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Defying US Sanctions, Iran Tanker To Deliver Fuel To Venezuela

Defying US Sanctions, Iran Tanker To Deliver Fuel To Venezuela Above photo: An Iranian oil tanker. Nachoman-au/Wikipedia. NOTE: Argus media reports that the US issued a response to Iran ignoring the illegal unilateral economic coercive measures being imposed on many countries by the US. “The US administration today issued an advisory to the maritime industry on […]

Capsaicin: A Spicy Supplement That May Deliver Well-Rounded Benefits to Your Health

May 7th, 2020 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Chili peppers (capsicum annuum) are one of the most common yet important spices in cooking, and is enjoyed by countless people all over the world. While most people believe that they originated from India, China or Thailand — countries that make extensive use of […]

IDF troops deliver aid in locked down Netivot, Beit Shemesh

The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday deployed additional troops from the Home Front Command to the towns of Beit Shemesh and Netivot following coronavirus outbreaks in several of their neighborhoods. On Friday, the government decided to lock down several predominantly ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Beit Shemesh and Netivot following a spike in COVID-19 infections there, apparently […]

Gig Workers Fight Back: ‘We Don’t Want To Deliver COVID-19 With Your Groceries’

Gig Workers Fight Back: ‘We Don’t Want To Deliver COVID-19 With Your Groceries’ The economy has shut down considerably in the United States so that people can shelter in place and slow the spread of COVID-19, but not all workers are able to do so. Essential workers include those who work in the food industry, […]

Coronavirus: After the EU Failed to Deliver, Italy Looks to Russia for Help

ROME (Mideast Discourse) — More than 15 military transport planes flew from Russia to Italy delivering disinfection units, 180 doctors, 100 personnel which include specialists in biological protection, nurses, ventilators, and masks. The experts sent to Italy have worked on international epidemics including African Swine Fever and in developing an Ebola vaccine. Italy’s Prime Minister Guiseppe […]

Quick as a FLASH! Scientists find way to deliver ENTIRE COURSE of cancer treatment in less than a second

In a study published on Thursday, scientists show how their potentially paradigm-shifting method, known as FLASH radiotherapy, has the same effect on tumors as traditional radiation therapy and it gets the job done in a fraction of the time. Boffins from the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center have taken the first steps in making […]

FLASHBACK: Vaccine industry reveals new "all-in-one super injection" that will deliver multiple vaccines all at once, "programmed" to break down at different times

(Natural News) If getting multiple vaccines in just a few short years wasn’t damaging enough, the vaccine industry has come up with a new scheme to ensure that children get all of their inoculations — whether parents like it or not. Indeed, a new “super injection” is on the horizon, and it is […]

Watch Live: Pelosi To Deliver Impeachment Probe "Update" At 9 AM

Prompting speculation that she could be announcing a timeline for an impeachment vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to deliver an update on the status of the impeachment inquiry Thursday morning at 9 am. Pelosi will speak from the Speaker’s Balcony Hallway, the same spot from where she announced the launch of the impeachment […]

Pope against NUKES: Francis to deliver anti-nuclear message in Japanese cities where US dropped atomic bombs

Francis touched down in Tokyo on Saturday, becoming the first pope to visit the East Asian country in 38 years. His four-day trip will include visits to Nagasaki and Hiroshima, cities where over 210,000 people were killed when the United States dropped nuclear bombs on them at the end of the Second World War. On […]

IPCC admits ruminant agriculture can help us deliver net zero emissions

   New science, by a global team of IPCC researchers based at Oxford University, shows categorically that methane from Britain’s ruminants is not causing global warming – instead ruminants provide a viable pathway to net zero emissions from UK agriculture by 2030. What? But cattle and sheep produce methane almost constantly… Yes, but a focus […]

Panama: Students Defy Blockade, Deliver Message Directly To The National Assembly

Panama: Students Defy Blockade, Deliver Message Directly To The National Assembly Above Photo: From More than a thousand students, teachers and administrators of the first house of studies of the University of Panama, made a march on Tuesday October 22 from the Transistmica to the facilities of the National Assembly.  The measure was given as a rejection […]


South Front 02.10.2019 In late September, Yemen’s Houthis carried out a large-scale operation against Saudi-led forces on the border with the southern Saudi province of Narjan. According to a spokesperson for the Armed Forces of the Houthi Government, the Houthis fully defeated at least 3 brigades of Saudi-backed forces. The Yemeni force killed 500 personnel, […]

Watergate Journalist: Barr Preparing To Deliver Proof of ‘Deep State Conspiracy’

Attorney General William Barr is preparing to “deliver evidence that perhaps this has all been a Deep State conspiracy like Donald Trump alleges,” according to legendary investigative journalist Carl Bernstein. Bernstein, who earned his reputation by uncovering the massive cover-up that led to the Watergate scandal, dropped another bombshell this week about Attorney General William Barr’s […]

Study: Can nanoparticles be used to deliver treatments to injured brain and spinal cord cells?

(Natural News) A research team from Purdue University has designed a cutting-edge treatment that could quickly repair brain and spinal cord cells that have been injured. The treatment method enlists medicated nanoparticles to the injury site, preventing secondary damage to the spine, restoring cellular function, and improving physiological processes. The researchers achieved […]

An Aide-Memoire For Boris: First, Deliver Brexit

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, An instinctive free-trader, Boris Johnson, is almost certain to be elected as the next UK Prime Minister. His immediate mission will be to extricate the UK from the EU. If he does that successfully, his next task will be to stop and reverse the drift into socialism in Britain. […]

Russia ‘ready to deliver S-400 to Iran,’ no request made yet

Russia says it is ready to deliver advanced S-400 air defense missile systems to Iran but says it has not yet received any official request from the Islamic Republic for such a sale. “We are open for discussions on delivering S-400 Triumph air defense systems, including to Iran. Especially given that this equipment is […]

Dominic Raab: We’re “Toast” Unless We Deliver Brexit

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has warned that the Conservative Party “will be toast” if the UK doesn’t leave the EU this October. According to Raab, the UK government must show Brussels that London is serious about leaving the bloc. reports: According to Raab, it is unlikely that Parliament will be suspended over its […]

Net Neutrality Advocates Deliver 3.5 Million Petitions To Mitch McConnell For Net Neutralty Vote

Net Neutrality Advocates Deliver 3.5 Million Petitions To Mitch McConnell For Net Neutralty Vote Above: Net Neutrality advocates deliver of 3.5 million signatures to Mitch McConnell on June 11, 2019. On June 11th, some of the country’s largest netroots and advocacy groups delivered 3.5 million unique petition signatures and comments to Senator McConnell in support of net neutrality June 11th marks […]

Yemen’s Houthis Deliver on Promise to Target Saudi Soil With Drone Strikes on Najran Airport

NAJRAN-SAUDI ARABIA — The Saudi-led Coalition’s war on Yemen shows little sign of dwindling, and now over four years after it began, its borders are increasingly fluid as Yemen’s Houthi movement increasingly takes the fight to Saudi Arabia’s soil. Last Monday, the Houthis announced that amid increasingly grim prospects for peace they would begin a […]

What it takes for Mondoweiss to deliver what the movement needs

This year, Ha’aretz columnist Amira Hass described Mondoweiss as one of the essential websites “you must visit to understand Israel’s policy toward Palestinians.” She wrote, “One can’t help but envy the site for its network of writers and reporters from the field.” And did you know that Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment & […]

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