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Warren Buffett dumps airline stocks like hot coals even as he defends their Ponzi schemes he gorges on

Each year, 40,000 shareholders make a pilgrimage to hear Warren Buffett speak at the annual shareholder meeting of his mega-conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, an event famously dubbed ‘Woodstock for capitalists.’ The critical takeaway from Warren Buffett’s four-hour monologue at this year’s virtual meeting was Berkshire’s record hoard of cash, around $145 billion. This uninvested capital should […]

“China Did A Lot Of Things Right”: Bill Gates Defends CCP, Slams America Over Handling Of Coronavirus — The Duran

“I think there’s a lot of incorrect and unfair things said…” (by disappeared whistleblowers?) Bill Gates vehemently defended China’s initial response to the coronavirus outbreak on Sunday, telling CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that the communist country – which silenced whistleblowers and lied about transmissibility – “did a lot of things right.” “How would you respond to […]

‘Counterproductive & unfair’: Russian FM defends WHO after US attacked organization, stopped financing

Lavrov, during an online conference with students, called the attempts to place blame on the WHO “counterproductive and unfair,” adding that he believes that the organization acted “professionally” at all stages of the crisis.  Hailing the efforts of international organizations, including the UN, Lavrov cautioned governments against using moments of deep crisis such as this pandemic to […]

‘I have the right to express my views’: Djokovic defends ‘anti-vaxxer’ stance after Covid-19 comments cause stir

   Tennis star Novak Djokovic has defended comments he made in relation to a potential vaccine for the novel coronavirus, saying that he is against mandatory vaccinations for the virus in order to be able to travel. Djokovic prompted something of a media frenzy this past weekend when he highlighted his concerns about potentially being […]

Cringe Youtuber Idubbbz Defends Girlfriend Who Got a Boob Job & Started Camwhoring for Money

What else could you expect from a noddle-armed faggot cuck who makes a living producing retard-tier cringe videos to entertain teenagers on jewtube? Watch this video on YouTube His girlfriend decided to get a boob job and immediately began camwhoring on some perverted website called fansonly. What else could a dyke like her do other […]

John Cusack Defends Anti-Trump NBC Reporter: ‘Rot in HELL, Mr. President’

Hollywood actor John Cusack has told President Trump to “rot in hell” after POTUS told off an NBC News reporter during Friday’s White House press conference on the coronvirus outbreak. The anti-Trump star was triggered by the exchange between President Trump and NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander. Cusack, an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, […]

Bloomberg defends Muslim surveillance program: ‘We’re supposed to do that’

@ wondering Jew Here’s the complete original article as written by Dave Zirin, sports editor for the Nation: “Athletes Take a Knee Against Israel’s Occupation” “Two volleyball players at Brooklyn College are facing a torrent of abuse for protesting during the Israeli national anthem.” By Dave Zirin, sports editor for the Nation “In August […]

Chief rabbi defends remarks against immigrants from former Soviet Union

Jewish cemetery desecrated in southwest France A dozen graves at a Jewish cemetery in the southwest of France have been desecrated, the local community says, after the latest in a string of recent attacks that have sparked concerns about a wave of anti-Semitism. Deborah Loupien-Suares, the head of the Jewish community in the towns of […]

Cyprus defends court after UK protests British teen’s conviction over rape claim

Cyprus defended its judiciary Tuesday, after Britain expressed concern over a trial that saw a British teenager convicted of falsely claiming she was gang-raped. The Cyprus “government has full confidence in the judiciary and the courts… which should be strictly left to enforce the laws,” government spokesman Kyriacos Koushos said in a statement. His remarks […]

Morocco Arrests Journalist And YouTuber; Singapore Defends Fake News Law

By Aaron Kesel All over the world there has been a crackdown of freedom of the press and speech. Now, Morocco has arrested a journalist and YouTuber for criticizing their King, amid Singapore defending its Orwellian fake news law. Morocco has arrested YouTuber Mohamed Sekkaki and journalist Omar Radi in two separate cases for criticizing […]

KY Gov. Proudly Defends Decision to Pardon Multiple Convicted Child Rapists, Murderers

By Matt Agorist On his way out of office, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin dropped a huge batch of pardons and commutations of sentences of hundreds of Kentuckians. While some of these people were rotting in jail for weed convictions or other victimless crimes, many of the pardons consisted of violent criminals and child rapists. Some […]

When I Say ‘Literally’ I Don’t Mean ‘Literally’: Rachel Maddow Defends Her Fake News In Court

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is in court dealing with a $10 million legal action from One America News after the conservative network accused her of spreading defamatory fake news about them. Though the court hearings have just begun, things are getting ugly quick for the Russian collusion hoax’s most enthusiastic disseminator. According to Rachel Maddow, […]

Royal Family Biographer Defends Prince Andrew: ‘Soliciting Sex From Minors is Not Pedophilia’

(TMU) — Biographer for the Royal Family, Lady Colin Campbell, recently appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain where she defended Prince Andrew against claims of pedophilia. In her defense of the disgraced prince, Campbell pointed to the “prostitution” charge that Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of in 2008, and attempted to downplay the fact that the girls […]

British Aristocrat Defends Prince Andrew: ‘Soliciting Sex From Minors Is NOT Pedophilia’

Lady Colin Campbell has caused outrage after defending Prince Andrew’s friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and claiming on live TV that soliciting sex from minors ‘is not the same as pedophilia’. The aristocrat, 70, made the comments on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday as the Royal Family began circling the wagons around Prince Andrew. […]

Netanyahu clashes with Arab MKs in Knesset, defends Gaza operation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday clashed in the Knesset plenum with Arab lawmakers protesting the ongoing strikes on terror targets in the Gaza Strip, saying Israel has been taking care to avoid harming Palestinian civilians. Israel and Gazan terrorists have been exchanging heavy fire since Israel killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror chief Baha Abu […]

Syrian Army Defends Civilians from Sectarian Terrorist Threat in Northeast

Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have continued to pull back as agreed, while the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their Russian military allies have taken positions through much of the northeast of Syria, to counter the Turkish invasion.  There are clashes sporadically, and the Turkish backed sectarian militias have committed murders of unarmed civilians reportedly.  Generally, […]

Israeli pundit accuses US of creating Al-Qaeda, defends Iran

   Yakov Kedmi, public figure, and an Israeli defense and geopolitical expert: “As for the first terrorist organizations and Al-Qaeda when it operated in Chechnya, and when Al-Khattab, funded by bin Laden, was organizing training camps for terrorists in Chechnya, they didn’t just turn a blind eye to that. They watched it in amusement, they […]

India defends citizenship register in Assam even after UN criticism

India has again defended a controversial citizenship register in the northeastern state of Assam even though the United Nations has voiced concern over the publication of a list that may put large numbers of people in the region at risk of becoming stateless. In a statement released late Sunday, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar […]

Brennan Defends Comey & Viciously Attacks Trump Following IG Report

Former CIA boss John Brennan rigorously defended James Comey on Thursday following the release of the incriminating DOJ Inspector General report. Brennan fired off a vicious warning to President Trump, suggesting that he will be in a “world of trouble and hurt” after Republican Senators can no longer protect him. Brennan, Comey and other anti-Trump […]

Prince Andrew Defends ‘Former’ Friendship: Did Not See Or Suspect Epstein’s Criminal Behavior

Prince Andrew has defended his “former” friendship with Jeffrey Epstein in a statement issued on Saturday by Buckingham Palace He said he wanted to “clarify the facts” around his “former association or friendship” with the billionaire pedophile. The Duke of York claims that “at no stage” did he “see or suspect” any criminal behaviour. Saturday’s […]

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