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A decade in an hour: Watch NASA’s stunning solar time-lapse

The video compresses a decade of photos into 61 minutes, with individual frames standing an hour apart from each other. Some memorable events can be spotted in the film, such as the transit of the planet Venus, which occurred on June 5, 2012. The SDO mission has collected some 20 million gigabytes of data since […]

Revealed: Millions of Americans can’t afford water as bills rise 80% over a decade

Guardian: Millions of ordinary Americans are facing rising and unaffordable bills for running water, and risk being disconnected or losing their homes if they cannot pay, a landmark Guardian investigation has found. Exclusive analysis of 12 US cities shows the combined price of water and sewage increased by an average of 80% between 2010 and 2018, […]

The Tumultuous Decade

THE TUMULTUOUS DECADEArab Public Opinion and the Upheavals of 2010-2019by James Zogby180pp. The Middle East Institute. $22.50 Author’s note: On May 20, the Middle East Institute will release my new book “The Tumultuous Decade: Arab Public Opinion and the Upheavals of 2010-2019,” a book that brings together a decade of Zogby Research Services of Arab, […]

Military spending hits highest level in a decade: Study

Global military expenditures saw the biggest uptick in a decade in 2019, researchers say, marking the first year two Asian countries were among the top three spenders. The world’s nations spent a combined $1.9 trillion (1.78 trillion euros) on their militaries in 2019, according to a report released by the Stockholm International Peace Research […]

The Decade of Transformation: Being in Balance with Nature

This is the fourth newsletter in our series on the 2020s as a decade of transformation See Remaking International Relations, Remaking the Economy for the People, and Remaking Healthcare. In addition to COVID-19 and the economic collapse, multiple crises are reaching a peak and the world is changing as a result. How the world changes will […]

The Decade Of Transformation Is Here: Remaking The Economy For The People

The Decade Of Transformation Is Here: Remaking The Economy For The People The pandemic, economic collapse and the government’s response to them are going to not only determine the 2020 election but define the future for this decade and beyond. People are seeing the failure of the US healthcare nonsystem and the economy. The government […]

The Decade Of Transformation Is Here: Remaking Health Care

The Decade Of Transformation Is Here: Remaking Health Care We’ve been writing for a while that the 2020’s would be a decade when multiple crises would come to a head and we would have an opportunity for major transformations if we were organized to mobilize and demand them. The current coronavirus pandemic, economic collapse, and […]

Time to Bring the Troops Home: More Veterans Committed Suicide Last Decade Than Died in Vietnam

By Matt Agorist It is no secret that the leading cause of death among active duty troops deployed to the Middle East is not combat or accidents, or IEDs — it’s themselves. The Pentagon’s own statistics show that this is a crisis but it is being ignored. In 2019, according to the Department of Defense, […]

UN Warns Of Slowbalisation As Economic Growth In 2019 Plunged To Lowest In Decade

The U.N.’s annual report, the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2020, has said the global economy recorded its lowest growth in a decade in 2019, falling to 2.3% as a result of the U.S. and China trade war and sharp pullbacks in investment.  The report warns of slowbalisation will define the global economy in the early […]

The Market in this New Decade

On January first of this new decade, 2020 the Dow Jones was at a record high; $28,634. What does that mean? Since the great depression of 1929 there have been 13 severe downturns revealing time and again that the market is not stable. Our most recent big down turn was in 2007-8 in what is […]

A turbulent decade sees Moscow’s star shine brightly in the Middle East

When the news spread about the targeted killing of Iranian “dark knight” Qassem Soleimani by the Trump administration, Russia was quick to denounce the United States’ “risky and dangerous” policy in the region. Just a few days later, President Vladimir Putin paid a surprise visit to Syria. Casually strolling the streets of Damascus with Syrian […]

In a single decade, Israel turned asylum seekers into criminals

If there is a single word that can describe the last decade in the struggle of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel, it is “infiltrators.” Racist and derogatory — the Israeli government’s transformation of tens of thousands of people into criminals encapsulates the entire story. Over the past 10 years, Israel has not only […]

A Decade In Tech

As the decade draws to a close, it’s time to look back at some of the things the past ten years have brought us. To think that people clinking their glasses on New Year Year’s Eve 2009 had no idea what an iPad was and couldn’t post a picture of the fireworks on Instagram. As Statista’s […]

The last decade brought the conflict to the U.S., and that is progress

Any review of the last decade in US foreign policy in Israel and Palestine has to begin with the negatives. Trump has only heightened the bias of the last administration, and made things worse by tearing up the Iran deal and giving a green light to annexation. Israel has continued human rights abuses with brutal […]

A Monumentally Destructive US Decade — Symptomatic Of Imperial Decline

A Monumentally Destructive US Decade — Symptomatic Of Imperial Decline Above Photo: Image of  Earth taken from Apollo 17. A monumentally destructive U.S. decade — symptomatic of imperial decline  — exposed a shamefully pliant press. But we have at least one reason to resist incurable pessimism.  I sit in one of the dives On Fifty-Second Street Uncertain and afraid […]

Why We Persist: Activists Have Protested US Drone Base For Over A Decade

“All human beings possess the basic right under international law to engage in non-violent civil resistance activities for the purpose of preventing, impeding, or terminating the ongoing commission of [international crime].” — International law expert Francis Boyle Nonviolent civil resistance against international crime is about effectiveness and persistence. Or as Dorothy Day might say, faithfulness. […]

A decade in review: Palestinians who stood out, and took a stand, over the last 10 years

As we looked back on the past 10 years in Palestine, we highlighted the moments that shaped the decade — for the better, and for the worse. In most of the stories we highlighted – of popular resistance movements, boycott campaigns, and the strength of the human spirit, more often than not, there were brave […]

The decade Israel erased the Green Line

The time “Time came and stole our happiness and our peace and our security”  — “The Love That Was,” Baligh Hamdi On February 10, 2009, elections for the 18th Knesset took place in Israel, three-and-a-half years after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon removed 9,000 settlers from the Gaza Strip. Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party did not win […]

Over 9,000 Palestinians displaced in a decade of West Bank demolitions

Israeli authorities demolished over 6,000 Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem between 2010 and 2019, according to the United Nations. More than 9,000 Palestinians were displaced as a result. The figures, collected by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Occupied Palestinian Territory, show the scale of Israel’s demolition […]

Investors Have Already Forgotten The Most Important Financial Lessons Of The Past Decade

With only a few trading sessions left in the decade, the Wall Street Journal’s investing columnist Jason Zweig, the longtime author of paper’s “Intelligent Investor” column, is looking back on some of the biggest blunders of the decade. As it turns out, there were a lot: Remember, investors started the decade with US stocks near […]

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