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Justice Department officials get their dates wrong on ‘Grace 1’ warrant

Amidst all the confusion surrounding the fate of the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Daria (formerly Grace 1), one glaring mistake by the US Department of Justice officials has been missed by the international media. The Justice Department’s warrant, which can be found at (, gets the date wrong. Instead of filing August 16, it […]

Lead US Prosecutor in Epstein Plea Deal Unexpectedly Quits Justice Department

By Tyler Durden Something big is about to hit in the Jeffrey Epstein drama, which in recent days has quietly slipped to the last page in the local media. Moments ago, the Miami Herald whose reporting in 2018 reincarnated the Epstein pedogate scandal, reported that Marie Villafaña, the lead federal prosecutor who helped negotiate the controversial plea deal for […]

Review: Licensed to Lie – Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice by Sidney Powell (Trump Revolution Book 41)

SUMMARY REVIEW (Trump Revolution Book 41) Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice (Sidney Powell, 2014 reprinted 2018) 6 Star – The Long Needed Stake in the Heart of the Department of Injustice and Crooked Judges as Well as Prosecutors Across the USA Reviewed by Robert David Steele When this […]

US State Department Updates the Cuba Restricted List

The State Department has updated the Cuba Restricted List to add four sub-entities owned by the Cuban military. The changes take effect today, July 26, as Cuba celebrates more than 60 years since the start of the Cuban Revolution. Sixty years after Castro promised to improve the lives of the Cuban people, the revolution continues […]

Trump’s Propaganda Mill: State Department’s Recycled Lies About Iran

By Stephen Lendman Like the White House, war department, other US agencies and establishment media, the State Department is a lying machine — especially under neocon extremists Pompeo and Hillary when she was in charge. Both figures vie for which one operated more ruthlessly and recklessly as chief US diplomat in name only. Pompeo’s State […]

Controversial Justice Department Inspector General Russiagate Report, FBI “Willingness” to Damage Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Michael Horowitz serves as Justice Department inspector general (IG). His 2016 – 2018 probe into Hillary’s unsecured private server use for official State Department business – including easily hacked documents marked “classified,” “secret” and “top secret” was damning. Horowitz found evidence of FBI “willingness” to damage Trump’s presidential campaign when James Comey served as director. […]

US State Department mocked for warning citizens away from…Irish music festival

The world can be a dangerous place and the US State Department often warns its citizens to avoid travel to defined hotspots. This weekend alone the department issued warnings concerning planned suicide bombings in Afghanistan, arson in Haiti, demonstrations in Mali, and a suburban music festival in Dublin, Ireland. One of these events is not […]

Defense Department to ban beer and pizza? Mandatory keto diet may enhance military performance

   The controversial ketogenic or “keto” diet may be the future of the military, some defense officials say. Service members, and Navy SEALS especially, may have to forgo beer and burritos for skinny cocktails and avocado salad (forget the tortilla chips) if a proposal from Special Operations Command gains momentum. While a nutritionally enhanced future […]

Why the State Department Let a Terrorist Cult Gather on its Doorstep

Watching the Trump administration’s push for war with Iran, news consumers may find it hard to be surprised by the lengths the U.S. government is willing to go to in order to instigate war — or regime change at the very least — against the Islamic Republic. U.S. citizens have been treated to lengthy lectures […]

Huawei files lawsuit against US Commerce Department over seized equipment

Huawei Technologies Co Inc filed a lawsuit against the US Commerce Department on Friday challenging whether telecommunications equipment it sent from China to the United States, and then back to China, is covered by Export Administration Regulations, according to a court filing. The lawsuit is the latest salvo in a battle between the US […]

Report: Department Of Defense Is A Massive Climate Polluter

Scientists and security analysts have warned for more than a decade that global warming is a potential national security concern. They project that the consequences of global warming – rising seas, powerful storms, famine and diminished access to fresh water – may make regions of the world politically unstable and prompt mass migration and refugee crises. Some worry that wars […]

Lula Conviction A Gigantic Legal Farce Guided By The US Department Of Justice

Lula Conviction A Gigantic Legal Farce Guided By The US Department Of Justice Above Photo: From The Intercept’s revelation that the Operation Car Wash team sabotaged the 2018 presidential elections shows what everyone already knew but couldn’t prove concretely: that the Lula conviction was a gigantic legal farce. In any nation that was even minimally civilized […]

US Department of Veterans Affairs bans smoking at all healthcare facilities

   All Department of Veterans Affairs health care facilities will be completely smoke-free by October, with all forms of tobacco use, including e-cigarettes and vaping, banned from facility grounds, officials announced in a news release Monday. The policy change, first published by the Veterans Health Administration in early March, ends the use of designated smoking […]

WikiLeaks Warns US Justice Department Preparing More Charges Against Assange

WikiLeaks Warns US Justice Department Preparing More Charges Against Assange Above Photo: Ahmad Ashour/Flickr The US Justice Department is preparing even more charges against journalist and publisher Julian Assange, WikiLeaks warned Thursday. The charges, WikiLeaks said, would be based on the testimony of Sigurdur Thordarson, an FBI informant previously convicted of fraud, who recently travelled to […]

US State Department’s “Updated Maps” Show Golan Heights as Part of Israeli

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Epstein Crime Map (Updated) Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from ‘Updated communism & Napoleon’: Farage savages EU Commission head nominee & Macron (VIDEO) In the wake of Ursula von der Leyen’s last-ditch pitch to politicians in the European Here’s Everything We Know About […]

Assange Indictment: US Department of Justice Declare ‘War on Journalism’

This week, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, was indicted on 17 new counts of violating the Espionage Act of 1917, for his role in obtaining and publishing classified US military and diplomatic material in 2010. It appears the current Trump Administration has crossed over a Constitutional red line which previous US presidents couldn’t or wouldn’t […]

The Espionage Act and Julian Assange: The US Justice Department Expands Its Case

It seemed flimsy from the start, but the US Department of Justice is keen to get their man.  What has certainly transpired of late is that Mike Pompeo was being unusually faithful to the truth when director of the CIA: every means would be found to prosecute the case against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.  His […]

Activists guarding Venezuelan embassy offered State Department a peaceful resolution to standoff but US chose to ignore international law

To: U.S. State Department, Venezuelan Foreign Ministry From: Embassy Protection Collective Re: Exiting the Venezuelan Embassy Date: May 13, 2019 This is the 34th day of our living in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. We are prepared to stay another 34 days, or however long is needed to resolve the embassy dispute in a […]

Where Technocrats Play: U.S. Department Of Energy

By Patrick Wood Ex-Governor of Texas Rick Perry was appointed Secretary of Energy by President Donald Trump on March 2, 2017. Even though President Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord on global warming, apparently Secretary Perry has not gotten word, for the Department of Energy’s web page on Climate Change is still present […]

US State Department Publishes, Then Deletes Sadistic Venezuela Hit List Boasting Of Economic Ruin

US State Department Publishes, Then Deletes Sadistic Venezuela Hit List Boasting Of Economic Ruin Above Photo: From The Grayzone has obtained a list of “key outcomes” on Venezuela deleted out of apparent embarrassment by the State Department. It boasts of wrecking the nation’s economy, destabilizing its military, and puppeteering its political opposition. On April […]

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