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Palestinians with graduate degrees struggle to make ends meet in Gaza

Mohammed Abu Rukba was a rising academic at a local university. A prolific educator, he has authored more than 70 articles and four books, including one that is still taught in classrooms across Gaza. Yet for the last three years Abu Rukba has not lectured or taught. He told me in January every morning he […]

5 Reasons Why Business Management Degrees are So Valuable in Today’s Economy

The default image of someone with a business degree is of people wearing suits and ties working in financial departments or even the C-suite. While there are people with business degrees working in these lucrative jobs, there are many other jobs business management degree holders can fill. And there are […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: ALERT: US ‘Growing Degrees’ plummet – Farms go offline

   2019 was much colder than 2018! You won’t hear this in media. Christian of Ice Age Farmer equips you with cold, hard GDD data and intellectual ammunition in order to start conversations about how quickly conditions on our planet are changing. As the Solar Minimum forces temperatures to decline further, more and more of […]

Heatwave hits Morocco, temperatures reach up to 47 degrees celsius

   According to the Directorate of National Meteorology (DMN), the heatwave started on August 23 and will persist until the end of the week. Temperatures will gradually decrease by the start of next week. The areas of Sous, Tadla, El Haouz and Rhamna will face particularly high temperatures. In the central and southeastern regions, as […]

The Newspeak Road to Four Degrees Celsius

While a price placed on the Earth, estimated at $5000 trillion (New Formula Values Earth), belongs to the unthinkable, the haggle by conservatives over the price of mitigation of climate change underpins the reality of the Faustian Bargain, manifested by extreme weather events (Fig. 1).Under a plethora of misconceptions and cover-ups the current elections take […]

All the Kremlin’s men: Farage, Moscow and six degrees of Kevin Bacon

Carole Cadwalladr of the Observer has been joining the dots and last weekend published a lengthy piece under the headline “Who is the real Nigel Farage … and why won’t he answer my questions?” The piece describes her exhaustive attempts to ask the former leader of UKIP awkward questions, including following him all the way […]

Indian Man Obtains 145 Academic Degrees In 30 Years

You think obtaining an academic degree is a daunting task? Try 145. Professor VN Parthiban, who teaches in Chennai, India, has obtained 145 degrees over the last 30 years and has no plans to stop studying anytime soon. Parthiban’s journey started after he struggled with his first degree. He was a disorganized student who would often […]

Corrupting the Kids 360 Degrees of Mind Control from Cradle to Grave [Video]

One of the preferred animal for occultic sacrifice rituals is a KID goat baby goats are called kids, thats why I don’t use the word the same word parents may use to describe you and your siblings! Mother goats are nannies. Fathers are called billy goats. The Satanic Masonic Mainstream owned corporations wants everyone to […]

WikiLeaks ‘waiting for official confirmation’ after BBC report UN ruled in Assange’s favor

Assange earlier said in case of a favorable decision he expects he expects “the immediate return” of his passport and the termination of further attempts to arrest him. The UN, however, neither confirmed nor denied to RT that the panel has ruled in favor of Assange’s illegal detention. WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told RT that […]

Syria: The break for the border

     Who is the supreme profiteer of the Russia-Turkey drama? No question: it’s the Empire of Chaos. A desperate Ankara increasingly depends on NATO’s embrace. In the crucial Pipelineistan arena, the Turkish Stream project has been suspended (but not canceled). Eurasia integration – the key 21st century project for both China and Russia – is […]

Chinese support on climate change ‘essential,’ Hollande says

NASA’s TIMED mission, short for Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics, has confirmed a surprisingly fast carbon dioxide increase in Earth’s upper atmosphere, raising questions about how different layers … Source Article from Hits: 5

Two degrees of Kevin Bacon and Message through The Door of the Colbert Report

Two degrees of Kevin Bacon and Message through The Door of The Colbert Report Vis-a-Vis Vanunu Mordechai and oPt   by Eileen Fleming   [New York City]–Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game based on the understanding of our interconnected world and plays upon the assumption that individuals can be linked through film roles […]

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