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Extreme hurricane wind and flying debris filmed in Chita, Russia

   Extreme hurricanic winds and flying debris in Russia Source Article from Hits: 14

Disaster amid pandemic: Croatia deploys army to clean debris, advocates ‘distancing’ after strongest quake in 140yrs

Army personnel began working to remove rubble from the city streets hours after Zagreb was rocked by an earthquake on Sunday morning. The troops were also deployed to assist patients in the city’s major hospitals, the Defense Ministry said. Many residents have earlier fled their homes after being frightened by the tremors and sirens. Officials […]

FLASHBACK: Israeli spy killed when debris from building damaged in Christchurch earthquake crushes van of Mossad agents

The Israeli secret service Mossad has been accused of conducting an intelligence-gathering operation in New Zealand which was unearthed because of February’s Christchurch earthquake.    The operation was interrupted when a van used by a spy cell was crushed by masonry falling from a damaged building, killing one man, it is claimed. Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, […]

Tiny glass particles on beaches near Hiroshima identified as fallout debris from the 1945 atomic bomb

(Natural News) The atomic bombing of Hiroshima during the Second World War destroyed much of the old city. Many decades later, a study found that some of the debris from the eruption ended up in the province’s beaches, where they condensed into glass beads. In 1945, the U.S. Air Force unleashed an […]

Russia’s Roscosmos invents armor to protect satellites from debris flying through space

A patent filed with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) shows that the two-layer shield, made from aluminum plates, is covered in numerous staggered conical ‘spikes,’ which are coated with a hard alloy. The spaces between the cones are filled in with carbon-fiber-reinforced carbon, a composite material used to build spacecraft and missile noses. […]

U.S. Government Has Debris/Material From UFOs Says High Ranking Government Official

The Facts: Luis Elizondo, a former high ranking Department of Defence official and part of the TTSA academy recently confirmed that the US government has in their possession material from a UFO craft. Reflect On: Those new to this may be surprised, but for researchers in this field it’s not. We have enough evidence suggesting […]

Scientists MELT satellite in plasma wind tunnel to study space debris destruction (VIDEO)

The team recreated the intense conditions objects face when entering Earth’s atmosphere, by placing the satellite into a hypersonic plasma wind tunnel at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne. The scientists explained that, in theory, space hardware should burn up entirely while plunging through Earth’s atmosphere. However, in practice, that’s not always the case and […]

Demolition gone wrong? Debris flung at busy road as multi-story building collapses (VIDEO)

Scary footage showing a high-rise business center in northeastern Moscow going down in seconds has been making rounds online. The toppling tower appears to narrowly miss a nearby road and the cars on it. The video was filmed on Wednesday evening as the long-planned demolition of the ‘Severyanin’ BC was getting underway. It shows the […]

Reporter cheats death as typhoon-ravaged skyscraper debris hurtles to ground (VIDEO)

He Chong, a journalist for the Guangdong Television agency, went out into the field after receiving reports of major structural damage to skyscrapers in Shenzhen City in southern Guangdong Province on September 16. READ MORE: Hong Kong on highest typhoon alert as Mangkhut wreaks havoc, injures 100+ in China (VIDEO) Mid-report, Chong came a bit too […]

Nearly 10,000 cancer cases in NYC are linked to toxic 9/11 debris

     Almost 10,000 people have a cancer diagnosis that is somehow linked to breathing in hazardous particles following the September 11 Twin Tower terrorist attack in New York City, the Post has learned. Inhaling particles from the leaked jet fuel, asbestos, cement dust and glass shards following the destruction of the World Trade Center has […]

Bloodstains & debris: Video footage of inside house where murderous Israeli Jews killed pregnant woman and  her toddler with airstrikes

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‘Oh my god’: Truck debris smashes through windscreen narrowly missing driver & child (VIDEO)

Kahla Euphemia Butler was driving on Melbourne’s Monash freeway last Thursday when disaster almost struck in the form of a metal rod. Video footage of the terrifying incident shows how the debris fell from the underside of a large truck transporting logged trees, before it flicked up off the tarmac directly into the passenger side […]

Smoke rises from debris of Algerian plane crash that killed 257 (VIDEO)

READ MORE: 257 killed as military plane crashes in Algeria The plane went down near Boufarik Airport, the base for the Air Transport fleet of the Algerian Air Force, some 20km from the capital, Algiers, on Wednesday. According to the latest data from the Defense Ministry, 257 people died in the crash. The jet crashed in […]

Armageddon ash cloud: Explosive volcano spews debris 7km into skies (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A plume of volcanic debris measuring more than four miles (7km) in length sprang from the mouth of Mount Sinabung on the northern part of the island on Monday afternoon, sparking widespread travel disruption amid an aviation ‘red notice’ and airport closures. The alert prohibits airlines from flying over parts of the country with significant […]

Debris discovered in the Seychelles not from missing MH370: Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority

nsnbc : Malaysian authorities reported on July 14 that pieces of airplane debris found in the Seychelles are not from the Boeing 777-200 that […]

Myanmar military plane missing with more than 100 on board, debris found in sea

     A Myanmar military plane is missing, the national army chief confirmed in a statement. A local aviation official said 105 people were on board, according to reports. A search and rescue operation is underway after the plane dropped off the radar on Wednesday while flying over the Andaman Sea between the southern city of […]

NASA Fears That Space Debris Will Trigger World War III

Since the first object, Sputnik One, was launched into space 53 years ago, mankind has launched thousands of spacecraft, satellites and rockets into space. This has created a swarm of tens of millions of pieces of debris. The rubbish circling the planet comes from old rockets, abandoned satellites and missile shrapnel. But it also includes […]

Amidst Lynchings Erdogan Calls for Death Penalty for Alleged Coup Participants

nsnbc : Turkey’s President R. Tayyip Erdogan held a blazing speech before thousands at a public rally, calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty and the death of those who were involved in the failed military coup on July 15. More than 2,800 have been arrested. Holding a blazing speech, Erdogan called for the reintroduction of […]

EgyptAir airliner ‘apparently’ brought down by terror attack – Russia’s security chief

“Unfortunately, today there was another incident with an Egyptian Airlines plane. Apparently, it is a terrorist attack, which killed 66 people from 12 countries,” Bortnikov was cited as saying by TASS. The FSB chief urged “all concerned parties, including our partners in Europe, to undertake joint measures to identify the persons involved in this heinous […]

Strange vortex portal with glowing object filmed by tourists

     There have been various claims about UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings from around the world, stirring up debate on the existence of extraterrestrial life. And the latest one that has been doing the rounds on social media is – the reported spotting of a flying saucer in Uttar Pradesh, India. The UFO was sighted […]

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