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AJC’s David Harris complains that liberal Zionist groups tried to ‘bully’ and ‘intimidate’ him to take ‘macho’ stand against Israel

We have been saying for days now that the annexation argument has transformed the Israel lobby. Liberal Zionist organizations such as J Street and Americans for Peace Now are emerging as the new leaders of the Israel lobby because they seized on an issue of great moment and took a firm stance and by lobbying […]

David Stockman On What Could Happen If The Fed Loses Control

David Stockman: They are chasing their tail, faster and faster. The more they expand their balance sheet, thereby injecting into the bond pits a massive artificial bid for governments, corporates, munis, commercial paper and junk, the lower the yields go, and the demand for more debt becomes greater. Needless to say, when incomes drastically shrink […]

Rest in Peace: Jean Raspail, Charles Krafft, and David Dees

Jean Raspail (1925-2020) ACCORDING TO Eliot, April is “the cruellest month” — but this year June has put in a strong bid. No sooner had we published an obituary to our old friend and comrade Eddy Morrison, than we heard of the deaths of three very different major figures in the worldwide movement for White resistance […]

Israel launched 1967 war to avert second Holocaust, says David Harris of AJC

David Harris of the American Jewish Committee gave a talk on the 1967 war last week on its 53rd anniversary and offered unreconstructed mythology about that war. Israel was on the verge of “annihilation” from threatening neighbors and in a “miracle” that is studied in military academies around the world launched a “defensive war” and […]

The Six-Day War: The Myth of an Israeli David Versus an Arab Goliath

June 2, 1967, was a tense day at the Israeli army headquarters in Tel Aviv. For weeks, IDF generals had been pushing the government to initiate a war and the atmosphere was tense. Israel’s Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, who also acted as minister of defense, came to see the generals at the IDF command center. […]

David Attenborough pens vision to save planet ‘we CAN turn things around’

“It describes some of the ways in which we can begin to turn things around if only we all have the will to do so. “Surely together we must now find that determination and begin to make that change for the sake of all the inhabitants of our planet. “The Earth’s life-support machine, the thing […]

David Horowitz- Virus Is a War on Christians

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   May 29, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 17

David Attenborough pens vision to save planet ‘we CAN turn things around’

“It describes some of the ways in which we can begin to turn things around if only we all have the will to do so. “Surely together we must now find that determination and begin to make that change for the sake of all the inhabitants of our planet. “The Earth’s life-support machine, the thing […]

Zionist Stooge David Icke’s Lunatic 5G Coronavirus Theory Triggers Hysterical Morons

Comment This is one of those that should fall under the title of unlikely things to awaken Brits’ patriotic spirit: a gaggle of anti-5G protestors in the UK’s capital. Yes, the people who gathered in London, against expert medical advice, this past weekend, are idiots. You don’t have to remind us of that. They earnestly […]

David Friedman on ‘when the Palestinians become Canadians’

Two days ago, an interview appeared with US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, in the Sheldon Adelson-funded daily freebee Israel Hayom, a Netanyahu propaganda outlet also known in Hebrew as the “Bibiton” (“Bibi” for Benjamin, “iton” meaning paper in Hebrew). The interview is a huge wink-wink to Israel to go ahead with annexation of a […]

David Icke is horribly wrong about the coronavirus, but I support his right to speak… DAMN the tech giants for deleting his channels (and mine)

(Natural News) David Icke has been de-platformed by YouTube and Facebook for promoting his theories about the coronavirus, according to The Guardian. His theories — which pretend there is no coronavirus — are absurd and wildly misinformed, but that’s beside the point. Facebook and YouTube have de-platformed David Icke, essentially claiming his […]

YouTube bans David Icke, scrubs 14 years worth of videos from the platform

You can find a “snapshot” (with viewable videos) of David Icke’s YouTube channel on Big Tech censorship is reaching new heights. First Facebook, now YouTube. The Google video giant has today deleted the channel of author and speaker David Icke, accusing Icke of publishing misleading content about the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. YouTube CEO Susan […]

Technofascism: The Censorship of David Icke is Digital Book Burning in a Totalitarian Age

CHARLOTTESVILLE (Rutherford) ––We are fast becoming a nation—nay, a world—of book burners.While on paper, we are technically free to speak—at least according to the U.S. Constitution—in reality, however, we are only as free to speak as the government and its corporate partners such as Facebook, Google or YouTube may allow. That’s not a whole lot of freedom. […]

Banning David Icke is WRONG – because it strengthens his claim that we’re sleepwalking towards DICTATORSHIP

I’m old enough to remember when David Icke was a television sports presenter. For the past thirty-five years or so he’s been putting his ideas out on how he thinks the world operates – and it’s fair to say he has caused plenty of controversy. Some people laughed at him, some agreed with him, […]

WATCH David Icke Uncensored – The Fake Pandemic and Hunger Games Society

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times As the Coronavirus pandemic initially gripped the entire world, David Icke appeared as a guest on London Real in an interview that was quickly banned by YouTube at the behest of the BBC. What could be so dangerous about the speech of an aging ‘conspiracy theorist,’ as they call […]

Why You Should Oppose The Censorship Of David Icke (Hint: It’s Got Nothing To Do With Icke)

Op-Ed by Caitlin Johnstone Within 48 hours both Facebook and then YouTube have deleted the accounts of David Icke for posting “content that disputes the existence and transmission of Covid-19 as described by the WHO and the NHS.” Other platforms may soon fall in suit, as they did with Alex Jones in 2018. This article is […]

The Jews are Finally Coming for David Icke

In the end, the Jews come for everyone. It really is that age old poem in action: When the Jews came for the Nazis, I said nothing because I was not a Nazi When the Jews came for the libertarian patriots, I said nothing because I was not a libertarian patriot When […]

Soros-Funded David Brock Group Accused of Violating Tax Laws

The David Brock-founded far-left group ‘American Bridge 21st Century probably violated its tax-exempt status by engaging in political activities while illegally posing as a nonprofit, according to a complaint filed Thursday with the Internal Revenue Service. The Patriots Foundation filed a complaint with the IRS claiming that the Soros-funded group is largely a political organization […]

13 Mass Public Poisons by Jon David Miller

We are being poisoned. This mass public poisoning has been going on for over a century, and it has been gradually increasing. You and those you care about are being harmed almost continuously. We are being abused with multiple poisons in small doses on purpose. The more of us that become aware of […]

The People’s Voice Campaign by David Icke

topics that the mainstream media rarely, if ever, cover much of them highly political in nature. Now David is taking on a task that could have far-reaching effects for all who have come to realize the clear and present danger that the controlled mainstream media poses to the world at large. This is […]

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