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Epstein Partied With Chris Cuomo & Others At David Koch’s House, After Release From Prison

Is this why CNN’s Chris Cuomo said “who cares” about who was “better friends” with Jeffrey Epstein? According to reports, the pedophile billionaire was invited to a party at David Koch’s house in September, 2010 – just months after Epstein had been released from prison. Why would David Koch invite somebody who had been accused […]

David Schwartzman: What A Green New Deal For DC Could Mean For The City’s Working-Class Residents

David Schwartzman: What A Green New Deal For DC Could Mean For The City’s Working-Class Residents Above Photo:  By Chris Kain The Green New Deal first entered U.S. political discourse during Howie Hawkins’ 2010 Green Party campaign for New York governor. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate for president, later invoked the idea in her […]

Powerful New David Icke Documentary Implores Us To Become Renegades

We are having a Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17th with the Moon appearing the brightest on the night of June 16th in the Western world. The energies of it are strongest in the days before and after, however, it will still be a part of the backdrop over the following two weeks. This […]

Is Goldman Sachs’ New CEO, David Solomon, on a Sinking Ship?

By Aaron Kesel Goldman Sachs persons partnered with Bain Capital persons to rip off Mattel, Marc Dreier, Fingerhut, Tom Petters and eToys victims for an excess of $5 billion dollars, as shown in over two years of this author’s research (here, here, here and here.) Whistleblower Laser Haas (who has been threatened by the FBI) […]

David Tepper To Return Outside Capital, Convert To Family Office: Here Are His Top Holdings

Rumors of the death of hedge funds may have been exaggerated, but with every passing day at least one investing icon calls it quits. And the latest is none other than one of the best performing hedge funders of the 21st century, David Tepper. According to the WSJ, the Appaloosa billionaire is planning to return […]

Lithuania bans Holocaust denier David Irving for 5 years

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Lithuanian officials on Wednesday said they have blacklisted British Holocaust denier David Irving to prevent him from entering the Baltic EU state later this year, in a move hailed by the local Jewish community. “Irving has been banned from entering Lithuania until April 2024, after we received a request from the foreign […]

Ex-CIA Robert David Steele: Notre Dame was a false flag

Isn’t it interesting that YouTube can’t stop itself from mindlessly repeating the official story of 9/11—defacing videos of Notre Dame burning with idiotic assertions of the truth of the 9/11 OCT ? Listen to my interview with Robert David Steele HERE By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Was the Notre Dame inferno a false flag? One […]

Historian David Irving Discusses the Jewish Bankers Who Financed Hitler

TheRapeOfJustice YouTube channel was taken down shortly after it mirrored my video introducing my book Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust. He brought me over 40k views in a short span of time and the video was starting to go viral. I suggest you check out his bitchute channel and subscribe to it. […]

David Icke blasts “totalitarian Australia” after visa cancellation

Icke has had his visa cancelled on ‘character grounds’. Photo: Radio NZ David Icke has been banned from entering Australia this week ahead of a planned speaking tour in March, after Jewish groups and government elements lobbied to have his visa cancelled on ‘character grounds’ for a number of topics he discusses. On the latest […]

Independent Journalist David Icke Banned From Speaking In Australia

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times In 2009 I had the opportunity to sit front row at one of David’s eight hour long presentations, which was truly a mind-blowing experience. He was speaking in Bellingham, Washington, because the venue he had booked and sold out in Vancouver, Canada was retracted at the last minute and he […]

David Icke banned from Australia after government linked zionist groups pull strings

Israeli influence in Australia is once again showing its warts as David Icke has been banned from visiting its shores following outrageous claims by pro-zionist hate groups, the Anti-Defamation Commission and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. One look at their social media pages of the groups and you see […]

David Wilcock: Military Tribunals Have Started, Some Will Get The Death Penalty

The Facts: A Bill was proposed in Virginia that aims to make it easier for a woman to get a late-term abortion. Subsequent comments made about it by the Governor of Virginia have some suggesting that this bill pushes infanticide. Reflect On: Can we see how the abortion issue is so polarized these days that […]

An open letter to Rabbi David Stern

Dear Rabbi Stern, I am writing in recognition of your leadership role as a rabbi in the Jewish community. You are the Senior Rabbi of a large Reform congregation (Temple Emanu-El in Dallas) and the president of the professional body of Reform rabbis in the U.S. (the Central Conference of American Rabbis, CCAR). Jewish groups regularly […]

David Hogg’s Going to Harvard! The Kid’s Going to Make It!

Roy Batty Daily Stormer December 23, 2018 College, in general, is a waste of time. The original function of college – to give idle aristocrats’ sons time to read Shakespeare, play amateur sports and get drunk before returning to their estates to be idle again and drunk again – is not well-suited […]

The Brexit Mess: Planned All Along to Thwart the Will of the People — David Icke (Video)

This is the website of Lasha Darkmoon, an anglo-American academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. You can read more about Darkmoon here. Source Article from Related Posts Jordan Peterson tweets video trashing deepfakes as ‘threat to Western democracies’   A neural network, called “NotJordanPeterson”, has been trained to produce […]

Thank you to Haaretz’s David B. Green for forcing me to research the Arabs in Andalusia

I owe the veteran Haaretz journalist, David B. Green, thanks for forcing me to search the internet for some quick and simple information about the Arabs in Andalusia. I am not a historian and, for decades, my medical and public health education and practice had limited my intellectual forays to related scientific fields. With that narrowed […]

David Icke Explains Why George H. W. Bush Should Have Been Indicted Before He Died

…I cannot fully escape the regret I feel that another bloodline family member who has perpetrated great and horrific crimes against humanity has moved on without having to make himself accountable to the world, and in the process reveal the means and motives of the bloodline family rule of the planet to enable humanity to […]

David Icke Explains Why It’s A Shame That George H. W. Bush Wasn’t Interrogated Before He Died

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable…for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” – President Ronald Wilson Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die, become chronically ill with vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders or are otherwise disabled from vaccine injuries. (That law has led directly to an expected […]

David Attenborough: Humankind Is About To Collapse

Sir David Attenborough has issued a dire warning about the future of humanity, warning that the collapse of civilization is about to occur.   Addressing delegates of almost 200 nations at the UN climate change summit in Poland, Sir David warned that much of the natural world is on the brink of total annihilation. “Right now […]

David Wilcock On Ending The Divide In The ET/UFO Community

The Facts: Florida’s Broward and Palm Beach Counties have been engaging in the most blatant acts of election fraud ever seen since the Midterm Election polls closed on Tuesday night. Reflect On: Do these blatant acts to change election results stem from a final, desperate attempt on the part of the Deep State to prevent […]

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