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Danish Warship Sunk in Famous 17th Century Battle Discovered

Marine archaeologists are bringing many shipwrecks to light and changing our view of the past. In the Baltic Sea , off the coast of Denmark, divers have found the wreck of the Delmenhorst, a famous Danish battleship. This Danish warship sank in a decisive Danish naval defeat that changed the balance of power in Northern […]

Warner Bros. Produce’s Danish Children’s TV Show Asking Kids To Evaluate Naked Adult Bodies

A Danish TV show for children is asking young kids aged 7-14 to comment on naked adult bodies, stirring controversy.  The program, “Ultra Strips Down,” puts a live audience of children in front of naked adults to “encourage body positivity,” as explained by the show’s producers to the New York Times. The program is seen on DR, […]

Danish PM opposes bill banning circumcision, citing ‘promise made’ to country’s Jews

Danish PM opposes bill banning circumcision, citing ‘promise made’ to country’s Jews – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 2

Kim Wall: Danish inventor admits killing Swedish journalist for first time in new documentary

The man who murdered Swedish journalist Kim Wall has admitted his guilt for the first time in new documentary clips. Danish inventor Peter Madsen was sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing of Kim Wall in his homemade submarine. The 30-year-old award-winning reporter had boarded the Nautilus vessel with Madsen on the evening of 10 […]

Danish parliament to debate bill that would ban non-medical circumcision

Danish parliament to debate bill that would ban non-medical circumcision – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement Hits: 1

Neoclassic Danish Painter Nicolai Abildgaard

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (September 11, 1743 – June 4, 1809) was a Danish neoclassical and royal history painter, sculptor, architect, and professor of painting, mythology, and anatomy at the New Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Wikipedia) Hits: 18

Petition forces Danish parliament to debate minimum age for circumcisions

The proposal was forced onto the agenda after more than 50,000 people signed a citizens’ petition calling for a minimum age of 18 for circumcision. The bill is scheduled to be debated in the autumn but appears unlikely to pass, given the lack of support from the country’s government. READ MORE: Amazon cuts circumcision ‘training […]

Danish Parliament Passes Ban on Burqa and Niqab

A majority in Denmark’s parliament has voted in favour of a ban on certain types of face-covering clothing in public, effectively banning the Islamic burqa and niqab from August 1st The Liberal, Conservative and Danish People’s parties all voted in favour of the bill, as did the opposition Social Democrats with the exception of MP […]

Danish MPs greenlight ban on wearing full face veils in public

     Danish lawmakers have voted in favor of a law prohibiting the wearing of full face veils, such as the niqab or burqa, in public. A repeat offender won’t face prison as proposed, but could receive a $1,600 fine. The majority of Danish MPs (75 against 30, with more than 74 absentees) adopted the law […]

Danish MPs greenlight ban on wearing burqa & niqab in public

The majority of Danish MPs (75 against 30, with more than 74 absentees) adopted the law commonly referred to as the ‘burqa ban’ on Thursday after weeks-long negotiations. Thus the country joined other European countries, which have already introduced similar restrictions, including Austria, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. READ MORE: Patient in medical mask stopped under burqa […]

Danish Immigration Minister: ‘Some Refugees Cheat, Lie and Abuse’

William, Defend Europa, 28 April 2018 Danish Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg has provoked outrage amongst the liberal journalist class by appearing to commit the revolutionary crime of telling the truth about “refugees”. In a column for Danish newspaper BT, Støjberg explained that her ministry was regularly receiving information suggesting that refugees are abusing the benefits system and cheating in academic tests, […]

Cheat, lie and abuse – Danish immigration minister hits out at migrants

Minister Inger Stojberg of the ruling center-right Venstre party, cited a Facebook group that provides answers to Danish language and culture tests, which all migrants have to take in the Nordic country. “A significant group” of refugees who have come to Denmark “cheats, lies and abuses our trust,” she wrote in an editorial in BT, […]

Criticism After Danish School Cancels Christmas to Avoid ‘Preaching’ to Non-Christian Children

Parents of local children, education officials, and leading Danish politicians have criticized a primary school after it chose to cancel the traditional Christmas service, due to the presence of students of immigrant backgrounds. “We took the decision because we have children who are not Protestant,” Marianne Vederso Schmidt, the head of Gribskolen in Graested, a […]

Long lost village gifted by Danish king unearthed (PHOTOS)

Three farmhouses including two cellars from between the 14th-17th century were excavated at the site. One of the cellars was so big, it’s believed it came from a very large farm, Gunvor Christiansen, archaeologist with Roskilde Museum told RT. Historical sources suggest that the farms belonged to the village rulers and the manor was used […]

Danish immigration minister flees deportation center chased by angry migrants (VIDEO)

On what was supposed to be a photo op on Friday for Danish Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing Inger Støjberg at the Sjælsmark deportation center on the island of North Zealand, things went awry as a group of failed asylum applicants encircled her, Danish broadcaster DR reported. A crowd of around 40 disgruntled residents […]

Danish pension fund blacklists four Israeli companies linked to settlements

Following a report released by Danwatch in January, Denmark’s third largest pension fund, Sampension, moved to exclude four publicly traded companies from their portfolio due to their investments in illegal Israeli settlement activities. The move is a major win for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which has increasingly come under fire in recent […]

Danish police find severed head & legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall

Submarine owner accused of killing journalist kept snuff videos in his workshop The gruesome discovery, contained in plastic bags, was made on Friday near the place where Wall’s naked, headless torso was located earlier in August, Copenhagen police spokesman Jens Moeller Jensen told journalists on Saturday. The plastic bags contained knives and “heavy metal pieces” apparently to […]

Danish woman deported to Tunisia for refusing to remove niqab at Belgian airport

The woman landed at Brussels Zaventem Airport on Wednesday on a flight from Tunis, Tunisia.    A Danish citizen coming from Tunis refused to take off her niqaab at our border. Police could not identify her. She was sent back to Tunis. — Theo Francken (@FranckenTheo) September 16, 2017 In a post on Facebook, immigration […]

Danish far-right group plays Muslim ‘prayer call’ to wake up city mayor (VIDEO)

Members from the ‘Stop the Islamization of Denmark’ (SIAD) group paid a visit to Joy Morgensen, mayor of Roskilde, after she promoted the construction of a new mosque in the city, which plans to have minarets used for calls to prayer, according to the Ekstra Bladet media outlet.  The anti-Muslim activists set up loudspeakers near […]

UK, Dutch & Danish navies escort Chinese warships heading to Baltic for drills with Russia (PHOTOS)

“A Chinese frigate, a supply ship and a destroyer are passing through Danish waters. We are escorting [them] as part of the normal surveillance we have in our territorial waters,” Klaus Thing Rasmussen, senior duty officer at the Danish military operations center, told the DR broadcaster.  Rasmussen, however, declined to reveal the exact location of […]

The Pursuit of Everyday Happiness and The Danish Art of Hygge

13th July 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Voted one of the happiest countries in the world for over 40 years straight, many have wondered how Denmark — a place with depressing weather, a soaring divorce rate and astronomical taxes — could possibly be to home to such happy people. The […]

Danish family threatened with fine over American flag in their garden – media

The Hedegard family from the town of Kolding had an American flag waving from a flagpole in their garden for one month, violating a more than hundred-year-old Danish ban on flying foreign flags. “We feel we are a part of American culture in Denmark,” Rikke Hedegard told Jydske Vestkysten newspaper, as quoted by The Local. […]

Teen terrorist: 17yo Danish girl obsessed with jihad convicted of planning to bomb Jewish school

Teen terrorist: 17yo Danish girl obsessed with jihad convicted of planning to bomb Jewish school RT May 17, 2017 A 17-year-old girl from Denmark faces a lifetime behind bars after being found guilty of attempting a terrorist act on two schools. She purchased ingredients for a homemade bomb and established contact with jihadists after recently […]

Culturally Enriching Experience for a Danish Woman and Her Dog

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’28 Pages’ of Alleged Saudi Involvement in 9/11 May Be Released Friday

“The House Intelligence Committee will get the redacted report today or tomorrow,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of that committee. “The Senate and House intel committees should then give the formal go ahead to release the report since they originally produced it.”   Such a release would be about a month behind […]

Celebrating the Life of Indra Love

29th June 2016 By Andy Whiteley Co-Founder of Wake Up World It’s my sad duty today to let our readers know of the passing of Indra Love, a long-time Wake Up World contributor and a dear friend of the extended WUW community. Indra left this world yesterday, leaving behind a great legacy of love, lightness and wisdom. Based on the […]

EU ‘must neither be hysterical, nor fall into paralysis’ after Brexit – German FM

FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the shock vote by the British must be seen as a wake-up call. Diplomats from the six founding members of the EU – France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, are currently holding a meeting on the issue. Rush to exit? Politicians clamor for EU membership referendums at home Steinmeir said it […]

Adult toys, oral & anal sex part of German school education program targeting homophobia

Fourteen-year-olds in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the most-populous state in Germany, may come across school classes making them aware of anal sex, sadomasochism and the use of sex toys, including dildos, as early as in the next school year, according to Die Welt newspaper. It all comes as part of an offbeat project called ‘School of Diversity’, […]

Israel has destroyed $74 million worth of EU projects

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 5 June 2016 A Palestinian man inspects the ruins of a playground demolished by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank village of Zaatara, near Nablus, on 12 April. The playground, paid for by Belgium, is among tens of millions of dollars worth of European-funded infrastructure Israel has destroyed. Nedal […]

‘Specter of break-up haunting Europe’: EU chief Tusk blasts ‘illusions’ of bloc’s unity

“The specter of a break-up is haunting Europe. A vision of a federation doesn’t seem to me like the best answer to it,” Tusk said at a meeting of the European People’s Party, the biggest bloc in the European Parliament, Reuter reported. EU ‘shouldn’t try to be a superstate’ says Polish FM Addressing fellow EU […]

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