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Gideon Levy: a Quiet, Cruel Population Transfer in South Hebron Hills

Demolished homes in Al Mufaqara, last week. Credit: Alex Levac Demolition of Palestinian homes – last week’s excuse was to create Israeli “nature reserves,” this week a “firing zone” – causes now-homeless Mahmoud Hamamdi to ask, “Who is the terrorist: the one who builds a house or the one who demolishes a house?” by Gideon […]

‘Slow, cruel assassination’: Assange’s mother blasts US & UK for treatment of whistleblower

“My son Julian Assange is being slowly, cruelly & unlawfully assassinated by the US and UK Governments, for multi-award winning journalism revealing war crimes & corruption!” she wrote. She also tweeted a link to a report from a United Nations expert who called for a stop to the “collective persecution” of the whistleblower. My son […]

Cruel and Unusual: City Plays ‘Baby Shark’ Song on Loop to Drive Out Homeless People

Elias Marat, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times Across the United States, rising income inequality and surging homelessness is leading cities to introduce brutal measures meant to drive out people living on the streets. From hostile architecture like unneeded bike racksto “bum-proof” benches and spikes on every surface imaginable, cities large and small are doing all they can to […]

In first, Agriculture Ministry admits to cruel conditions on animal transports

A damning report about conditions aboard ships that transport live animals for fattening and slaughter in Israel has emerged from within Israel’s Agriculture Ministry for the first time. Dr. Lauren Stein, a veterinary inspector in the ministry’s import and export department, told a closed workshop held in Romania earlier this month about the “common problems” […]

‘Frustratingly cruel’: Farmer fury grows over New Zealand government’s climate change plans

   Condemnation of the Government’s plans to address climate change is growing within the rural sector with claims stock would have to be culled to reach the proposed targets. The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill will create a legally binding objective to limit global warming to no more than 1.5°C with a net […]

Why are the Brits so dang cruel toward animals?

    ‘EXTREME SUFFERING’ Almost 50,000 animals have been killed in 7 years at secret MoD research base Animals at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory were shot, blown up, gassed and poisoned By David Wooding, Sunday Political Editor The Sun ALMOST 50,000 animals have been killed in experiments by military scientists at a top […]

Erdogan: Netanyahu Is An ‘Oppressor, Cruel, At The Head Of State Terror’

Tensions between Turkey and Israel were ratcheted on Sunday, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be an “oppressor”. Netanyahu hit back in a speech, later the same day, calling Erdogan an “anti-Semitic dictator” who is “obsessed with Israel.” Speaking to a […]

MSNBC Uses Video From Obama Years to Claim Trump is Cruel to Illegal Immigrants

MSNBC Uses Video From Obama Years to Claim Trump is Cruel to Illegal Immigrants Louder With Crowder December 17, 2018 I dont have to tell you how the leftist media is full of lying douchenozzles who wouldnt know the truth if it had its teeth clamped tight around their berries. So, in the absence of […]

A cruel, yet very usual Israeli incident that almost nobody knows about

The Abu Hmeid home in Amari refugee camp in Ramallah after it was blown up by the Israeli army. (WAFA Images / Huthayfa Srour) The illegal Israeli occupation continues its illegal collective punishment by demolishing the home of an alleged terrorist’s family and terrorizing the entire neighborhood. by Kathryn Shihadah Few news services covered this […]

‘A cruel choice’: Why Israel targets Palestinian schools

Several Palestinian students, along with teachers and officials, were wounded in the Israeli army attack on a school south of Nablus in the West Bank on 15 October. The students of Al- Sawiya Al-Lebban Mixed School were challenging an Israeli military order to shut down their school based on the ever-versatile accusation of the school being a […]


Online researcher and columnist Staś. View all posts by Staś Source Article from Related Posts Jewish Sophist Dr. Michael L. Brown Exposed! Source Article from Christopher Jon Bjerknes Confronts Ultra-Zionist Jew Dr. Michael L. Brown Over Noahide Laws Source Article from Gen. Michael Flynn’s New Lawyers Request 40 Documents They Say Will […]

Hurricane Florence Highlights The Cruel Reality Of Factory Farming

Hurricane Florence Highlights The Cruel Reality Of Factory Farming Above Photo: Broiler chickens (chickens raised for meat) are the top agricultural commodity in North Carolina. In 2015, 823 million broiler chickens were raised in the state. (Photo credit: North Carolina Department of Agriculture) In 1999, Hurricane Floyd tore through North Carolina, killing 74 people and causing $6.5 billion in […]

Criminalizing Homeless for Sleeping Outside Is Cruel, Federal Appeals Court Rules

A federal appeals court ruled the Eighth Amendment against cruel and inhuman punishment prohibits the city of Boise from prosecuting homeless individuals who sleep outside on public property when they have no home or bed in a shelter. Six current and former residents of Boise, Idaho, sued the city over two ordinances that were used […]

Fighting the Cruel Demand that Palestinians Forget Their History

As a regular reader of Mondoweiss, I’m pleased and privileged to write to you today and urge you to donate as I do, so Mondoweiss can persist in exposing injustice and spreading truth. I began my journey to Palestinian solidarity in the late 1980s as a Jewish student in the library of Manchester University. I […]

Cruel Democrats Reject Bill To End Family Separations At Border

Democrat lawmakers rejected a permanent solution to ending the separation of illegal immigrant families at the border, claiming new legislation proposed by the Republicans would bolster Trump’s popularity.  The cruel and calculated move by Democrats forced Trump to sign an executive order on Wednesday, temporarily halting the practice of separating illegal immigrant families apprehended at the border. […]

America’s Treatment of Palestinians Has Grown Horrendously Cruel

On May 14, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin smiled for pictures in front of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Big day for Israel,“ Donald Trump tweeted. “Congratulations!“ Meanwhile, just miles away in Gaza, Yazan Ibraheem Mohammed Al-Tubassi lay dying after repeatedly being shot by […]

Gaza: A Cruel Testing Ground for Israel’s Weapons-Marketing Campaign

GAZA — A recent photo that was posted online from the Great Return March in Gaza read “Apartheid Israel is ‘Field-Testing’ Weapons Here!” suggesting that Israel is using Gaza as a testing ground for new weapons, which it then markets and sells as “battle proven.” This was not the first time that disturbing allegations of […]

Cruel and unusual? Oklahoma officials want to use nitrogen gas for executions

(Natural News) After months of being denied the drugs needed for lethal injections, the state of Oklahoma will turn to nitrogen gas instead. This will make it the first U.S. state to carry out the death penalty through this method. The announcement was made at a news conference by Oklahoma State Attorney […]

Why Are We Israelis So Cruel to So Many?

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,870 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Nothing to declare? Two French-Israelis indicted on money laundering charges In a rare money-laundering-related indictment, Israeli prosecutors have charged two French-Israelis, Adam Ivgi, 33, and Israelis were ‘saddened’ […]

Ron Paul: The Cruel Medical Device Tax Must Stop

Ron Paul: The Cruel Medical Device Tax Must Stop By ns_admin In case you had not heard, the government shutdown ended yesterday as Democrats relented in their opposition to the Continuing Resolution. The Democrats struck a deal with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring an immigration reform bill to the floor as soon as […]

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