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Balfour Declaration Anniversary: Protests in UK, Palestine (PHOTOS)

November 2, 2020 Activists and representatives of Palestinian political groups and civil society in Gaza commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration with vehement rejection. (Photo: Fawzi Mahmoud, The Palestine Chronicle) Factories belonging to Israel’s largest arms manufacturer, Elbit System, woke up this morning to groups of protesters demanding their closure.  Protests led by […]

Palestinians Sue Britain for 1917 Balfour Declaration

By The New Arab Global Research, November 02, 2020 The New Arab 23 October 2020 Palestinian lawyers on Thursday filed a complaint to sue the British government for the 1917 declaration setting out London’s support for a “national home” for the Jewish people in Palestine. The lawyers filed a complaint in the occupied West Bank town of Nablus […]

Update: Nearly 45,000 Doctors & Scientists Sign Declaration Opposing COVID Lockdowns

The Facts: This article is brief examination into the question, do extraterrestrials represent some type of threat? Evidence suggests they’ve been visiting for a long time, if some type of ‘invasion’ was to happen, would it not have already happened? Reflect On: How much does the human race have to discover about itself? Are there […]

34,000 Scientists & Doctors Sign Declaration Strongly Opposing COVID Lockdowns

The Facts: Executive director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme Dr. Michael Ryan recently stated that according to their best estimates, 10 percent of the world’s population has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. Reflect On: Are rising case numbers as much as a concern as they’re being made out to be? Is COVID […]

16000 Doctors & Scientists Sign Declaration Strongly Opposing a 2nd COVID Lockdown

The Facts: One of Europes leading neurologists, Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson, MD, PhD, recently gave an interview sharing her opinion that masks are dangerous and should not be mandated. Her interview was removed from YouTube. Reflect On: How are so many renowned doctors and scientists sharing information that, according to many fact-checkers, is completely false? Her […]

Why are American troops being shot at in Syria? Was there a declaration of war approved by Congress? Trump’s “secure the oil” policy in Syria is set to get increasingly costly as tensions rise and more such confrontations inevitably occur: on Monday US occupying forces and the Syrian Army exchanged fire in a rare direct clash, reportedly ending in casualties on the Syrian government side. It happened in northeast Hasakah province just southeast of […]

The Historic Korean Peace Declaration Was Made Possible By Social Movements, Not Trump

The Historic Korean Peace Declaration Was Made Possible By Social Movements, Not Trump Above Photo: Protesters against U.S, President Donlad Trump gather during a rally in the Gwanghwamun area of central Seoul on November 7, 2017. (ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images) A conversation with peace activist Christine Ahn. President Donald Trump—who has previously threatened the entire Korean […]

How They Do It– ‘Trump’s pullout declaration led Assad to use chemical weapons against his own people’

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Galloway: ‘US, UK Diplomatic Expulsions Nearly a Declaration of War on Russia’

British politician, broadcaster, and writer George Galloway has slammed Donald Trump’s decision to expel 60 Russian diplomats and close the Russian consulate in Seattle. Galloway regards it as tantamount to a “declaration of war.” Galloway contrasted the US’ actions with those of EU member states. Those EU countries who rushed to follow the lead of […]

Economist says ‘declaration of war’ if US freezes Russian dollar assets

     The Bank of Russia holds a third of its currency assets in the United States. The USA may impose sanctions on the bank. Earlier, the US had frozen the assets of the National Fund of Kazakhstan, which suggests that Russia’s reserves may find themselves in a similar situation as well. Given the current state […]

Trump owes Netanyahu an apology for his Declaration on Jerusalem

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Bernard-Henri Lévy– ‘Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration was a cheap political move and not rooted in genuine love for the Jewish people’

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Despite Trump’s declaration, State Dep not recognizing Jerusalem

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‘Face facts’: Netanyahu lambastes pan-Muslim declaration on East Jerusalem

The rebuke comes amid growing violence in the wake of Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. Netanyahu said the resolution from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) “fails to impress us.” He added “the truth will win in the end and many countries will certainly recognize Jerusalem as the capital […]

Declaration On Climate Finance

DECLARATION We the undersigned, call for an immediate end to investments in new fossil fuel production and infrastructure, and encourage a dramatic increase in investments in renewable energy. We are issuing this call to action in the lead up to the climate summit hosted by President Macron in Paris this December. President Macron and other world […]

Once again the ‘Truth Movement’ fails i.e. Trump’s ‘Jerusalem’ Declaration

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How Trump’s Declaration Inflames a Middle East Already Ablaze

Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel predictably sent shockwaves throughout the Middle East and reverberated around the world. Anger and outrage have been seen on the streets of Palestinian cities, as well as in major cities around the world, where diaspora Palestinians and their allies have […]

How Trump fooled everyone with his Jerusalem declaration

The US president’s recognition of Israel’s capital can be seen as a test for the Palestinians: If they respond with violence, Trump can say the Israelis were right and there is apparently no partner; but if they exercise maturity and accept Trump’s peace plan, Netanyahu will have a problem. Ynet US President Donald Trump’s recognition […]

Amir-Abdollahian: Netanyahu to burn in fire of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration

MNA – Iranian parliamentary official said Thu. that the US embassy relocation to Jerusalem al-Quds is playing with a fire that Trump will be too weak to bear and which will burn Israeli PM in it. Parliament’s General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian reacted to Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, adding “the Palestinian crisis will settle […]

The only certainty regarding Trump’s Jerusalem declaration is that people will die

“Defenceless under the night Our world in stupor lies Yet, dotted everywhere, Ironic point of light Flash out wherever the Just Exchange their messages: May I, composed like them Of Eros and of dust, Beleaguered by the same Negation and despair, Show an affirming flame.” –W. H. Auden, September 1, 1939 I think, first and […]

VIDEO: Lord Rothschild Present / Balfour Declaration Centenary Event

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A screenshot from the video This video is submited by the “Strategic News” project. div{float:left;margin-right:10px;} div.wpmrec2x div.u > div:nth-child(3n){margin-right:0px;} ]]> Advertisements Filed under: AngloZionist Empire, Balfour declaration, Britain, Jewish Lobby, Jewish Power, Palestine, Zionist entity | Source Article from Hits: 2

Balfour Declaration, History and Concealment (video)

Yet, we must admit that the Jewish world has managed to squeeze quite a few drops of juice out of this watery statement. The Jewish world interprets this ‘sympathetic declaration’ as a commitment to their Zionist, racist and expansionist project namely the ‘Jewish State’. They claim to regard the vague statement as a license to […]

Thousands of pro-Palestinians march in London against Balfour Declaration

Thousands of pro-Palestinians marched through the streets of London on Saturday to protest the centenary of Balfour Declaration which helped Jews to establish a national state on skulls and bones of Palestinians. Protesters held signs reading “Free Palestine” and Justice for Palestine,” while they chanted “Free, Free Palestine” and “Occupation no more.” The protest came […]

100 Years On: The Balfour Declaration Explained

This week, Palestinians around the world are marking 100 years since the Balfour Declaration was issued on November 2, 1917. The declaration turned the Zionist aim of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine into a reality when Britain publicly pledged to establish “a national home for the Jewish people” there. The pledge is generally viewed as one […]

PM May: Take back the Balfour Declaration – Israel reneged on the bargain

Dear Prime Minister May: The centennial of the Balfour Declaration is upon us. Accordingly, we think it is time the British Government revisited the document that helped determine the course of history. When it was apparent in 1917 that Britain would gain control of Palestine after the first World War, Zionist leaders requested the following declaration: “His […]

Balfour Declaration: Britain broke its feeble promise to the Palestinians

By Jonathan Cook There is more than a little irony in Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision to attend a “celebration” dinner this week in London with his British counterpart, Theresa May, marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. Palestinian objections to the 1917 document are well-known. Britain’s Lord Balfour had no right to promise […]

Balfour Declaration’s 100th birthday prompts calls on Britain to apologize and recognize Palestinian rights

The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, on November 2, is turning out to be an important occasion for Palestinians to register their sense of betrayal by Britain for colonial-era promises that still govern the lives of so many people in Israel and Palestine, and to call on Britain to make the declaration “right” by […]

Who was behind the Balfour Declaration? BALFOUR UNFURLED!


Spain’s constitutional court cancels Catalonia declaration of independence

READ MORE: Catalonia’s Puigdemont vows to respect December 21 election in Brussels speech The news came as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont was giving a speech in Brussels, his first since Madrid filed charges against him and he fled to Belgium. Earlier the Spanish attorney general filed a lawsuit against the secessionist leaders over their push […]

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