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A resurrection followed by a crucifixion: The story of Diego Armando Maradona

The bargain-basement recruitment of the wayward Barcelona vagabond by troubled Napoli, perpetually battling relegation from Italy’s Serie A, was the greatest piece of transfer business in football history, but only for the club not for Maradona. What followed was a resurrection – the club rose and rose to domestic and international championships – and then […]

Crucifixion: What Was It Like?

This is the website of Lasha Darkmoon, an anglo-American academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. You can read more about Darkmoon here. Source Article from Related Posts Plants owned by prominent family cost public health $340m in 2018 — report Factories connected to the Ofer family, one of […]

Kavanaugh Crucifixion Completely Backfires, Republicans More Fired-Up Than Ever Before

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 5, 2018 I predicted thith. I predicted thith. I predicted thith. It is exactly what I said, and now we have the data. The FBI totally cleared Kavanaugh, and now the Republicans – all of them, not just the base – are more united and fired up […]

The Kavanaugh Crucifixion: Quote on Political Smear Techniques from Plato’s Republic

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 28, 2018 Aggressive smear campaigns against political opponents, using a coalition of the media and the opposition to destroy the character of an individual, are nothing at all new. Even back in the 4th century BC, the techniques used on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were well […]

UK – The Crucifixion of Jeremy Corbyn

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,983 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Study Reveals How UK Intelligence Works with Media to Smear Jeremy Corbyn The United Kingdom goes to the polls December 12 in a pivotal vote that will Jeremy […]

The Crucifixion of Kanye West

The Crucifixion of Kanye West They’re now calling him a white supremacist and a Russian agent Paul Joseph Watson May 3, 2018 The media is now calling Kanye a white supremacist. Yes, really. Please share this video: SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet Facebook: ********************* Paul Joseph Watson is the […]

Another Saturday morning outside a local abortion mill…

Related Posts US public education: Bullshit to train stupefied work animals. Physical Education fails to declare US national emergency of unfit, unhappy humans in body and mind “One of the most salient features of our culture is that there Battle over Palestine may spill into Democratic convention Rania Khalek Activism and BDS […]

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