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AOC Says Democrat Party Is a ‘Center-Conservative Party’ — Not a ‘Left Party’

The Democrat Party is a “conservative” party, according to Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who added “We don’t have a left party in the United States.“ Yes, you read that correctly. Of all the completely insane statements that have come from the lips of freshman Democrat socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this sentence might just be her most stunning and […]

PUNISHING ECONOMY: San Fran’s Democrat tyrants double down on closed businesses, taxing landlords for leaving stores vacant

(Natural News) It’s difficult to start a new business even in a fantastic economy like the one President Donald Trump and Republicans have created, but it’s never easy to create and sustain a business in a high-tax state like California. Democrat super majorities have, for years, ratcheted up taxes, fees and other […]

Urgent Warning to ALL Jews: Any Jewish American who votes Democrat in 2020 may as well be a Holocaust denier, because you’ll be voting for another one

(Natural News) If you’ve been a Democrat for years or even decades, we understand, but now is the time to realize that the leaders of the Democratic party have gone completely insane, and it’s time to vote all of them out of their offices, because they will all toe the party line […]

Virginia Democrat Vows to Ban NRA’s Shooting Range

A Virginia state Democrat has introduced a bill that seeks to prohibit indoor shooting ranges that aren’t controlled by the commonwealth. Virginia Democratic Del. Dan Helmer filed House Bill 567 on Thursday, which seeks to prohibit indoor shooting ranges in the state not owned by the commonwealth or the federal government, and would force those […]

36% of Democrat Voters support Confiscation of Legally Owned Firearms from American Citizens Who Have Not Committed a Crime

It’s said that an eagle needs two strong wings so fly, but in American politics, the left-wing is trying to cannibalize the right, thinking that it will soar higher than ever before. In a new poll from Zogby Analytics, over one-third of Democrat primary voters were found to support gun confiscation of […]

Montenegro’s ‘religious freedom’ law is a travesty – Is it not oppression if a ‘pro-Western democrat’ does it?

   Adopting a ‘religious freedom’ law that opens the door to persecuting a particular faith would normally be seen as a horrifying breach of human rights, but when done to Orthodox Serbs in Montenegro, the West doesn’t seem to mind. Montenegro’s ruling regime rammed the controversial law through the parliament in the dead of night […]

Newly released JFK files reveal Democrat President Lyndon Johnson was a member of the KKK, which was run by Democrats

(Natural News) Since President Trump released roughly 2,800 previously classified documents on the assassination of John F. Kennedy last week, media outlets within the United States and around the world have been scrambling to find any new information regarding the death of our 35th president. In the process, a document has been […]

It’s not oppression if a ‘pro-Western democrat’ does it? Montenegro’s ‘religious freedom’ law is a vile, lawless travesty

Montenegro’s ruling regime rammed the controversial law through the parliament in the dead of night between Thursday and Friday. Every single amendment of the opposition Democratic Front (DF) – proposed to alleviate concerns that the bill was deliberately targeting the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) – was rejected. When some DF members disrupted the session in […]

DECENCY CALLING: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Wins PBS Democrat Debate

If there was an award given for the most immature irresponsible disturbing rude and shameful person at the debate tonight then the award goes to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Yes, Trump’s former Press Secretary, a self-described Christian, just shit the bed again making the case that this phony Christian Trump era of vulgarity has jumped the […]

Democrat advice for ‘combating online disinformation’ is common sense buried under hypocrisy and censorship

On Tuesday, as Democrats launched their final impeachment push in the House of Representatives, the DNC posted a set of recommendations to its followers to protect themselves from “disinformation.” While the jokes about flogging the dead horse of ‘Russiagate’ write themselves at this point, some of the advice offered is actually quite solid. We’ve seen […]

Democrat Debate Post-Mortem: Billionaires, Buttigieg, & Blue-Collar Jobs

Authored by Joe Schaeffer via Liberty Nation, Two and a half hours of rope and the Democrats hanged themselves yet again. In the sixth installment of the televised sleeping pill known as the 2020 Dem presidential primary debates, the American people learned little new about any of the seven aspirants on stage in Los Angeles on Dec. […]

IMPEACHMENTgate: The Deep State Coup Conspiracy and Democrat Scandal That Will Forever Destroy Their Treasonous Party

If you are the site owner (or you manage this site), please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details (displayed in the box below), so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. Block details: Source Article […]

Ukrainian oligarch paid $700,000 to husband of a house judiciary committee Democrat

   Robert Powell, the husband of Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., reportedly took $700,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky. Mucarsel-Powell sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the committee that drafted two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for his alleged abuse of power with regards to Ukraine. In 2018, the Daily Beast reported […]

Democrat House members prepare to strap political NOOSES around their own necks in impeachment fiasco based entirely on fabricated thought crimes

(Natural News) Now we arrive at the eve of one of the most grotesque abuses of power ever witnessed in the history of the United States of America. The self-destructing Democrats, poisoned by their own hatred while grossly miscalculating popular support for their actions, are about to vote to impeach President Donald […]

Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson: I’m Voting AGAINST This Impeachment Sham

Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson has confirmed he will vote against impeaching President Donald Trump due to the lack of evidence proving any wrongdoing. The brave Minnesota Democrat spoke to The Globe on Saturday, saying “unless they come up with something between now and Wednesday,” he intends to vote against the impeachment sham and expects up […]

Rep. Jeff Van Drew QUITS Democrat Party Over Impeachment; Switches To Republican

The Democrats’ obsession with impeachment has gone so far that politicians are now QUITTING the party in disgust. Moderate freshman Democrat Jeff Van Drew has announced plans to switch parties and become a Republican. Rep. Van Drew (NJ) is one of two Democrats currently publicly opposed to impeaching President Trump. Rather than vote along extremist […]

Eye for an Eye! Mark Levin: “Next Democrat President Must Be Impeached”

The next Democratic president should face impeachment regardless of actual wrongdoing, conservative talker Mark Levin has said. During an appearance Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Levin argued that if the Democrat-led House of Representatives chooses to impeach our current POTUS, their next president will suffer a similar fate reports: Levin reminded viewers of […]

GUNPOINT TYRANNY: Democrat tyrants in Virginia threaten to use the National Guard to enforce draconian new gun laws

(Natural News) There is seldom a day that goes by when some Democrat somewhere — in Congress, in a statehouse, in a city council meeting — doesn’t call President Donald Trump a Nazi or a dictator or a king. And yet, the man can barely govern. Nearly all of his executive orders […]

Poll: Hillary Clinton ‘Top Pick’ Among Democrat Voters

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the top choice among Democrat voters to fight against President Trump in the 2020 election, according to a recently released poll. The new Harvard-Harris presidential poll astonishingly shows Clinton at 21 percent support, beating frontrunner Joe Biden with 20 percent. The survey shows Bernie Sanders in third place with […]

#TheJimmyDoreShow Law Professor DESTROYS Democrat’s Impeachment Case

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