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Danish Power Plant Turns Waste Into Energy — And Doubles as a Ski Slope and Climbing Wall

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times Forget Disney World, this is the happiest place on Earth. In Copenhagen, Denmark, a one-third mile ski course has been installed atop what is possibly the world’s greenest power plant. The whimsical destination even features ski lifts on the outside so visitors can see the inner workings of how the city’s trash […]

Danish MPs burst into hysterical laughter as PM talks about state purchase of ELEPHANTS & CAMEL

After 15 hours of political debate at Parliament’s opening, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen spoke about the state acquisition of the last four remaining Danish circus elephants so they can retire. She tried to keep a straight face, but it just happened – one giggle and the entire hall was laughing, as the Prime Minister […]

Trump Slams ‘Nasty’ Danish PM: DON’T Trash Talk the United States!

President Trump has slammed the “nasty” Danish Prime Minister for trash-talking the United States under his watch. Following Trump’s request to purchase Greenland from Denmark, top Danish officials, including the Prime Minister herself, mocked the American president for even suggesting the notion. Danish PM Mette Frederiksen called the idea “absurd.” “It’s an absurd discussion, and […]

Trump accused of ‘insulting’ Danish queen by cancelling trip over Greenland snub

On Wednesday, Trump announced he will be “postponing” his visit to Denmark, originally planned for early September, after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen refused to entertain his idea of the US buying Greenland, which is a Danish dependency. Danish politicians were baffled by Trump’s decision. Some even said his sudden move offends the nation’s ruling monarch, […]

Trump CANCELS meeting with Danish PM after she refuses to discuss selling Greenland

Trump thanked PM Mette Frederiksen for being “so direct” and sparing “a great deal of expense and effort” for both countries, which apparently have few pressing matters to discuss absent the gigantic and seemingly absurd real-estate purchase. The meeting, scheduled for two weeks into the future, would be postponed “for another time,” the president tweeted […]

‘We Don’t Know How Well Antidepressants Work’: Danish Study Blows Lid Off Flawed Medical Research

RT, Guest Waking Times Researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Centre have expressed alarm at research into the effectiveness of antidepressant medication, citing such degrees of widespread bias and systematic distortion that we can’t be certain they work. “We are not saying (anti-depression medication) doesn’t work. But the studies that have been done are often of […]

Danish PM resigns after left-wing party with strict immigration policy wins general election

Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen announced his resignation on Thursday, leaving the center-left Social Democrats to try to form a minority government. Led by Mette Frederiksen, the Social Democrats won nearly 26% of the vote, giving them 48 seats in parliament. In total, the “red bloc” coalition consisting of the Social Democrats, the Social Liberals, […]

Danish Muslims feel backlash as immigration policies become major election issue

   Growing numbers of Danish Muslims say they have faced verbal abuse, exclusion and hate crimes since mainstream political parties began adopting anti-immigrant policies previously the preserve of the far right. The ruling centre-right Liberal Party and the opposition Social Democrats both say a tough stance in immigration is needed to protect Denmark’s cherished welfare […]

‘We must be where Danes are’: Danish MP reaches out to voters on Pornhub

“We must be where the Danes are”, MP Joachim B. Olsen said in an interview to Danish daily Politiken. Olsen is a member of libertarian party the Liberal Alliance, whose campaign banners now target Danish porn viewers. The banner shows the smiling 41-year old politician with the text: “when you finish masturbating, vote for Jokke!” […]

Populist Danish Leader: “Danes en Route to Becoming a Minority in Their Own Country”

Populist Danish leader Rasmus Paludan stunned the political elite during a live debate when he warned, “Danes are en route to becoming a minority in their own country” by 2040. Paludan leads the Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party and is a prominent Danish lawyer. Summit reports: The statement was made during an election debate where […]

Danish Minister Tells Somalis ‘Go Home’ and ‘Rebuild Your Own Country’

Denmark’s immigration minister Inger Støjberg, a proud nationalist, has ordered Somali migrants to go home and work on making their own country great again after the Danish government ruled parts of Somalia are now safe. “If you no longer need our protection and your life and health are no longer at risk in your home […]

Game over: Danish jails reportedly cut internet after extremist content found on PlayStations

The information about Denmark’s prisons agency Kriminalforsorgen taking drastic steps towards improving security in its facilities appeared in Jyllands-Posten newspaper on Thursday. The paper claims that the prison regulator closed the secure SK-net network which provides internet access to prisoners in some jails. The report insists that the extremist material was discovered on four PlayStation […]

Petition forces Danish parliament to debate minimum age for circumcisions

The proposal was forced onto the agenda after more than 50,000 people signed a citizens’ petition calling for a minimum age of 18 for circumcision. The bill is scheduled to be debated in the autumn but appears unlikely to pass, given the lack of support from the country’s government. READ MORE: Amazon cuts circumcision ‘training […]

Danish Parliament Passes Ban on Burqa and Niqab

A majority in Denmark’s parliament has voted in favour of a ban on certain types of face-covering clothing in public, effectively banning the Islamic burqa and niqab from August 1st The Liberal, Conservative and Danish People’s parties all voted in favour of the bill, as did the opposition Social Democrats with the exception of MP […]

Danish MPs greenlight ban on wearing full face veils in public

     Danish lawmakers have voted in favor of a law prohibiting the wearing of full face veils, such as the niqab or burqa, in public. A repeat offender won’t face prison as proposed, but could receive a $1,600 fine. The majority of Danish MPs (75 against 30, with more than 74 absentees) adopted the law […]

Danish MPs greenlight ban on wearing burqa & niqab in public

The majority of Danish MPs (75 against 30, with more than 74 absentees) adopted the law commonly referred to as the ‘burqa ban’ on Thursday after weeks-long negotiations. Thus the country joined other European countries, which have already introduced similar restrictions, including Austria, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. READ MORE: Patient in medical mask stopped under burqa […]

Danish Immigration Minister: ‘Some Refugees Cheat, Lie and Abuse’

William, Defend Europa, 28 April 2018 Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg has provoked outrage amongst the liberal journalist class by appearing to commit the revolutionary crime of telling the truth about “refugees”. In a column for Danish newspaper BT, Støjberg explained that her ministry was regularly receiving information suggesting that refugees are abusing the benefits system and cheating in academic tests, […]

Cheat, lie and abuse – Danish immigration minister hits out at migrants

Minister Inger Stojberg of the ruling center-right Venstre party, cited a Facebook group that provides answers to Danish language and culture tests, which all migrants have to take in the Nordic country. “A significant group” of refugees who have come to Denmark “cheats, lies and abuses our trust,” she wrote in an editorial in BT, […]

Criticism After Danish School Cancels Christmas to Avoid ‘Preaching’ to Non-Christian Children

Parents of local children, education officials, and leading Danish politicians have criticized a primary school after it chose to cancel the traditional Christmas service, due to the presence of students of immigrant backgrounds. “We took the decision because we have children who are not Protestant,” Marianne Vederso Schmidt, the head of Gribskolen in Graested, a […]

Long lost village gifted by Danish king unearthed (PHOTOS)

Three farmhouses including two cellars from between the 14th-17th century were excavated at the site. One of the cellars was so big, it’s believed it came from a very large farm, Gunvor Christiansen, archaeologist with Roskilde Museum told RT. Historical sources suggest that the farms belonged to the village rulers and the manor was used […]

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