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US Trade Deficits, Trump Trade Policies, And Capitalist Globalization

US Trade Deficits, Trump Trade Policies, And Capitalist Globalization Above photo: Eleanor Goldfield. Understandably concerned about the consequences of the large and sustained US trade deficit, many workers have grown tired of waiting for so-called market forces to produce balance.  Thus, they cheer Trump administration promises to correct the imbalance through tariffs or reworked trade agreements that will […]

This Popular Cooking Oil May be Destroying Your Memory and Causing Learning Deficits

Heather Callaghan, ContributorWaking Times One of the world’s most common food ingredients is finally being outed as a big, fat fraud. We hope you are sitting down for this one! This polyunsaturated oil is touted as healthy by the big food industries, fast food industries, the natural health communities (!), and even our regulatory agencies. We’re […]

The Real Causes Of Deficits And The US Debt

With the Senate and House all but assured to pass the US$4.5 trillion in tax cuts for businesses, investors, and the wealthiest 1 percent households by the end of this week, phases two and three of the Trump-Republican fiscal strategy have begun quickly to take shape. Phase two is to maneuver the inept Democrats in […]

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