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4 people beaten & stabbed to death over suspicion of practicing witchcraft in India

The brutal murder happened on Sunday morning in the Siskari area of India’s northeastern Jharkhand state. Witnesses told local media that about a dozen assailants broke into the victims’ homes. Two men and two women were dragged outside, where they were beaten with sticks and stabbed. Some reports say the victims’ throats were slit. The […]

Battle for Tripoli: A Fight to the Death, Khalifa Haftar’s Army and Government of National Accord’s Forces

  By Alaeddin Saleh for Veterans Today, Libya Editor of the Special Monitoring Mission to Libya (SMM Libya). It’s a part of the Conflict Over Watch project whose purpose is to provide the coverage of the events in and around Libya. Introduction This piece reviews several aspects of the ongoing conflict in Tripoli between the […]

22 Years After Diana’s Death, Shocking Secret Tapes Surface – Diana Utters Four Bone Chilling Words

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing, and the media world is gearing up for a major remembrance. Remembering Diana (a picture book by Tina Brown), Imagining Diana (Diane Clehane’s speculative novel that starts with the supposition that Diana never died), and documentaries by both ABC and HBO are all slated to […]

CNN Death Spiral: Ratings COLLAPSE Amid Credibility Crisis

Establishment mouthpiece CNN is suffering a huge credibility crisis as its ratings continue to crash to disturbing lows. While Fox News averaged around 1.3 million views in the second quarter of 2019, CNN saw well below half of that with just 541,000 total viewers. According to media watchdogs and insiders, the once-respected network has no […]

Daycare teacher sentenced to 17 years for choking toddler to death

A daycare teacher was sentenced to 17 years in prison on Sunday for smothering to death Yasmin Vinta, an 18-month-old girl who was under her care, last year. In addition to time behind bars, the Lod District Court also gave Ina Skivenko, 24, an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered her to pay NIS 120,000 ($33,750) […]

Facebook updates policy to permit death threats against ‘dangerous individuals’

   Facebook has issued an ominous new policy permitting death threats and calls for violence – so long as they’re directed against “dangerous” individuals or organizations, or someone accused (but not convicted) of a crime. Facebook has updated its “community standards” to carve out a few exceptions to its “no death threats” policy. Calls for […]

The Indian state where farmers sow the seeds of death

   The road to Langroya village weaves its way through fields rich with crops that offer a vivid snapshot of India’s kitchens. There is wheat, rice, sugarcane, maize, mustard seed and a rich variety of vegetables that have made this corner of the country India’s most important agricultural region. Like the majority of their compatriots […]

Ukrainian TV drops show co-hosted with Russian broadcaster over ‘death threats’ & govt pressure

NewsOne and Russia’s most-watched broadcaster Rossiya 1, were eagerly anticipating their co-hosted television show called ‘We need to talk.’ Scheduled to go on air on July 12, it was meant to give a voice to people from each country without having to touch upon divisive political issues. However, on Monday NewsOne said it had to […]

Details Emerge In Death Of "Meth-Fueled Orgy Partying" Arab Prince In London

The 39-year old son of the ruler of Sharjah — part of the United Arab Emirates — was found dead in London this week following what multiple reports described as a “drug-fueled orgy” in an £8-million Knightsbridge penthouse. Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, ‘crown prince’ of the UAE’s Sharjah emirate, was laid to rest at a funeral service Wednesday attended by UAE […]

‘Mini AOC’ Closes Social Accounts After Family Doxxed and Sent Death Threats

Ava Martinez, the 8-year-old Ocasio-Cortez impersonator known as ‘Mini AOC’, has been forced to delete all of her social media accounts after being sent death threats online. Ava’s stepfather, Salvatore Schachter, who goes by “Sicken Tirade” on Twitter, confirmed on Wednesday that the family had been on the receiving end of harassment and death threats. […]

Extra Time: Death of Morsi & the Arab Spring – What’s Next for Middle East & Africa

Source Article from Related Posts The Best Way to Make Spring Rolls (Rice Paper Wraps) June 21st, 2019 By Anastasia Guest Writer for Wake Up World Originally published at Spring storm dumps 7 inches of fresh snow overnight on California ski resort   Up to seven inches of snow fell on Squaw Summit in […]

‘Flying salt shakers of death’: How a zombie fungus affects cicadas

   If cicadas made horror movies, they’d probably study the actions of their counterparts plagued by a certain psychedelic fungus. West Virginia University researchers have discovered that a cicada fungus called Massopora contains chemicals similar to those found in hallucinogenic mushrooms. The fungus causes cicadas to lose their limbs and eccentric behavior sets in: Males […]

In Morsi’s death, Israel proves it prefers a non-democratic Middle East

Israel is not interested in democracy as a value. On the contrary — it has a great deal of interest in making sure it keeps bearing the title of ‘the only democracy in the Middle East.’  A supporter of Egypt’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, holds a poster of him with Arabic writing reading “The […]

Saudi Arabia cancels death sentence against teen who led protests at the age of 13 years

Saudi Arabia is reported to have cancelled the death sentence issued against a teen, Murtaja Qureiris, now 18 years old, who led anti-government protests at the age of 13, Reuters quoted Saudi official as saying. The Saudi prosecution has sought the death penalty for 18-year-old Qureiris for allegedly committing a series of crimes, including […]

A Slow Death: The Ills of the Casual Academic

Any sentient being should be offended.  Eventually, the casualisation of the academic workforce was bound to find lazy enthusiasts who neither teach, nor understand the value of a tenured position dedicated to that musty, soon-to-be-forgotten vocation of the pedagogue.  It shows in the designs of certain universities who confuse frothy trendiness with tangible depth: the […]

OJ Simpson Joins Twitter On Nicole’s Death Anniversary, Says He Has Some “Getting Even” To Do

The Juice is loose once again, this time bringing his “killer charm” to social media. Having selected the 25th anniversary of his wife’s murder as a date to make his social media premier, Simpson created the user @TheRealOJ32 on Twitter early in the morning last Friday. As Fox News reminded us, June 13 marked the 25th anniversary of the murders […]

LGBT horrors: Lesbians stab innocent nine-year-old son to death after trying to make him "transgender" by cutting off his genitals at home

(Natural News) Just in time for Pride Month, a pair of lesbians from Brazil celebrated their “true selves” by murdering their nine-year-old son, whom one year prior they tried to make “transgender” by forcibly cutting off the now-deceased boy’s private parts and carving a makeshift vagina in its place. The horrific event […]

Toxic Air Leads to Premature Death in New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Berlin and Moscow

There is today a major health crisis due to toxic air pollution exposure in every city in Europe, America, China and around the world. Whilst there is now some regulation that has recently been introduced to control toxic exhaust emissions there is no regulation whatsoever regarding the public’s exposure to polluting, non-exhaust, microscopic particulate matter […]

Naturopathic Doctor Forced To Shut Her Clinic After Wave of Death Threats & Government Pressure

A world-famous doctor who offered her naturopathic services for free was forced to close her clinic after the Philippine equivalent of the FDA went after her and she received a wave of death threats. Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch went to a conventional medical school, but the fact that doctors are encouraged to prescribe treatments to patients that […]

For Fourth Year Saudi Barrages Bring Death and Loss to Yemeni Families on Eid

HODEIDA, YEMEN — “This is our Eid gift from Saudi Arabia,” a visitor to a private hospital in Hodeida told MintPress as he pulled back a blood-soaked blue plastic cover draping the lifeless body of his child. The girl, whose torso and arms were dotted with holes from high-caliber bullets, did not make it to […]

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