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Ron Paul: As Democrats Distract With Impeachment, They Support Trump’s Real Crimes

(RPI Opinion) — The latest Democratic Party attempt to remove President Trump from office—impeachment over Trump allegedly holding up an arms deal to Ukraine—flopped. Just like “Russiagate” and the Mueller investigation, and a number of other attempts to overturn the 2016 election. We’ve had three years of accusations and investigations with untold millions of dollars […]

Ukraine President Backs Trump, Slams Democrats For Producing Impeachment ‘Soap Opera’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who was at the center of the Democrat-led impeachment sham, slammed Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the Democrats by describing the trial as nothing more than a “soap opera.” Zelensky, 38, has previously confirmed that President Trump did not attempt to bribe or blackmail him, as Democrats claimed. According to Ukrainian […]

Tropish Canard: Democrats Accuse Jew Bloomberg of Trying to “Buy Presidency”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 17, 2020 “Nigga is you fixin ta eat dat baby?” “No, sorry. I don’t like the taste of blacks.” The conspiracy theory that Jews are rich is a trope. And it is a canard that Jews use money to manipulate nations for their own benefit. Thus the […]

Democrats Fear the Nevada Caucuses Could be Another Tech-Induced Disaster

Lee Rogers Daily Stormer February 17, 2020 Counting votes should be a simple process, but the Democrat Party wants to make it as complex and difficult as possible. Democrats are raising concerns that next weekend’s caucuses in Nevada could be another disaster in the making. Like with Iowa, the state party is […]

Democrats Team Up With Trump To Maintain Disastrous Healthcare System

Democrats Team Up With Trump To Maintain Disastrous Healthcare System Both Republicans and Democrats have blocked all attempts to build a rational, universal health care policy for the U.S. This is because capitalism prioritizes profit over the health and well-being of the working class. Creating a truly just health care system will require moving beyond […]

Andrew McCabe’s case shows hypocrisy of Democrats claiming ‘No one is above the law’

As his lawyers triumphantly announced on Friday, the Department of Justice decided not to press criminal charges against McCabe “after careful consideration” of the inspector-general’s report that said he lied to investigators and leaked to the media. “Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the Government at this […]

5 Times Obama Protected His Allies from Justice and Democrats Turned a Blind Eye

If you listen to Hillary Clinton and the Democrat aligned mainstream media, you will believe that “the rule of law and our democracy are in crisis” because the Justice Department retracted and rewrote Roger Stone’s excessive sentencing recommendation memo. Once again, I find myself astonished by the short memories and sheer hypocrisy of Democrats. Under […]

Democrats will turn on Israel because ‘we’ve spit in their faces’ — says former Israeli PM

Palestine is already possible and has been for 7,000 years simply because it exists. The fact that it has frequently been occupied in its history is nothing new. Everything beyond the UN Mandate is Occupied Palestine although even those borders for Israel have never been tested in a court of law. The partition was certainly […]

The Democrats in Nevada Just Hired a paid Buttigieg Organizer to be their "Voter Protection Director"

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 D.M.C.A.: If you believe that content residing on or accessible through our website infringes […]

Why Republicans And Democrats Want Russia To Be The Enemy Of Choice

Why Republicans And Democrats Want Russia To Be The Enemy Of Choice Above photo: In this image from video, House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., speaks during the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump in the Senate at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020. (Senate Television via AP)  One of the more […]

Iowa caucus fiasco proves Democrats are too incompetent, corrupt and dishonest to be trusted to run anything, much less a national health care program

(Natural News) If the way the Democrats botched the Iowa caucuses on Monday reminds you of the way the Obama regime completely bombed the rollout of the Obamacare website in 2013 after years of building it at a cost of nearly $900 million, you’re pretty shrewd. Because we thought the same thing. […]

Democrats failed to impeach Trump, but they won’t give up trying – it’s all they’ve got

Trump’s acquittal in the Senate on Wednesday was a foregone conclusion, given as it takes two thirds of the senators present to convict. The only way for 20 Republicans to switch sides was for the House case to be open and shut – something that only Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) and ‘Russiagate’ truthers in the […]

Iowa caucuses fiasco is a ‘spectacular’ first step for Democrats to get Trump re-elected

The latest news coming out of Des Moines is showing former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) jockeying for the win, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) in third place and former VP and presumed “front-runner” Biden bringing up the rear. That’s with only 71 percent of the precincts reporting, however, amid “unacceptable” […]

Muddling Democrats: Chaos in the Iowa Caucus

Whatever the claims by the Democratic pollsters on the ground, the party has all the work to do ahead of selecting a candidate to make a fist of it come November.  Pity for them, then, that the opening in Iowa proved to be a spectacular shambles, notably for those obsessed with the live news cycle.  […]

Iowa caucus ‘technical glitch’ shows Democrats cannot be trusted anywhere near the White House

Already, February is shaping up to be the ‘month from hell’ as far as the Democratic Party’s hopes for beating Donald Trump in November goes. As Monday night grinded on imperceptibly into late Tuesday morning, sleep-deprived journalists from around the state of Iowa were still clueless as to the results of the hotly-anticipated caucus. Finally, the […]

Trump’s plan is a calculated effort to strip pro-Israel Jews from Democrats

The impeachment trial has offered bald proof that Trump looks on foreign policy as a means to advance his political interests at home, and some critics of Trump’s annexation plan for Palestine have pointed out that it also has a domestic political motivation. Joe Biden said that the plan is a “political stunt.” While Richard […]

Working Class Voters Betrayed by Globalization Turn to Trump: ‘Democrats Weren’t Looking out for Me’

Ordinary hard-working Americans who have been betrayed by globalization are turning to President Trump and the GOP for support, according to a report by the New York Times. The report details the seismic shift among working class voters. Trump’s GOP is increasingly made up of the working and lower-middle-class devastated by the globalist free trade […]

Democrats divide over Israel on display in reactions to Trump ‘peace plan’

Standing in The White House with the recently indicted Prime Minister of Israel by his side, Donald Trump unveiled his “peace plan” today. As suspected, it’s a boon to Netanyahu, Christian Zionists, and right-wing supporters of Israel. As suspected, it also sells the Palestinians out and demands that they make impossible concessions in order to […]

Democrats approve of Mongolia closing its borders to protect citizens from Coronavirus, yet Trump’s a “racist” for stopping illegal immigrants with deadly viruses from entering USA

(Natural News) The nefarious Democrats are at it again with their ultimate hypocritical stance on immigration. If you don’t know by now, the Democrats want open borders for one reason and one reason only – easy votes. The plan is to offer lots of free stuff, including medical coverage, food, income and […]

Sen. Chris Murphy: Even Some Democrats Might Acquit Trump

Sen. Chris Murphey has admitted that some Senate Democrats might vote to acquit President Trump when the impeachment trial concludes. The Connecticut Democrat said Saturday that not all Democrats are guaranteed to convict POTUS. Per Politico: I don’t have any reason to think there are Democrats that aren’t with us on procedural votes. It’s certainly […]

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