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Navarro Doubles Down On Trade Deal Report Denial, Says "Only Trump" Can Remove Tariff

Detective Rustin Cohle would have had a field day with the trade negotiations. Like Cohle’s catchphrase from Season One of “True Detective” goes: “Time is a flat circle – everything we have done or will do we will do over and over and over again, forever.” First, there were anxieties about the fate of the […]

Zero Carbon, 5G Denial and Green-Fascism

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times Why is it that the two words ‘Zero Carbon’ send a cool shiver down my spine? Is it the ‘zero’ or is it the ‘carbon’? Or is it particularly the combination of the two? I wasn’t sure, until I looked-up ‘zero carbon’ within a scientific context addressing greenhouse gasses, and […]

Trump in denial over Israeli spying on the White House

Related Posts New Orleans Mass Shooting Glossed Over by Fake News Because It Doesn’t Fit Anti-White Narrative A mass shooting that occurred in New Orleans, LA over the weekend is Lethal Visits: Volcano Tourism and the White Island Eruption It might have come across as written by a killjoy, but geographer Amy Donovan’s […]

5G and mmWave – The Active Denial System (ADS) and How mmWave can be Weaponized

Gabriel Cruz, Green Med Info Waking Times The purpose of this article is to draw awareness surrounding mmWave technology that is being deployed as part of the 5G mobile standard. This is not be confused with 5GHz or “Five Gigahertz” which is sometimes shortened as “5G” also. Specifically this article will discuss the latest evolution of Mobile Phone […]

Pro-Hezbollah media try to cast doubt on Israeli denial of casualties

Pro-Hezbollah news outlets on Monday highlighted the terror group’s claim that it killed and injured IDF soldiers in a missile attack Sunday afternoon, while casting doubt on Israeli declarations that there were no casualties in the incident. A story leading the news site of the Hezbollah-sympathetic Al-Mayadeen TV on Monday morning, titled “The resistance carries […]

James Comey’s Denial Of Wrongdoing Is The Last Gasp Of A Dying Illusion

The Facts: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has, for a great many scientists, become relatively obsolete in the face of new research into the creation and generation of life. Reflect On: Can we see that the belief in the randomness of the creation and evolution of life, as posited by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, is a […]

Racial Inequality Is Rooted in Denial of Home And Land Ownership

The racial wealth gap in the US is directly linked to the ways in which Blacks were prevented from home and property ownership, while the government gave whites many opportunities for such ownership. We discuss the issue with Mehrsa Baradaran, author of “The Color of Money” JACQUELINE LUQMAN: This is Jacqueline Luqman with The Real News […]

Climate Denial Is Reported More Than Science

Climate Denial Is Reported More Than Science Above Photo: There’s fake news … and then there’s fake non-news too. Image: By Daniel Robert on Unsplash The thermometer is rising, the world faces a crisis: of that, scientists are sure. But you may not know it from the climate denial the media report. LONDON, 22 August, 2019 − Rich and poor […]

Tlaib and Omar’s Denial of Entry by Israel Is Not a “Freedom of Speech” Issue

For how long will discourse on the plight of the Palestinian people be hostage to the notion that “impartial observers”, i.e., the silent majority on Israel, must be addressed in a manner that accounts for “where they are, not where we’d like them to be”? And who defines where these people are in the first […]

Leaked Google documents link holocaust denial, Vatican-alien conspiracy, etc. with vaccine safety questions

   A new investigative report reveals that Google has been classifying searches such as “do vaccines cause autism” as “fringe queries” alongside searches that include Holocaust denial, Pizzagate, the Vatican’s knowledge of aliens, and so-called “false flag” shootings. A new report by James O’ Keefe features the video testimony of a Google insider by the […]

Bayer Shares Pump-n-Dump On Rumor & Denial Of $8 Billion Roundup Settlement

Bayer shares soared 11% on Friday on reports that Bayer had proposed to pay up to $8 billion to settle more than 18,000 US lawsuits alleging that Roundup – which it inherited during its acquisition of Monsanto – causes cancer. However, Bayer shares soared as much as 11% on the news, though they quickly shed […]

SCIENCE IN DENIAL: Questioning so-called “normal” levels for deadly substances like formaldehyde, mercury and glyphosate

(Natural News) It’s not difficult to find medical management guidelines for the world’s most deadly chemicals and heavy metal toxins that somehow find their way into human bodies regularly, especially in America. The EPA, FDA and CDC all establish “legal” and “normal” levels for neurotoxins in human blood, periodically and conveniently raising […]

Denial is America’s national pastime, but real patriotism requires honesty

Trump seems convinced that the job of restoring America’s Greatness is mostly done, and even his detractors don’t seem aware of the very serious problems the country faces, instead shrieking about social issues and self-flagellating over assumed privilege. Historical or economic understanding is largely absent from the current “woke” critiques of America. We have the greatest […]

Corbyn: We cannot stay silent at the denial of Palestinian people’s rights

London (QNN) – The leader of the UK opposition Labour Party, MP Jeremy Corbyn, on Saturday voiced his party’s support for Palestinians, condemning human rights violations by Israel while thousands of people were taking part in a pro-Palestinian rally, dubbed the National Demonstration for Palestine, in London. In a Facebook post on his page, Corbyn […]

Trump Supporters in Denial over New Zealand Massacre

Trump Supporters in Denial over New Zealand Massacre US President Donald Trump condemned the New Zealand massacre of 50 people by a self-declared white fascist as “horrible”. In an ambiguous choice of words, Trump said he sent his “warmest [sic] sympathies” to the victims of the mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch. He also […]

Exxon Faces Consequences For Climate Denial

Exxon Faces Consequences For Climate Denial Above Photo: From   ExxonMobil, the $78 billion fossil fuel giant, has been lying to its shareholders about the threats of climate change, according to New York Attorney General, Barbara Underwood, following a multi-year investigation. The New York state lawsuit, filed Wednesday, accuses Exxon of a “longstanding fraudulent […]

Canard du Jour: Antisemitism and the denial of Jewish self-determination

For a truly jaw-dropping admixture of sophistry and chutzpah it’s hard to top the claim made by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA’s)  Working Definition of Antisemitism that, “Denying the Jewish people the right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor,” represents a dispositive indicator […]

U.K. visa denial for Gaza artist is another example of Palestinian culture under attack

Malak Mattar is 18 years old, and a college student in Istanbul, Turkey. The young artist from Gaza paints mostly haunting portraits that express the pain, persistence, and sumud (resilience) of the Palestinian people, a people who, in the words of the famous Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, suffer from “an incurable malady, hope.”   Mattar’s […]

How They Do It–New Calls To Ban Holocaust Denial as Facebook’s move to shut down Alex Jones’ Infowars site bolsters Jewish claims

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,975 other followers Source Article from Related Posts #CultureWars #LogosRising What Happened To Ireland? E. Michael Jones and John Waters Source Article from E. Michael Jones and Alex Jones – Full InfoWars Interview November 29, […]

ADL insists Holocaust denial is “hate speech” and should be criminalized

Sourced from The Realist Report 29 July 2018  ADL: Questioning The “Holocaust” Is “Hate Speech” That “Attacks Jews” By now, I’m sure most readers have heard about the controversy Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has caused regarding so-called “Holocaust denial.” In a recent interview, Zuckerberg stated that he is opposed to censoring posts on his platform that […]

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