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CA Democrats Pass Resolution Supporting Local Control Over Deployment of 5G and Wireless Facilities

By B.N. Frank Cities, countries, and organizations have taken action against 5G installation.  This includes banning it, filing lawsuits, issuing moratoriums and creating ordinances (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).  Kudos to the Sonoma County, CA Democrats for creating a resolution in support of local control over deployment of all wireless communications facilities: […]

Democrats Introduce Bill to Give Coronavirus Money to Illegal Aliens

Democrats on Friday introduced a measure to amend the $2 trillion CARE Act, extending the coronavirus cash payment benefit to illegal aliens. Three House Democrats, Reps. Lou Correa (CA), Judy Chu (CA), and Raúl Grijalva (AZ), introduced the Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act designed to amend the cash payment portion of the CARES Act — the $2 […]

Super PAC is backing pro-Israel Democrats for House races

Stacy Schusterman donated $1 million to Democratic Majority for Israel. Schusterman is chair of the Schusterman foundation. (Schusterman) The PAC’s biggest donor is Stacy Schusterman, who has donated $1 million this election cycle and is also a national council member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The second largest donor is Gary Mark Lauder, who also […]

Democrats and Republicans Blaming Each Other for the Economic Collapse Won’t Continue After It Hits

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer April 4, 2020 This is the dumbest partisan blame game ever. They all went along with shutting down the entire country. This necessarily was going to pop the “everything bubble.” Anything after that is just deck chairs on the Titanic. Fox News: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., […]

Democrats Demand DHS Release Detained Migrants Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

House Democrats have used the coronavirus outbreak to demand the Department of Homeland Security release illegal aliens from detention. Rep. Pramila Jayapal joined other Democratic colleagues to demand that acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf take action to protect the immigrant community and detained illegal aliens from COVID-19. “In times of a public health crisis, […]

Democrats & their media proxies want Trump to fail, even if his success would mean saving thousands of lives and millions of jobs

Democrats and their media proxies continue to obsess over Trump’s initial coronavirus response, despite adjustments in leadership, disposition, and decision-making. Last week, he called himself a wartime president. On Friday, his administration bolstered its Corona Response Team by adding Deborah Birx, a legend in the fight against HIV. He has worked with governors to enact measures […]

Bill to Give People Money Fails Because the Democrats are Fiscal Conservatives Now

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 23, 2020 The Democrats are cockblocking your free money! You’re supposed to be getting $1200, and $500 for each of your kids, but all of a sudden the Democrats are fiscal conservatives! The Week: The Senate voted 47-47 on a $1.8 trillion bill to shore up the economy during […]

Democrats and Republicans Agree: It’s Time to Throw White People In Gulags

Texas “conservative” Republican Randy K. Weber: “Yes, holy Chosen People, I will introduce the bill you wrote that defines White dissent as ‘domestic terrorism’ and will put Whites who write forbidden slogans in prison for 25 years — and I’ll do it right away, master!” YESTERDAY, the FBI made a big show of arresting multiple […]

The Democrats are weaponizing Covid-19 against Trump to do what Russiagate & impeachment could not

Whatever one may think about the coronavirus — that it has been overblown, underestimated, or handled with impeccable care — one thing is indisputable: Trump’s political opponents will be hard-pressed not to use Covid-19 as yet another way of portraying the Republican leader as unworthy of the White House. After all, we are talking about […]

As Biden smashes Sanders’ socialist revolution, Democrats may play a surprise hand in July to fight Trump

Braving the viral winds that have been sweeping the nation and globe, Democrats came out in full force to support Joe Biden, the former vice president whose wildly fluctuating performance has given political pundits whiplash of late. Coming off early victories in Mississippi and Missouri, the Biden juggernaut went on to capture Michigan, the main […]

Post Impeachment – The Worm Has Turned – on Dishonest, Criminal, Deep State Democrats — Frank Report | Investigative Journalism From Frank Parlato

By Stay Calm Here is what happened in the past 10 days After the impeachment fiasco was over, things immediately started changing gears: Voter fraud involving Democrats was exposed in Iowa. Chris Wray referred FBI agents involved in FISA abuse to the FBI’s disciplinary office. The National Security Council was cleaned out and trimmed down […] […]

Trump Slams "Pathetic, Slow" Fed As Democrats Take Lead In 2020 Election Odds

It would appear that two things have sparked fear in President Trump’s heart this morning: 1) The prediction markets are now betting on a Democrat win in November… 2) And Trump knows that any meaningful fiscal policy juice to rescue stocks (oh yeah and the economy) will take weeks if not months if ever to […]

Rod Blagojevich: Democrats Have ‘Abandoned’ American Workers, Black Voters

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich blasted his former political party, the Democrats, and outlined why he now considers himself a “Trumpocrat” in an interview on Saturday. Speaking to the Patriot Channel on SiriusXM 125, Blagojevich – whose sentence President Trump commuted last month – described how the Democratic Party has “abandoned” American workers and black […]

Fake JoeMentum: US media & Democrats are forcing a new pro-Biden narrative. Will it hold until November?

Biden has transformed in the past two weeks from roadkill to frontrunner in the eyes of the media, buoyed by a landslide (if expected) victory in South Carolina and bolstered by a sweep of the southern states on Super Tuesday. But this “JoeMentum,” as his supporters insist on calling it, is less an organic outgrowth of […]

Joe Biden’s campaign goes from fire sale to on-fire, as Democrats prove they’re better at fighting their own than fighting Trump

The Democratic nomination process for president has taken another sharp turn. The headlines heading into the weekend featured frontrunner Bernie Sanders – his grassroots momentum and the attacks coming his way from skeptics. But Super Tuesday results now show a two-man battle. Also on Warren & Bloomberg lost big on Democrats’ Super Tuesday – […]

Bloomberg Admits He ‘Bought’ Majority Of House Democrats

Billionaire presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg admitted during Tuesday night’s debate that he “bought” the Democrats’ majority in the House of Representatives. Bloomberg boasted that his spending efforts to fill Congress with Democrats led to Rep. Nancy Pelosi winning the speakership. “Let’s just go on the record,” Bloomberg began. “They talk about 40 Democrats, 21 of […]

Democrats resurrect ‘Russiagate’ to go after both Trump and Bernie Sanders, hide their own election trickery

Moscow is now supposedly helping Bernie Sanders in the 2020 US presidential election – that is, if you believe the anonymously sourced Washington Post “bombshell.” This follows a New York Times claim on Thursday that the Kremlin is “again” betting on Trump, written by known partisan hacks and likewise based on anonymous sources. Also on […]

Bernie or bust? Bloomberg took a beating from ALL the Democrats at the Nevada debate, but it’s Sanders’ race to lose

With Bernie Sanders opening a double-digit lead in the national polls, Joe Biden receding into irrelevance, and centrists like Amy Klobuchar starting to lose their shine, moderate Democrats and media pundits were hoping Bloomberg could swoop in and offer a ‘realistic’ alternative to Sanders’ scary socialism.  They were sorely disappointed. Ripped to shreds Instead of […]

Pelosi Warns That Democrats Must Unite To Prevent Trump Getting Re-elected

Nancy Pelosi has called for unity among Democrats and their candidates in the upcoming presidential election to ensure President Trump does not get elected for a second term. In an exclusive interview with CNN from the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, nasty Nancy said: “We have to have our own vision for the future, but […]

Ron Paul: As Democrats Distract With Impeachment, They Support Trump’s Real Crimes

(RPI Opinion) — The latest Democratic Party attempt to remove President Trump from office—impeachment over Trump allegedly holding up an arms deal to Ukraine—flopped. Just like “Russiagate” and the Mueller investigation, and a number of other attempts to overturn the 2016 election. We’ve had three years of accusations and investigations with untold millions of dollars […]

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