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Horrible video of a cruel teenager sprayed dog in toxic paint for fun

The little fellow, dubbed Muneca (which is Spanish for dool) was compelled to take a bath filled in blue paint; the man in the photo, Carlos Manuel Jimenez, thought it was extremely funny and did not hesitate to brag about his actions on social media. Munca is not a stray, she does have owners, but […]

Cruel single mother left dogs to starve and threw them out with the rubbish

Heartless single mother left her two pet dogs to starve in empty house after she moved out because she had split up with boyfriend. Sheridan Greer, 23, locked her dogs in the kitchen without food or water, she threw Staffordshire Bull terriers out with the rubbish after they died single mother said she struggled to […]

A Cruel Attack On The Disabled

A Cruel Attack On The Disabled Above photo: By Scott Olsen, Getty Images. You might have missed it amid the impeachment coverage, but the Trump administration has recently rolled out plans for draconian cuts to everything from Medicaid to school lunches. Latest on the chopping block? Social Security disability payments. Cuts to the social safety net are often justified […]

Cruel owner throwing his pets from high-rise windows because of misinformation about Coronavirus

Pets are being thrown from high-rise windows by their owners, because of misinformation about coronavirus. The photo (above) is a little French Bulldog, thrown to his death. Dogs and cats do ‘not’ spread coronavirus. Once-loved pet dogs and cats smashed little bodies lay in car parks, in pools of their own blood where they’ve hit […]

Horrific video for cruel man stabbed German Shepherd in his head by the knife

This brave German Shepherd sits calmly with her owner – just minutes after burglary stabbed an eight inch blade into her skull. The six-year-old family pet, named Bella, needed emergency surgery to remove the protruding knife after the horrific incident on Saturday. This shocking video shows how the robbers narrowly missed the animal’s eyes as […]

Cruel People Tied Heavy Rock to Senior Dog and Dumped Her in River to Drown

A woman was walking by the Trent River in Nottinghamshire, England, when she spotted the most devastating sight ever. A senior Belgian Shepherd was struggling to stay afloat. Luckily, the woman heard the calls for help and managed to get the dog out of the water. The poor animal was left to drown and the […]

Cruel woman she poured Incendiary materials on her dog and abandoned to die

Deputies in Baton Rouge charged Leslie Aguillard, 30, with theft of a vehicle, theft of an animal, cruelty to an animal and kill her dog. Click below to watch video Source Article from Hits: 19

Cruel man kicking and abused puppy in air during walk in park

UK man, who was seen kicking a dog and yanking it into the air in a video which was posted on YouTube, has been sentenced to eight weeks in prison. The footage was uploaded to YouTube and a Facebook campaign to track down the hooded man was organised. Twenty-four-year-old Arthur Kent, of Welling, London was […]

Cruel man chains dog to a car and drags him by the neck in city streets until he died

The video, that was recorded, shows a poor dog, who was dragged behind his owner’s truck! The dog was tied via a long metal chain! The was trying his best to keep up with the car’s speed. But sadly, the dog failed to stand on 4, and got dragged on the road. Unfortunately, the poor […]

Kitten dyed purple with abused and beaten by cruel group and thrown as bait to fighting dogs

Dropped off at the steps of an animal shelter was a tiny kitten unlike anything they had ever seen. The abused, purple kitty was on the brink of death and needed immediate care. This tiny kitten was found on the steps of a shelter. He had been beaten, abused and dyed purple. They brought the […]

Cruel Teenager Repeatedly Punching An Injured Kangaroo In The Face In Australia

Social media users are outraged after a video went viral showing a teenager repeatedly punching an injured kangaroo in the face in the Australia NSW town of Culcairn. The video appeared on Snapchat Monday and has since prompted an investigation from the RSPCA. Disturbing footage of a man repeatedly punching a kangaroo has surfaced […]

Cruel teens arrested after they brutally chopped three puppies heads off by axe

When it comes to children there is a very essential need to make their upbringing a very ideal one, for this purpose the parents have to make a lot of struggle. Also it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children a difference between what is right and what is wrong and also […]

Cruel owner leaves his dog at with snout shut with a cable while being at work

This story speaks about a poor German Shepherd, whose snout was shut with a cable tie by its owner. The dog was not able to breathe in a proper way, but he was saved after 4 hours when one neighbor noticed the situation and contacted the police. The criminal in southern Australia was pleaded guilty […]

Monkey Gets Cruel Punishment For Stealing Food, And Awful Crowd Gathers To Cheer

This horrific story took place in India. A monkey was caught and punished merciless, as it stole some food from a supermarket. It just wanted to feed himself, but there were just careless people in the city. So, they decided to tie the poor ape up, instead of helping it. This is really unbelievable! How […]

CRUEL People Out There Feeding Dogs Bread & Sausages Containing Nails and Needles!

CRUEL People Out There Feeding Dogs Bread & Sausages Containing Nails and Needles! Published 3 days agoon December 29, 2019 By Alief Esmail Source: Facebook ShareTweet Like us on Facebook for great stories daily! Tap to listen to this article instead: We humans don’t deserve to live on Earth.  Ever since history was recorded, man […]

Cruel Woman Beat Her Service Dog To Death With A Hammer & Felt No Remorse

The dog survived the attack, but sadly had to be euthanized due to the severity of his injuries. Erie Police arrived at Robinson’s home after she called in a burglary. She initially told police that someone had broken into her home and beat her puppy. “What my humane officer saw was cold blooded murder. It […]

Iran slams ‘cruel’ judo ban, says it’s based on ‘false claims’

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s judo federation on Wednesday slammed a newly imposed ban on its fighters taking part in international competitions, saying it was based on “false claims.” The International Judo Federation said Tuesday it had banned Iran indefinitely over the country’s refusal to allow its fighters to face Israeli opponents. The IJF issued a […]

The two-state solution is a cruel delusion, and an idol in Washington

In a couple of weeks J Street will have its conference in Washington, featuring a lot of Democratic presidential hopefuls, and it will say that the two-state solution is alive, the dream will never die! Then in November, another liberal Zionist group, the Israel Policy Forum is holding an annual event in New York that will […]

Gideon Levy: a Quiet, Cruel Population Transfer in South Hebron Hills

Demolished homes in Al Mufaqara, last week. Credit: Alex Levac Demolition of Palestinian homes – last week’s excuse was to create Israeli “nature reserves,” this week a “firing zone” – causes now-homeless Mahmoud Hamamdi to ask, “Who is the terrorist: the one who builds a house or the one who demolishes a house?” by Gideon […]

‘Slow, cruel assassination’: Assange’s mother blasts US & UK for treatment of whistleblower

“My son Julian Assange is being slowly, cruelly & unlawfully assassinated by the US and UK Governments, for multi-award winning journalism revealing war crimes & corruption!” she wrote. She also tweeted a link to a report from a United Nations expert who called for a stop to the “collective persecution” of the whistleblower. My son […]

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