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An Assault Upon Democracy

I entirely agree with President Trump’s very able legal team – the Democrat impeachment process is an assault upon democracy. It’s a naked attempt to reverse the result of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election by taking out a candidate the Dems know can’t beat. It’s a democratic disgrace, small ‘d’. Last […]

Canada Opposed Iranian Democracy

To understand where you are, it is necessary to know where you have been. To understand current Canadian policy towards the 18th most populous country in the world, it is necessary to look at the history of Ottawa’s relations with Iran. For the first 75 years after Confederation Canada’s foreign policy was largely shaped by the […]

How anti-Muslim war makes US democracy impossible

The “usual suspects” are already being rounded up. U.S. citizens with Iranian names and backgrounds are being selected for special screening at the border. City police departments in New York and Los Angeles have vowed to be on alert for Iranian terrorists. It’s been the same story for decades. Nearly anytime the United States has […]

Grassroots Democracy And The Social Production Of Housing

Venezuela’s cities have given birth to a powerful social movement aiming at urban reorganization through self-governed assembly processes. Rigel Sergent is a spokesperson for a powerful tenants’ anti-eviction movement called Movimiento de Inquilinas (henceforth “Inquilinas”). That movement forms part of the Movimiento de Pobladoras (henceforth “Pobladoras”) which is a wide platform for urban struggle. Earlier […]

Chile: Democracy And Dictatorship Face Off

Chile: Democracy And Dictatorship Face Off Above: Large banner at mass demonstrations reads, “General Strike!” Smaller banner reads, “Free and Sovereign Constituent Assembly!” Note: The video below from Redfish, shows how Chile’s president declared war on his own people. After two months of protests dozens have been killed, hundreds maimed and thousands detained. The repression unleashed by […]

UK election 2019: Why some British-Indians think democracy is dead

In May I celebrated my 50th year in the United Kingdom. I wasn’t born here, but Britain is my home and I’m fiercely patriotic. My father arrived before I was born and, like many before him, scraped enough money working in a factory to bring his family over. He was a Labour Party man through […]

Political uncertainty fuels rise in pessimism about future of democracy

Capping off a months-long downward trend, over two-thirds of Israelis are pessimistic about the future of the country’s democracy, according to a new poll released recently as Israel appears to be heading toward new elections. Some 68 percent of Israelis said they were not optimistic about the future of Israeli democracy, a sharp decline from […]

The Short Road: Democracy to Fascism

Fascism is a political ideology fundamentally authoritarian in character, with a strong nationalism and an essentially belligerent militaristic outlook. Fascism carries primarily a corporate perspective as opposed to a socialist view, directed to satisfying the needs, values and objectives of finance and corporations, organising both the economy and the political system according to this agenda. […]

Michael Bloomberg’s President Run Raises Questions About Democracy and a Free Press

After months of speculation, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announced a high-profile, big-money campaign to become the Democratic Presidential nominee on November 24. The 77-year-old former Republican has decided that he is the perfect candidate to prevent the president from achieving a second term. Bloomberg has a long history of support for […]

The US Is Not ‘Losing’ Its Democracy, It’s Already Long Gone

The US Is Not ‘Losing’ Its Democracy, It’s Already Long Gone The notion that citizens of the United States don’t actually live in a democracy has been picking up steam for decades, with scars from economic, social and political decay inflicting themselves ever more deeply into our psyches as the years move on. You would think […]

Direct Democracy And The Passion For Political Participation

Direct Democracy And The Passion For Political Participation Above Photo: The People’s Parliament of Rojava. Photo: Studio Jonas Staal For a radically democratic and ecological society we need to build democratic and resilient communities capable of deepening citizen participation at all levels of public life. Yavor Tarinski is an independent researcher and activist whose publications and talks […]

Princeton Study: The U.S. Is Not ‘Losing’ Its Democracy, It’s Already Long Gone

The Facts: Moloch is a Canaanite god in the Old Testament that’s associated with human sacrifice, specifically the sacrifice of human children is now on display at the entrance to the Colosseum in Rome as part of a secular historical exhibition. Reflect On: With all of the attention Jeffrey Epstein is getting, should there not […]

Violence Is as Violence Does. All in the Name of “Restoring Democracy”

Anyone remember the line from the film Forest Gump: ‘Stupid is as stupid does’? Well, now we have, each and every passing day, the bastard children of our violent empire. Yes, violence has always been with us, this the frailty and flaw of humanity. One would think that as more (supposedly) ‘evolved’ a culture becomes, […]

The Just Transition, Economic Democracy, And The Green New Deal

The Just Transition, Economic Democracy, And The Green New Deal Above Photo: From Earlier this year, US Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez introduced a Congressional resolution for a Green New Deal (GND), an idea since supported by a number of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. The resolution calls for “transparent and inclusive consultation, collaboration, and partnership with frontline and vulnerable communities, […]

‘Defending our democracy’ or Schiff show? Impeachment hearing reveals world where establishment feelings trump facts

To hear Adam Schiff (D-California), chair of the House Intelligence Committee and the Democrats’ point-man for the impeachment process, this is about no less than “defending our democracy” and stopping Trump’s “abuse of power.” His staff even made an ominous-looking web page laying out the “evidence.” Republicans point out, not incorrectly, that the evidence amounts […]

Resignation of Bolivia’s Evo Morales was no victory for democracy, but a US-sponsored coup

Morales was re-elected as Bolivia’s president on October 20. The coup-backing Organization of American States (OAS) wasn’t pleased and went ahead interfering in a sovereign nation – as the US itself does so well – issuing a report stating that there were “clear manipulations” of the voting process. The heavy funding from the US surely […]

On Berlin Wall anniversary, Merkel urges Europe to defend ‘democracy, freedom’

BERLIN — Europe “must stand up for democracy and freedom, for human rights and tolerance,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday as Germany commemorated the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Such values “must always be lived out and defended anew,” Merkel told political leaders and European guests at a ceremony, warning that these freedoms […]

Ted Cruz: Big Tech Is a ‘Growing Threat to Our Democracy’

Senator Ted Cruz has warned that America’s Big Tech companies are quickly becoming a “growing threat to our democracy.” In an interview with Breitbart News, Cruz discussed a letter he sent to United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, urging him to remove language that would enshrine Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in the […]

Spreading Democracy the American Way

That’s the entire list. You can see that it’s blank. But how can that be? We all know that the US has freed dozens of nations from their evil and repressive governments, and installed loving democracies where people lived happily ever after, swamped with freedoms and overwhelmed with human rights. We know this because we’ve […]

Britain’s Democracy – Being Corrupted to the Point of Worthlessness

Yet more scandals are engulfing the Tories. Apart from new cases being brought to the crown prosecution Service and two other unresolved cases involving the police and Electoral Commission, we have now heard of another incendiary political cover-up involving a report generated by Britain’s own security services. In the meantime, the Electoral Commission is swamped […]

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