesters

Although estimates vary, it looks like 17 Palestinians were murdered and over 1,000 injured during an unarmed protest of around 30,000 on the Gaza border that started on Friday, March 30th. A significant number of the casualties are children. Israeli troops, snipers and even a tank opened fire on a crowd that was close to […]

VIDEO: PA crowd chants ‘CNN sucks!’ as Trump slams ‘fake as hell’ network

VIDEO: PA crowd chants ‘CNN sucks!’ as Trump slams ‘fake as hell’ network American Mirror March 11, 2018 President Trump tore into fake as hell CNN tonight as he campaigned in Pennsylvania for a special election congressional candidate. Trump: “Fake as hell CNN. The worst. So fake. Fake news. Their ratings are lousy.” — […]

Car Plows into Crowd in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Injuring at Least 15

At least 15 people have been injured after a car was rammed into a crowd in Rio de Janeiro near Copacabana beach. It’s unclear if the incident is a terrorist act. A car was driven onto the sidewalk on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro Thursday night, running down pedestrians. The driver then attempted to […]

Shocking Footage Shows Crowd Of Hungry Venezuelans Slaughtering A Cow In The Open

ZeroHedge| Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s plan to order markets to slash prices of food – an attempt to combat speculation and rampant inflation of the bolivar – has apparently backfired as mobs of hungry Venezuelans have started looting supermarkets and slaughtering cattle in the open to survive, Reuters  reports. Last week, we reported on near-riots […]

Untold Tales: Their Crowd

Sencha takes a look at “our greatest ally”, the chosen tribe running the United States, which uses the gullible goyim to further their objectives in a bipartisan manner. Download Source Article from 00 Hits: 1

Bus Driver Plows Into Crowd In Moscow, Killing Five

Image Credits: @Makargeneralov / Instagram. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

More Than a Dozen Injured as Driver Deliberately Plows Into Melbourne Crowd

Editor’s note: Police said the incident was likely not terrorism. This is very obviously a complete denial of reality and a pathetically ham-handed attempt at narrative control. Mundilfury. A man rammed a car into pedestrians and Christmas shoppers in a bustling area of Australia’s second-largest city on Thursday, injuring at least 18 other people in […]

8 Dead After Truck Driver Plows Into NYC Crowd, Shouts "Allahu Akbar" In "Cowardly Act Of Terror"

Live Feed: In an attack that bears the hallmarks of recent terror assaults in the UK, Spain and France, a truck veered into the West Side Highway bike lane at 3:15pm on Tuesday afternoon, and mowed down cyclists and pedestrians, leaving at least eight dead and up to 15 injured near […]

Democrat ‘Crowd Hire’ Company Paid Rioters $25 An Hour To ‘Terrorize’ Charlottesville

The discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday has raised questions about whether paid rioters were hired by a Democratic organization to commit acts of terror at Charlottesville.  The ad, posted one week before the Charlottesville protests, were sourced by a liberal Los Angeles based “public relations firm specializing in innovative events” to serve as […]

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