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Mysterious newly discovered virus DEFIES EVOLUTION, current scientific understanding

   Scientists in Japan have discovered a new type of virus which could redefine our understanding of viruses and how they propagate and spread, all while sifting through pig feces. Unlike most other organisms which fall under the definition of ‘life,’ viruses have no cells: they are merely a particle of genetic material (RNA or […]

CPS Worker Defies Gag Order, Exposes Violent Child Sex Ring in State Foster System

A woman who previously worked for the Arizona DCS has broken her gag order and is speaking out about a horrifying child sex trafficking ring in which children are raped and tortured. Sierra Vista, AZ — While many think that the state taking children from parents is a noble gesture to protect the child, all […]

Netrebko defies #MeToo hounds with racy VIDEO of her with Domingo, teases joint performance

“So happy to return to Metropolitan Opera in September to perform one of my favorite Verdi role[s], Macbeth, and share stage with fantastic Placido Domingo!” Netrebko said in an Instagram post. The remark was included with a clip from the 2018 production of the Verdi opera, in which the two starred as the Shakespearean villainous […]

EPA defies California rules over Monsanto Roundup; still insists the herbicide is safe

   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has defied California regulators by no longer approving labels claiming Monsanto Roundup is known to cause cancer. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has listed glyphosate, a chemical compound-base for Monsanto Roundup herbicide weed killer, as causing cancer since July 2017. Furthermore, glyphosate was added to the […]

Trump Defies the Hawks, Backs Off Attacking Iran – But for How Long?

“God created war so that Americans would learn geography.” – Mark Twain Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire Last night we were told that President Donald Trump had approved US military strikes against Iran in retaliation for the downing of a surveillance drone.  Then he suddenly changed his mind and pulled back from the ledge. You […]

Arkansas newspaper defies ‘unconstitutional’ law banning Israel boycotts

Alan Leveritt, publisher of the Arkansas Times. Brian Chilson / Arkansas Times In Arkansas, a newspaper publisher is in financial straits after refusing to sign an anti-BDS pledge. He believes that political dissent is protected speech, and that the Arkansas law violates his constitutional rights and his journalistic ethics. Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) is a […]

Senate Defies Trump on U.S. Involvement in Yemen War

The Senate voted Wednesday afternoon to advance a resolution that would cut off U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, the first time a resolution targeting the war has been approved and a sign of how fast the debate in Washington over the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia has shifted. The resolution would […]

Teamsters Union Defies “No” Vote, Declares UPS Contract Ratified

Teamsters Union Defies “No” Vote, Declares UPS Contract Ratified Above Photo: From The UPS depot in Madison Heights, Michigan The Teamsters union is ignoring the votes of its members and ratifying contracts that were opposed by large majorities. WSWS reports: Workers were holding an emergency online meeting to discuss a way forward for UPS workers […]

‘We’re independent’: India defies US sanctions over billion-worth S-400 deal with Russia

India to continue buying Iranian crude despite US sanctions threat General Bipin Rawat implied that his country is no vassal state, and it has every right to go ahead with a $5.4 billion purchase of five surface-to-air missile systems from Russia. He spoke at the General K V Krishna Rao inaugural memorial lecture in the […]


Russian media and the MoD are making a big infowar ado about supplying S-300’s to Syria. Events in the near future will determine if this is actually done, or if Russia is using this media simulacrum as a  bargaining chip. In a major development, Russia has just announced it will carry through with its prior […]

India defies US threats, poised to sign deal for Russian S-400s in October

India defied US demands to drop the S-400 deal in favor of US weaponry, selecting the defense system to protect its skies in June following an agreement on technical and economic specifications earlier this year. The S-400 is capable of destroying aerial targets at an extremely long range of up to 400km (almost 250 miles). […]

‘They want me dead’: Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa defies court arrest order

Judge Daniella Camacho ordered the arrest of three-term President Rafael Correa on Tuesday over his alleged involvement in the 2012 abduction of a political opponent and requested that Interpol apprehend him for extradition. Correa, who now lives in Belgium, called the allegations “tremendously ridiculous” and dismissed Ecuador’s pressure on him in an interview with RT. […]

Italy Defies EU, Deports 500,000 Illegal Immigrants

Italy’s incoming government has defied EU leaders by starting the process of deporting half a million illegal immigrants.  President Sergio Mattarella is expected to approve the removal of 500,000 immigrants as requested by the new coalition government led by Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvino. reports: They have also said they will build more more […]

Watching The Hawks – Lincoln Defies Partisanship & Dog Gone Airlines

Watching The Hawks – Lincoln Defies Partisanship & Dog Gone Airlines Watching The Former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee discusses the turbulence of todays chaotic politics. Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi talks Mike Pompeo and the escalation of the US war on Syria. Airlines are besieged by renewed criticism as they allow pets to […]

Catalonia Defies Madrid – Goes to Polls to Vote for Independence

Despite various efforts by the Spanish central government in Madrid, Polls opened in the province of Catalonia. Prior to the opening of the polls today, fears were palpable that the vote could lead to confrontations between demonstrators and an estimated 5 million – with some 17,000 police deployed to “maintain public order.” Madrid opposed election […]

Abductee Defies SIXTEEN Lie Detector Tests, Proving His Story TRUE

Travis Walton the man involved in one of the most infamous alien abduction cases EVER has hit out at sceptics and non-believers – saying 16 separate lie detector tests, which were taken by himself and witnesses to the unexplained strange 1975 incident – prove a 100% that his story is TRUE! The now world known […]

Russian military defies constant shelling to build bridge across Euphrates in Syria (VIDEO)

“A panel bridge was erected in less than two days, despite constant shelling,” the head of the road service of the Russian Defense Ministry, Vladimir Burovtsev, told journalists on Tuesday. READ MORE: Russian MoD releases Idlib airstrikes footage, denies targeting populated areas (VIDEO) “Drones were deployed. During the installation work, explosives and grenades were falling on […]

London’s Palestine Expo defies smear campaign attracting more than 15,000

“No-one will ever silence me, and I will speak my mind,” says 16-year-old Leanne Mohamad, a British-Palestinian activist, to enthusiastic applause at the Palestine Expo. “At school, when I was studying geography of the Middle East, Palestine was never mentioned. In history it was never mentioned, in religious studies, it was never mentioned. That’s why […]

Trump Defies Globalists, Calls for US Dominance in Energy

Trump Defies Globalists, Calls for US Dominance in Energy Trump DESTROYING Trilateralist program to end America Kit DanielsPrison June 25, 2017 President Trump has openly defied a technocratic plan by the globalists to shut down US energy independence. Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr In a reversal of Obama administration policies that suspended domestic energy […]

Montenegro defies democracy by ratifying NATO membership without referendum – Moscow

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has expressed “deep regret that the current leadership of [Montenegro] and its Western backers didn’t heed the voice of conscience and reason.” Montenegro parliament ratifies NATO membership after US approval “The adoption of fundamental acts, affecting the key issues of state security, by the vote of individual MPs on the basis of […]

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