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A US Military Veteran and ‘Aid Volunteer’ Sends Death Threat to Venezuela Embassy Defenders

Grayzone —  A far-right Venezuelan opposition activist emailed a death threat to human rights activists from the peace group CODEPINK. The threat was delivered when CODEPINK was helping to protect the Venezuelan government’s embassy in Washington, DC from an illegal takeover by Juan Guaidó’s US-backed coup administration. This rabid opposition activist, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, previously served […]

‘I’d rather starve to death’: Chelsea Manning sent back to jail AGAIN, for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks

   A federal judge has ordered Chelsea Manning to be jailed again for refusing to testify in a grand jury probe of Julian Assange, threatening the whistleblower with fines if the defiance continues. Manning says she would rather die. “I would rather starve to death than to change my opinion in this regard. And when […]

How to Lobby Washington to Death: A business model from hell and the war in Yemen 

A springtime wedding in Northern Yemen’s Al-Raqah village took place in April 2018, a moment of reprieve from the turmoil and devastation of that war-torn country, a moment to celebrate life, love, and the birth of a new family. From the tents constructed for the event, music flooded into the village and, as at any good […]

Mortality Algorithm Can Predict Heart Attack, Death With 90% Accuracy

An algorithm which can predict whether a person will have a heart attack or die with 90% accuracy has been developed by researchers at Finland’s Turku PET Centre. Utilizing similar machine learning functions as those employed by Netflix and Spotify to personalize content, a team led by Dr. Luis Eduardo Juarez-Orozco […]

Cow gores man to death in Ahmedabad, India – 2 days after similar fatality in the area

   Two days after a 50-year-old woman Paru Madrasi, was gored by a stray cow near the Odhav Canal, a 62-year-old man, Gopinath Tiwari, a resident of Vinobabhavenagar was gored and trampled to death by a cow on Saturday morning. The animal’s onslaught on Tiwari lasted for about 20 minutes, and ended with him falling […]

Corrupt FBI Targeted Dr. Suzanne Humphries After She Went Public With Death Threats That Tried To Silence Her Vaccine Truth Lectures

What would you do if someone sent you a death threat? If you’re like most people, you’d probably report the threat to law enforcement. You’d give them all the information about your case, and they’d investigate it to find out who was behind it so that person could be dealt with appropriately, right? Unfortunately, that […]

The Media’s Israel-Centric Reporting of the Death Toll in Gaza

With news reports focusing on recent deaths in Israel and Gaza, it’s valuable to enlarge the time period being examined. Israeli soldiers have been shooting Gazan men, women, and children every week for over the past year. Israeli forces have killed approximately 290 Gazans and have injured over 29,000 since Gazans began their weekly Great March […]

Marilyn Monroe’s Death was faked

Marilyn Monroe’s Death was faked by Miles Mathis   Goodbye Norma Jeane We never knew you at all   First published August 18, 2015   You should have always known it. The reports made no sense, weren’t consistent, and gave you no proof. We will look at many of the red flags here.   You […]

Honduran Air Force was filmed while shooting a dog to death in a military base

Honduran Air Force was filmed while shooting a dog to death in a military base A member of the Honduran Air Force was filmed while shooting a dog to death in a military base. The soldier can be seen shooting the tied animal twice. Then, to make sure the dog was dead, the man proceeds […]

Jewish Teen Has A Prophetic Revelation of The Future In His Near Death Experience

“Gog Magog War” – A Clinical Death Revelation of a Secular Jewish Teenager. “‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. […]

Update: Mother Enraged As Cause Of Baby’s Death 36 Hours After Vaccination Ruled ‘Undetermined’

The Facts: A document published by Wikileaks clearly implies that the United States had a “secret” base on the Moon that was destroyed by Russia. It’s one of many interesting documents that suggest strange things are and have been happening on the Moon. Reflect On: Is our world really as it’s been presented? There are […]

Google’s $1.5 billion research center to “solve death”

Google’s project has people talking. Photo: Calico Google has been developing what is perhaps the company’s most ambitious project to date: a science startup that will pursue ‘solutions for aging’ with the intended goal of “solving death”. Calico, a company directed by futurists to explore the concept of “singularity”, has partnered with pharmaceutical giants to […]

Cyclone Idai death toll reaches 732, hundreds still missing (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Survivors are struggling to deal with the aftermath of the huge disaster, with an estimated 1 million people affected in Mozambique alone. Tens of thousands have sought refuge in emergency shelters after hurricane-force winds of up to 200kph and heavy flooding forced them from their homes.   The UN has repeated calls for emergency support to […]

Poachers in Kenya Now Face Death Penalty for Killing Endangered Species

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times Wildlife poachers are posing an increasing threat to endangered species, as hunters are moving into wildlife preserves in search of high-value animals. To fight back against the poachers, Kenya has taken the measure of implementing the death penalty for anyone caught hunting endangered animals in these areas. Najib Balala, […]

Death Cult Democrats say killing newborn babies the day they’re born is good for the economy, so what’s next, exterminating senior citizens?

(Natural News) It’s now legal in New York to kill a perfectly healthy newborn child after it exits the mother’s womb, on the day of birth, if the mom and doctor agree the mom doesn’t want it. Abortionists are using sick and twisted methods to kill these day young humans, too, including […]

Child arrested after settlers’ (jewish terrorist) death threats

Child arrested after settlers’ death threats The day after a group of illegal settlers and soldiers invaded a Palestinians’ home and threatened to slaughter their children in front of them, one of their children was arrested by the Israeli police. On Saturday, a group of settlers climbed down onto the rooftop of Emad Eqneibi’s home. […]

Why Heart Disease is the Leading Cause of Death – and How to Avoid It

Makia Freeman, Contributor Waking Times Heart disease is not just the leading cause of death in the USA, but also in the whole world. It’s not just the leading cause of death for men, but also for women. Heart disease is not just one disease. It’s a whole group of diseases which affect the circulatory system and […]

Death Cult Democrats say killing newborn babies the day they’re born is "good for the economy" … so what’s next, exterminating all kids with autism and senior citizens?

(Natural News) Democrats are all set to raise every American citizen’s income tax above 70 percent and on upwards to 90 percent in order to pay for all the “free stuff” they’re raving about, including Medicare, college, food, and yes, day-of-birth abortions. You see, all Americans should be working hard in factories […]

Afghan Civilians Fear CIA-Backed Death Squads that Can Call In Airstrikes

By Alexander Rubinstein Source While the U.S. continues to conduct its mission of nation-building and “democracy promotion” in Afghanistan and attempts broker a peace deal between the Taliban and the government, bombing the country at unprecedented levels and being associated with de facto death squads on the ground could fuel distrust of the Americans. NANGARHAR […]

David Wilcock: Military Tribunals Have Started, Some Will Get The Death Penalty

The Facts: A Bill was proposed in Virginia that aims to make it easier for a woman to get a late-term abortion. Subsequent comments made about it by the Governor of Virginia have some suggesting that this bill pushes infanticide. Reflect On: Can we see how the abortion issue is so polarized these days that […]

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